Tuesday, 22 January 2013

KHPS in Uganda Chickens Are Now Laying Eggs!

Here's the latest news from Bwambale Robert on the Kasese Poultry Project from the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.

I reported back on January 2nd that two of the local breed chickens started producing eggs around the new year.  Well, now some of the layer breed chickens have begun producing eggs.
I am emailing to update the donors and well-wishers of the KHPS Poultry Project.  At last the layers breed housed in the top floor started giving out eggs. 
I have so far collected 13 eggs in the top floor and these eggs are being put in egg trays. The top floor right now houses 47 hens and we lost only three while the local breed numbers 23 giving us a total of 70 chicken housed in the chicken coop. 
There are two local breed hens that are giving out eggs. I have tried to put in place nesting boxes where hens lay the eggs and the good news is the hens are utilizing the boxes. I am attaching some photos to give a clear picture of what i am referring to.
In a few days, I will be bringing a veterinary doctor to vaccinate all the chickens from Newcastle Disease which is very deadly. I was advised by the poultry guy that layers are vaccinated again after a duration of 4 months which has elapsed some days ago.
I am also trying to keep the local breed eggs in the coop such tmaybe the hens will hatch them and we can get chicks in this way thereby increasing on our poultry stock. I attaching you several photos for our followers to see.
Bwambale also shared more good news about the school!
Kasese Humanist Primary School reopens for the new term on 4th February 2013 and there are many new interesting things happening at the school. With effect from the first day of the term, all children will be able to utilise our prepared school library which now has a new look.  Tables, shelves and stools have been made possible with funds donated by Foundation Beyond Belief while most of the books were donated by the International Book Project, Darien book plan, Books Abroad, Biblionef Netherlands and recently the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust UK has also donated funds to purchase local textbooks.
Many thanks to all the supporters and well-wishers of Kasese Humanist Primary School. 
With science, we can progress.
I've been thinking about how we can help the school keep the costs of the coop under control.  The main ingredient to keep things running is obviously the chicken feed.  This seems to be a more or less weekly expense of around 34,000 Ugandan Shillings (UGX) as per the receipts, which is around $12.60 Canadian.  In his last update, Bwambale explains.
One obstacle right now is the high costs of the feeds and now that all of them are no longer chicks, their rate of feed consumption is high for at least I use 50 kgs of feed weekly so I need a boost. 
I calculate it to be around 650$ per year to keep the chickens fed.  Expect another fundraiser soon.  Watch this spot!

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