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Benefits of Visualization in Practicing a Political Career

Benefits of Visualization in Practicing a Political Career

public speakingThe benefits of visualization is effectively demonrated by the so-called charismatic political leaders when engaged in public speaking to deliver a message. Their use of visualisation techniques enable them to hold the attention of the people who are truly interested in what they say.

Not only politicians but also other celebrities like athletes, actors, musicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, use visualization to reach a level of confidence that gives them a competitive edge. It helped cultivate a sense of belief in one’s ability to develop self-confidence in grasping opportunities that lead to the achievement of goals.

Whereas before and during the early stages of their respective careers, many of the successful men and women we hear and see today also struggled to capture and maintain their audience interest; especially when in front of critics and experts. Through the practice of visualization techniques, they eventually mustered the confidence to effectively speak in front of even the most distinguished and highly esteemed audiences.

barack obamaOne of the most notable examples of a political figure who attracts, inspires and influences people is former US President Barack Obama, who was twice elected into the highest office of the land. Even now as an ordinary politician, his listeners hang on to everything he says to make sure they do not miss a single word.

How Visualization Works in Honing One’s Public Speaking Skill

Visualization is a highly efficient technique in focusing one’s thoughts, especially when speaking in public. Practising it can help reduce feelings of fear and anxiety when speaking in front of an audience.

Basically, visualization involves the use of imagination and multiple senses in creating vivid and realistic mental images. It also uses the neural pathways created by the brain in order to attain and maintain mind and body connection.
Doing so enables the body to actually feel the real effects of the imagined event or circumstance. Such experiences can reduce a person’s anxious thoughts and ease out negative emotions to attain a relaxed and focused countenance.

One of the benefits of visualization as a technique for public speaking is that it helps a speaker maintain balance and simplicity in his or her message. This denotes avoiding speech jargons and overuse of technical words. That way, a speaker can make the best use of his or her time in getting the message across.

Practicing a speech while using visualization helps in enhancing mindfulness. The mental images created via visualization allows a person to stay focused and connected while paying less attention to distractions. When imagining positive scenarios, positive emotions like calmness, confidence and even happiness, can spring up to counteract the negative effects of nervousness and stress,

Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy: Initiative that Improved Brazil’s Economic Potentials

Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy: Initiative that Improved Brazil’s Economic Potentials

In Brazil, utilization of agência de marketing digital still has a long way to go before it can replace Free TV, and dominate the country’s advertising landscape. Nevertheless, through the government’s Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy, notable improvements have been achieved by the country’s digital advertising sector and the companies that harness digital marketing technologies.

Current statistics show that about 50% of brand advertisements in the country still appear in the free-to-air TV network owned by local media conglomerate Grupo Globo.

Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy Helped Improve Brazil’s Image in the International Scene

After the completion of the 4-year federal initiative called the Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy (BDTS) launched by the federal government in 2018, the country was able to enhance the attractiveness of Brazil’s local businesses to foreign investors.

The latest report published by the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) for 2022 – 2023, now ranks Brazil as the 71st most competitive country among the 140 nations recently assessed by GCI. Whereas before in the 2019 version of the GCI report, Brazil landed the 80th position, a ranking regarded as below Brazil’s potential for social and economic development and growth.

Yet upon completion of the 4-year BDTS initiative launched in 2018, the financial reports showed that in 2021 digital advertising landscape showed the most improvement. As much as 30.2 billion Brazilian reals were spent on digital advertising. The amount represented an estimated 30% boost when compared to the 2020 figure highlighted as improvement of the advertising market as a result of the ongoing digital transformation during the year.

Other Benefits Gained by Brazil as Outcomes of the 2018-2021 BDTS

The federal government’s Brazilian Digital Transformation Strategy initiative was carried out by coordinating with precision, various public policies. Doing so was a way of making certain there is a widespread adoption of digital technologies across different economic sectors of the country.

The goal was to achieve productive transitions that will build a more prosperous economy composed of different industries working for the benefit of a free and fair Brazilian society.

