Thursday, 27 August 2015

Podcast #6 - Carolyn Hyppolite - When to Engage About Religion

Another week, another podcast. When will they ever end? Hopefully never?

Episode, the sixth, features a discussion with author and public speaker Carolyn Hyppolite (!

Carolyn just got back from the Non Conference 2015, where she delivered a speech about how atheists need to be more vocal about challenging people's religious faith - especially when those people are trying to convert you.

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

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Ep 6 : Carolyn Hyppolite - When to Engage About Religion

I catch up with author Carolyn Hyppolite ( again to discuss the topic of her speech at the recent Non Conference in Kitchener, Ontario. We talk about how she never really had her faith challenged by any atheists when she was Christian and sort of wishes she did. We talk about when it’s a good time to challenge someone’s faith in religion, how to do it and when it’s best to not come out as atheist at all. 

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Imagine How Loudly They'd Scream If They Were Actually Being Persecuted?

Today, Hemant Mehta wrote about the extreme drama you'll find in Christian web media concerning the war on Christianity and the persecution of Christians in America. Yes, Christians are forced to not be in violation of the Constitution. What is the world coming to?

Then we have this from Fox News. What is this guy talking about? How can you even call this news?

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Top Turkish Religious Body Warns Of "Spreading Religion of Jediism"

Please forgive me, dear readers. I've been so busy with Life and Humanity that I've neglected the noble art of blog writing. As I mentioned before, things are so busy that I'm having to go into shotgun mode, which means you'll get short rapid fire posts. They'll be thin but hopefully tasty, like ketchup potato chips.

It's been awhile since I've blogged about the situation in Turkey. I'll remind you that Islamic scholars and institutions there have, in the past, forbidden oral sex in advanced dimensions, rebuked a soap opera for showing too much lip-o-suction, replaced pictures of genitalia in a Biology text book with fluffy ducklings, and banned the Game of Thrones.

Well now the country's top religious body is sounding the alarm against a threat to Islam: Jediism!
In an article for the latest edition of the Directorate of Religious Affairs’ (Diyanet) monthly magazine, Marmara University Assistant Professor Bilal Yorulmaz has warned of the spreading new “religion” of Jediism - the religion of the Jedi warriors in the Star Wars series.
The good professor seems to liken the spread of Jediism to tooth decay. It's starting in the corrupt West ... Christendom.. and it could very well move into Islamic countries.
“Jediism … is spreading today in Christian societies. Around 70,000 people in Australia and 390,000 people in England currently define themselves as Jedis,” Yorulmaz wrote, before engaging in an Islamic-based critique of a number of Hollywood blockbusters.

He also slammed Turkish theatre and cinema producers over what he described as the “ill-minded” presentation of religious people as “bad characters” and also giving Islamic-themed names to unintelligent characters.
In fact, University students in Turkey have already demanded that Buddhist and Jedi temples be built on campus! Of course, this was very likely (mostly) a satirical protest against the government foisting Islam onto university campuses. Surely professor Bilal Yorulmaz realizes that. Right? Right?

I knew a big Star Wars fan awhile back. He seemed perfectly normal until the movie with Jar Jar Binks came out. Then he got very depressed.

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