The Netherlands – Actively Protects Its Citizens and Environment vs. Noise Pollution

The Netherlands – Actively Protects Its Citizens and Environment vs. Noise Pollution

The Netherlands has serious local laws against excessive noise, recognizing that too much clangor can damage the quality of domestic life and health of citizens. There are federal laws limiting the level of noise that transport vehicles and manufacturers can produce as within the standard of environmental noise. In addition to federal laws, there are local laws that set limits on noises created in connection with local celebration of events.

Local authorities agree that blaring, persistent, annoying and unwanted sounds can cause health problems. The Dutch federal government has laid down rules limiting the level of noise that air, road and rail vehicles can produce.

That way, those responsible for producing excessive and persistent or unwanted noise in the community can institute measures that would lessen the impact of the noise

Examples of Noise Reduction Measures

Examples of measures that The Netherland government requires from related industries include

Adding low-noise asphalt on roads;

Installing oscillating rail dampers on both sides of rails to help reduce the vibrations that produce the sound radiations. Rail dampers are also cost efficient since they minimize corrugation that causes wear and tear

Can Dutch Residents File a Complaint Against Environmental Noise Issues

Dutch citizens can file complaints against noise pollution, as federal and local laws are in place to prevent environmental noise from affecting the living conditions of the people in communities. Once local authorities have ascertained that the road noise cited as a noise pollution issue exceeds the national standard, mitigation measures must be discussed and brought forward to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Ministry will empower the officials of a city, borough or town to apply for a grant scheme provided by the Traffic Noise Abatement Office.

However, when it comes to perennial noises created by neighbors or by bars and restaurants, the local police do not have the authority to intervene in disputes over acceptable levels of noises. Environmental noise can cause sleep disorders resulting in stress that can spike up blood pressures and lead to cardiovascular diseases.

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