Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Uganda Humanist Nursery Construction Complete! More Funds Needed to Finish School!

Volunteer adds wire mesh for future veranda.
I know it's only been a few days since my last post about the construction work over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School, but these guys work so damn hard that things are progressing quicker than I could have ever imagined.

Here's an update from School Director Bwambale Robert I received on December 29th.
The builders reached window level on the new building, uprooting of some tree trunks acting as obstacles.
Today, Monday 30th, we shall work on the ring beam to surround the whole building, this task may take us two days to complete as the building is relatively big.
You can see one volunteer wrestling with a gnarly looking tree trunk below.

Volunteer removing a tree trunk.

That looks like hard work to me. At least the soil looks (very) dry.
On the nursery class building, the roofers were working on nailing and making final touches on the roofing timbers, applying of wood preservative to the timbers so that they are not eaten up by insects and putting wood form work on the entire veranda roof and meshing it. Tomorrow, some cement mixed with sand will be mashed on through the meshed wires to produce a nice, durable ceiling which looks like a wall.
Volunteer applying wood preservatives to roof timbers.
After spending months on house renovations - which comprised mainly of waiting for the carpenters, plumbers or electricians to show up - this construction is advancing lightening fast.
Where as my wishes was to apply colored roofs on the Nursery Class block, my dreams has not been true. Instead, I am purchasing the usual grey iron sheets as they cost less but all the same durable. I am doing this to be in a position to reserve aside some monies for the ring beam and to erect the block three structure up to the wall plate.
If all goes well i might afford the roofing timbers only but will keep all of you guys posted.
Here's where I need to jump in again and say that although things are progressing at breakneck speed, things cannot go on indefinitely without more funds to the project. Right now, we're at around the $6,000 mark out of $35,000 for the entire project. If you could chip in a little, it would go a long long way.

Here are a couple of pictures of the other building they are erecting at the same time - the Main Hall (block 3).

Main Hall construction.

Main Hall at beam level.
Just six hours ago, December 31st, I received this update from Bwambale with more pictures!
Hi Sean, Attached are the images of the structures on the KHPS site. The nursery class block has been roofed and gable fixed. While the block that has the Main Hall is at ring beam and am struggling to have it at wall plate. 
Happy New Year wishes to you and all our friends, well wishers and sympathizers.
Here are three shots of the newly finished Nursery block. I believe the plan is to begin servicing local families as soon as possible - even before the rest of the school is complete.

Newly completed Nursery block.
Newly completed Nursery block.
Roofer applying last nail to Nursery block
Below are picture of where we're at with the Main Hall. It looks very much to me like things may be put on pause until more funds can be raised.

Incomplete Main Hall.
Incomplete Main Hall.
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