Reading Politics in Kindle

Reading Politics in Kindle

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to imagine reading politics without eBook readers. But could reading the eBook regularly be harmful to the eyes?

After all, you hear so often that hours of computer work is not good for your eyesight. Doesn’t the eBook reader somehow also belong in the same category?

The redeeming answer right from the start. No, reading eBooks per se is not harmful to the eyes. However, it is worth paying attention to a few points.

Reading about politics: the right kindle screen

Reading on screens, whether on a smartphone, tablet or computer has an undesirable side effect. It strains our eyes. Despite the fact that the technology behind it is constantly evolving and the screens are becoming more and gentler on our eyes, they all generate light. And looking into a light source is stressful on your eyes.

This leads you to believe that reading on paper is better than reading on a screen. But not so with the kindle vs ipad. Most eBooks have a screen with electronic ink. Behind this is a completely different technology. Screens with electronic ink do not shine but reflect the light just like a classic book made of paper.

But be careful, there are also eBooks with integrated light in stores. These are therefore not recommended from the point of view of ophthalmology. But even with eBooks with electronic ink, there are different qualities. The decisive factor is how many shades of grey the eBook can display. The better the quality of the eBook about politics, the stronger the contrasts and that makes reading easier on our eyes.

That being said, the screen size also plays a role. Most eBooks are between 6 and 7 inches. A slightly larger screen is closest to the size of most books and keeps you from pulling the eBook too close to your eyes. So if you are looking for an eReader that is as eye-friendly as possible, it is worth buying a larger model.

Reading about politics: Font type and size of kindle screen

EBooks can always do more. Each new edition seems to outperform the previous versions. Do you really need these additional features? Understandably, opinions differ on this question. But if you could only highlight one function, the decision would be easy for you. The ability to choose the font size and font according to personal taste when reading about politics is the most important feature for you.

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