Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Updates From Kasese: Humanist Botanical Gardens (With Pictures!)

Bwambale Robert standing in part of the new garden.
I posted a little while ago about a new initiative being carried out by Bwambale Robert, Project Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School, to plant a garden on a six-acre plot of land to help sustain the school and perhaps even bring in a little extra revenue.  Well, the project is advancing rapidly!  Here are some updates from Bwambale.

October 14th
Yesterday, I secured seeds to surround the entire botanical property with a thorny shrub which i plan to use as a fence. 
I will spice it with some flowers and this evening I am from planting 30+ palm trees near the limits of the boundaries on the lower side near the Tarmac road. 
I have soaked the seeds for the thorny shrub for a period of 6 days in water and thereafter will plant the seeds around the property.

In order from top to
bottom: mango fruit
(mangifera indica), 
cassava and maize, 
umbrella trees, more
cassava (manihot 
October 15th
I am attaching for you some of the photos of the gardens. At first glance, you might not see the fruit trees as I have transplanted them and distributed them in the other portion to possess fruit trees. 
When this season ends, I shall embark on creating walkways in the gardens. 
I am gathering seeds of umbrella trees that I will bed and there after transplant the seedlings and I am optimistic when we harvest the beans and maize in two months time, the fruit and palm trees will be visible.

October 17th
I am right now working on planting more tree species and of recent I planted 30 trees for Gluveria at the western boundary of the garden. 
I also got seeds of the thorny shrubs and are yet to germinate. I intend to surround the whole property with a hedge of thorny shrubs. If  you know of some seeds that can give birth to a nice hedge fit for tropical environments you can let me know. 
I opt for a hedge to surround the gardens to give it a natural look, I noted that most botanic gardens have this kind of hedge!

You Can Now Donate

Like the Poultry Project, I have provided Bwambale a Donate Paypal button for the site.  I will collect any donations for the project personally and forward them on.
Click here to go to the garden's donation page.

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