Aside from the financial successes attained by digital marketing and advertising firms, other benefits of an economy supported by digital technologies include the following:

Access to educational resources that do not require distinctions pertaining to race, gender, geographical locations, income and similar discriminating factors.

Automation and digital processes that allow the reduction of costs and increase in productivity at a faster rate. Through automation of repetitive tasks and by streamlining workflow, efficiency and productivity is improved to yield greater value for the digitally transformed business.

Through quicker and more accurate data analytics and use of algorithms as digital guidelines, management is able to arrive at decisions that deliver potentially significant gains.

The Appeal of Political Websites as Communication Medium

The Appeal of Political Websites as Communication Medium

Not a few political websites encourage the submission of guest blogs by putting out a General Write For Us request facilitated by traffic-driving, content marketers. Actually, such an invite is well received by content creators especially if the request comes from highly rated political sites. After all, the latter already have a substantial number and broad range of followers and subscribers. Those are significant factors since the goal of content marketing is to meet consumers in the Internet spaces they often visit.

Political websites on the other hand, have great appeal to netizens surfing the web for useful information. Yet it’s also important to seek out sites that have been curated by content marketers, in order to generate the best results.

What Makes Political Websites Highly Effective for Content Marketing Purposes?

Websites of political candidates need to contain posts that convey messages and actionable plans they intend to carry out as lawmaking goals. These are important reasons why citizens visit political websites, as they need bases on who to support as candidates in their district and eventually in their region.

Posting blogs as a guest in a political website does not have to be politically correct. A guest blogger’s contribution is merely an expression of his or her personal opinion and views.

In some ways, political guest posts are mistaken for op eds, which are more professional in context and written by professionals with NO specific affiliation to content marketing publishers and brand promoters.

Guest Posts vs. Op Eds

Unlike op eds or opinionated essays, guest blogs can be general in nature as bloggers need only to incorporate a link. The purpose of which is to drive traffic to the web page located in the guest blogger’s site.

In contrast, op eds express opinions contributed by highly esteemed professionals recognized as experts in their field or on specific topics. Actually, op eds are the most read sections of political websites. This being the case, it’s important for guest blogs to be highly interesting and competitive enough to draw the attention of the political website visitors.

What Exactly is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the strategies that brand promoters harness in generating sales leads. Through the creative content submitted by guest bloggers seeking to drive traffic to their website, brand reputation likewise gets a boost.

The significance of this approach is that high quality leads are generated at costs that are definitely much lower than the cost of launching conventional brand marketing campaigns.

Additionally, as links to web pages of useful information get to spread across the web, the Uniform Resource Locator or URLs serve as SEO link builders. Such elements help direct traffic to the resource website inasmuch as the search engine bots will use the URLs in its data source-indexing processes.

The Netherlands – Actively Protects Its Citizens and Environment vs. Noise Pollution

The Netherlands – Actively Protects Its Citizens and Environment vs. Noise Pollution

The Netherlands has serious local laws against excessive noise, recognizing that too much clangor can damage the quality of domestic life and health of citizens. There are federal laws limiting the level of noise that transport vehicles and manufacturers can produce as within the standard of environmental noise. In addition to federal laws, there are local laws that set limits on noises created in connection with local celebration of events.

Local authorities agree that blaring, persistent, annoying and unwanted sounds can cause health problems. The Dutch federal government has laid down rules limiting the level of noise that air, road and rail vehicles can produce.

That way, those responsible for producing excessive and persistent or unwanted noise in the community can institute measures that would lessen the impact of the noise

Examples of Noise Reduction Measures

Examples of measures that The Netherland government requires from related industries include

Adding low-noise asphalt on roads;

Installing oscillating rail dampers on both sides of rails to help reduce the vibrations that produce the sound radiations. Rail dampers are also cost efficient since they minimize corrugation that causes wear and tear

Can Dutch Residents File a Complaint Against Environmental Noise Issues

Dutch citizens can file complaints against noise pollution, as federal and local laws are in place to prevent environmental noise from affecting the living conditions of the people in communities. Once local authorities have ascertained that the road noise cited as a noise pollution issue exceeds the national standard, mitigation measures must be discussed and brought forward to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Ministry will empower the officials of a city, borough or town to apply for a grant scheme provided by the Traffic Noise Abatement Office.

