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Political Education & Nomad Visa

Political Education & Nomad Visa

The aim of political education is for learners to become responsible citizens. This means that political education wants to impart the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to actively participate in political processes. This is called participation. A democracy lives from this participation of the citizens. This is why political education is also considered a pillar of democracy.

You acquire the knowledge and skills to get involved in democracy in various ways. Targeted, organized  educational measures are primarily referred to as political education. Foreigners who want to study Poland political education can apply for digital nomad visa Poland. This will provide them a permit to stay in this country for a certain period. In addition, this permit can also be provided for remote workers.

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What does political education want to convey?

Political education is about imparting the knowledge and skills needed to actively participate in political processes. To participate in elections, for example, it is important to know what they mean and how they work. Above all, it is important to be able to assess the possible voting decisions. But voting is not the only way to participate in a democracy.

The competence areas of political education

Political judgement: being able to analyze and reflect on events, problems and questions of social development.

Political ability to act: formulating opinions and interests, representing them appropriately in front of others, leading negotiation processes, being able to make compromises.

Methodical skills: Being able to obtain information and orientation independently, be able to organize your own further learning.

Knowledge is the prerequisite for being able to use these skills appropriately. The focus is often on the political system and political institutions. Other subject areas are law and ethical standards, history and economics.

What is important in political education?

Political education is shaped much more than other areas by the insight that learners should not be patronized. The principles of political education that apply today were decisively influenced by the confrontation with National Socialism.

Another principle is closely linked to this. Political education must take into account that there can be different opinions. What is seen as controversial in society must also be presented as controversial in political education.