However, when it comes to perennial noises created by neighbors or by bars and restaurants, the local police do not have the authority to intervene in disputes over acceptable levels of noises. Environmental noise can cause sleep disorders resulting in stress that can spike up blood pressures and lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Is Schiedam City in The Netherlands a Noise Polluted City

Schiedam City, a municipality in Rotterdam in The Netherlands is generally a shipbuilding centre that became world famous for its liquor and gin distilleries. Yet Schiedam City is considered as one of the safest places not only in The Netherlands but in any place in the world.

Perhaps it helps that the Slotenmaker Schiedam locksmith industry, has the best lock manufacturers in Europe. Moreover, professional locksmiths in the city show up within 20 to 30 minutes to render emergency locksmith services such as picking locks and replacing broken or vintage locks.

The Significance of Google Search Engines and Search Results in US Politics

The Significance of Google Search Engines and Search Results in US Politics

Modern politicians, specifically those who came under Trump’s MAGA regime comprehend how search engines can influence public opinions and political inclinations. Even before the 2016 presidential elections, the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology concluded in its 2015 study that search page rankings of search engines have the potential to influence by 20% or more, the final voting decisions of undecided voters.

However, since the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was still new to traditional politicians, many stuck to the conventional methods of running print and TV political ads. As the turns of events have it, the ads proved inadequate against the massive power wielded by the Internet-based, SEO political campaigns. Unfortunately, the top search engine results pages (SERP) included fake news to spread disinformation campaigns created by the MAGA campaign team.

What Exactly is SEO and How Can SERP Sway Voter Opinions?

The search engine popularized by Google is a software that helps people find the information they want, from out of the millions of content published in the World Wide Web. The software works by organizing information based on keywords or key phrases.

When a Google search query is launched, the software will present the keyword-indexed information that is most relevant to the words or phrases that were typed in the search box. Following a set of algorithms, the content carrying the data being searched are ranked. That way, the most relevant and useful answers will appear in the top pages of the Google search tool.

The search engine results page ranking is important, because it provides the basis for determining which of the organic search results will appear in the top pages. In addition to the snippets of organic search results, SERPs also include paid Google Ads, pay-per-click or PPC Ads, video content and knowledge graphs.

Use of SEO in Political Campaigns

In the 2018 midterm elections, the younger set of progressive Democratic candidates were able to garner the support of young and new voters by spreading their political advocacies via the Internet. The same approach was used in the 2020 presidential elections, which included campaigns for people to go out and exercise their right to vote if they wanted true reforms to happen.

Since last year, Republicans have shown optimism that they will be able to take back control of Congress. The plan is to block all Biden administration initiatives, as a way to slow down the fulfillment of the Biden administration’s political promises. As it is, Republiucan candidates aim to snatch majority of the 435 House seats and 34 Senate seats to be filled up via the 2022 midterm elections.

However, the reality is that the events of the past months have been drawing attention to issues that most Republican candidates prefer to avoid: pro-choice, anti-abortion laws, gun violence prevention and gun control.

After the senseless Uvalde school shooting incident that took the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers, the majority of American voters are now well-informed that America is the only country with the most number of mass shooting incidents. Mainly because of the country’s loose gun control laws.

Nowadays, new voters are reading up on the pros and cons of abortion rights. Many are trying to understand why after 50 years, Republican politicians still want to remove the rights of American women to opt for abortion when necessary.

Moreover, despite the growing calls for reform on gun control laws, Republican lawmakers who used to enjoy majority leadership, have not taken legislative actions to prevent further gun violence or to mandate responsible gun ownership. Compared to last year’s optimism, Republican candidates can’t provide a logical explanation that will turn up at the top of search page results.

The COP 26 Pledge: Impact of Government Regulations on Automotive Industry

The COP 26 Pledge: Impact of Government Regulations on Automotive Industry

Governments have always influenced the way automotive industries designed cars or in some cases, prescribed parts to include as safety features in cars. Last year, governments across the globe met in Glasgow to commit to a COP 26 pledge of replacing fossil-fueled automobiles with electric vehicles by 2040. Many wondered how such a pledge will affect the US automotive industry as a whole.

The ultimate goal is to phase out all cars running on fossil fuel, to balance greenhouse gas emissions toward achieving a net zero effect of CO2 emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Overview of the Historical Impact of US Government Regulations in the Automotive Industry

Historically, as a result of government regulations, the automotive industry had to put up with increased production costs. At the same time they had to follow imposed limitations on how vehicles are built, marketed and sold to consumers to ensure consumer protection and vehicle road safety.

Today, government regulations now include sustainability measures and fuel efficiency legislations to ensure environmental protection. Car manufacturers found in violation of such regulations will be ordered to pay fines and other penalties

The interesting thing however, is that on a global scale and during the COP 26 summit, countries like China, the US, Germany and Japan, did not commit to a pledge that by year 2040, only electric vehicles will be allowed to travel on roads.

About the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP 26)

The COP 26 is a yearly meeting between United Nation member countries. In the meeting held last November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland, world government and business leaders discussed and agreed on plans of action in preventing the further increase of global warming temperature by bringing down CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal is to achieve emission levels that will create a net-zero effect in the planet’s environment, particularly the atmosphere. That way, the current global warming temperature will no longer reach dangerous levels beyond the current 1.5 degrees

However, officials of two of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation and Germany’s Volkswagen did not a affix their signature in committing to the 2040 goals. Also, neither China nor the US signed up to pledge that by year 2040, only electric vehicles will be travelling in their respective roads and highways.

Still, two of the United State major car manufacturers, Ford and General Motors (GM) are onboard with the COP 26 commitments. Moreover, two of the leading car buyers in the US, the states of New York and California also made independent pledges in being one with the goal of phasing out fossil fuel vehicles come year 2040

Some proponents of the US automotive industry believe that the reason why most American car makers did not commit to the pledge is because it will only lead to more cost intensive shifts in technology. Besides, if the US government itself cannot make a commitment, it only means there is no assurance that by year 2040 and thereabouts, there would be enough charging stations and sufficient power grid infrastructures in the country.

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Thailand’s Support for eSports Helps Boost Gaming Market and New Professions

Thailand’s Support for eSports Helps Boost Gaming Market and New Professions

Thailand is one of several Asian countries that gives full support to the gaming industry by encouraging the promotion of esports as a legit sports activity Through the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC), the Thai government plans to upgrade systems that will strengthen the foundations of esports, as doing so also underpins other related businesses and professions.

Currently, Thailand ranks 21st in the list of 100 countries with the highest winnings collected from esports tournaments, in which the country’s 1,100 competitive esports athletes won as much as $9,214, 591.00 According to Chutinat Wongsuban, NESDC’s Deputy Secretary General, the popularity of esports has grown tremendously in Thailand during the past decade, along with the continuing growth of the country’s gaming market.

Growth of Thailand’s eSports Population of Gamers and Audience

The most recent statistics show that in 2017, Thailand already had as many as 18.3 million gamers, which is about one-fourth of Thai’s population. That being the case, the NESDC Deputy Secretary strongly advocates for the government to further encourage game developers by offering assistance and tax incentives.

Aside from the growing number of players in Thailand, the number of spectators viewing esports tournaments in 2020 soared. Viewership comprises an estimated 2.6 million fans who streamed esports competitions online in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. The esports audience is expected to grow further by at least 30% in 2021, likely to increase streaming fees and eventually, ticket sales.

Thai Government’s Official Recognition of eSport as a Legit Sport Spurs the Creation of New Careers

In the economic front, the growing number of players and esports fans also spurred the creation of other careers and enterprises. The likes of which include game reviewers, game casters, tourney commentators, game referees, tournament organizers and streaming services.

To be more realistic, many highly skilled, top-ranking gamers also provide services as profile (โปรฟีฟาย) account players. The professional service and support are given to players who find it difficult to level up and attain higher ranks. Rank boosting enables weaker players to claim rank-associated rewards, including access to in-game weapons and cosmetics.

Although regarded as a form of cheating, rank-boosting is also one way by which newbies learn skills that take time and money to develop, if dependent on playing experiences alone. In the same context, some developers create apps that make rank-boosting services more viable for users, by having built-in anti detection measures.

Thailand’s Social Sector Calling for Laws to Protect Children Against Potential Harms of Gaming

However, certain sectors in Thailand’s society, such as parents, educators, and social health workers, have called attention to the lack of laws that oversee the gaming industry as a whole. Their main concerns are the potential adverse impacts of online gaming on the health of children.

At the very least, they want to see laws similar to those instituted by other countries, such as game ratings nased on age, limiting advertisements and promotions to adult audiences, as well as instituting guidelines for the supervision of esport tournaments and participants. .

At present, the only guidelines in place are administrative in nature, mostly applying only to video stores and Internet cafes with regard to duration of business hours and use of minors but without regard to appropriateness of gaming content.

Politics in Academic Publishing and the Criticism Against Academic Publishers

Politics in Academic Publishing and the Criticism Against Academic Publishers

Academic journals are much sought after because they offer information compiled, analyzed and written by academic researchers or scholars regarded as experts in the related field. Publishers of academic journals make certain that the materials they publish furnish reliable information by having the manuscripts peer-reviewed and edited.

Journals imparting knowledge about science and other academic topics have been made available by academic publishers as far back as 300 years ago. Since then, it is has been widely believed that people of a democratic society, must be encouraged to learn and comprehend science and other academic topics, as supplementary basis for making rational and sound decisions.

However, not many are aware that as the process of academic communication progressed through the years, it came to be that it became necessary for scholars to pay fees in order to have their research work published.

Even more disparaging for academic researchers is that they encountered difficulties in accessing the entire body of researched information available in their field, because research libraries cannot afford the cost of acquiring all scientific journals published.

That is because the politics behind academic publishing had instituted an economic model geared toward limiting access to published academic journals.

Academic Manuscripts: The Road to Publication

The first step taken by a committees of researchers in an academic organization is to secure funds from grant-awarding federal agencies like the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. After a grant has been awarded, it is only then that a team of scholars and academic researchers proceed on the approved area of study, which usually includes conducting surveys, interviews and experiments.

It usually takes more than a year before a team of scholars arrive at a definitive conclusion, supported by well-researched details and thereafter embodied in a manuscript ready for publication.

When seeking to have their academic work published, the academic team would likely seek publication from publishers that rank high in the world of academic communication. Here, the economic aspect rears its ugly head because the higher the ranking of a journal, the greater the fees required by the academic publisher.

In turn, the publisher provides peer-review and editing services. The academic publisher waits for the recommendations of reviewers before arriving at a decision whether to accept or reject an academic manuscript for publication in their journal. Once a manuscript has been accepted and published in the academic journal, the material now becomes an intellectual property of the publisher.

Although the academic organization basically owns the copyright to their research reports, academic publishers require as a condition for final publication, the waiving of such right either explicitly or impliedly.

The Economic System of Academic Publishers

Inasmuch as scholars and scientists only seek to have their research reports published and disseminated widely, they accept the terms and conditions of the academic publisher that accepts their manuscript for publication. On the part of the academic writers, their rewards come in the form of career enhancement or advancement in the academic field.

Publishers however, reap the bulk of the economic benefits since they acquire and publish journals free of costs. They contend that they add value to a scientific report or scholarly article by providing peer review and editing processes, as well as incur distribution costs. That being the case, it is only logical for them to collect subscription fees from those who wish to access or include an academic journal in their library.

In addition, traditional academic publishers contend that the publication fees they charge academic writers are not as exhorbitant as those quoted by predatory publishers, who do not even provide the critical peer-review process.

The crux of the matter though is that academic publishers, whether traditional or predatory, drive hard bargains when it comes to distributing academically researched papers. So much so that they have attracted criticisms for making huge profits from freely acquired, well-researched scientific or academic materials.