Friday, 24 October 2014

Montreal Catholic School fires Teacher for having done Porn Forty Years Ago

Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac (1973) -- (source). Sinner is ironic, isn't it?
The beautiful woman pictured in the above 1973 photo, Jacqueline Laurent-Auger, is 73 today. She just got fired for something she did back when she was a starving actress -- forty years ago.

She had been working for the uber elite Catholic Brébeuf College in Montreal for fifteen years and then some students found some pornographic films she was in back before I was born and the school sacked her.

Montreal teacher, 73, loses job over film nudity more than 40 years ago

I'm sure this is because if there's one thing Catholic institutions are really sucky at it's forgiving what it sees as sexual misconduct... well... unless you've got a penis and happen to be a priest, bishop or cardinal and sexually abuse children, that is. They've got a bit of a history of sheltering the pedos, but Papa Francesco's got all that totally covered now, so no more of that, I'm sure!
“I did it as a young actress to make a little money,” she said in an interview on Monday. “The idea of throwing someone out the door for something they did almost 50 years ago is idiotic. It makes me angry.”
The school was widely derided for its decision. In the Journal de Montréal, blogger Tania Longpré said many actors have some nude scenes in their repertoire, and they can’t afford to refuse them on the chance that one day they might want to go into teaching; she said Brébeuf’s decision hid “hypocritical puritanism.
Her story has elicited widespread sympathy in Quebec since it first surfaced late last week. Meanwhile, the school – a Jesuit-founded institution that groomed leaders such as Pierre Trudeau and his son, Justin – has come under attack for a decision characterized as prudish and shortsighted. One blogger called it a case of “retroactive slut-shaming.”
It indeed does seem to be retroactive slut-shaming.

I consider myself to be a bit of a film buff -- mostly because one of my good friends is a film professor. Movies like The Devils (1971), Zabriskie Point (1970), or Ciao Manhattan (1972) were bold in their openness and were not afraid to show nudity and sexuality. These films were nothing like pornography or even cheesy erotica these days, they were real movies with real plots, real budgets, real actors. They were more like art films. This was not vulgar hardcore.
Ms. Laurent-Auger’s early films, including such titles as Le journal intime d’une nymphomane (The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac), date to the 1960s and ’70s when she was a struggling actress who had just graduated from theatre school in Montreal and moved to Paris.
The movie itself seems sort of compelling -- read a review -- other than the initial revolting and unfortunate premise that the heroine's nymphomania (if that even exists!) is awakened by a sexual assault. There is a hell of a lot going on there, over and above today's typical offering. It sounds a little like a B-movie offshoot of CandideAlthough I haven't seen the film, it's now on my list and judging by the reviews. I'm not expecting a masterpiece here, but there is likely something of a little 1970s time capsule there -- a product of its times.

It's easy to see how a young woman right out of theatre school would take it on as a serious role. At that time, European and even some American films were leaning in this direction and she might have seen a future there.
She said the films in which she performed were not pornographic, but part of an artistic trend of openness in the film world in the 1960s and ’70s. “I would never do pornography,” she said. “We called them light, erotic films, and they have nothing to do with the kinds of things you see today.”
There really is a difference between this and crude 8mm pornography of the time and it was almost half a century ago! Still, the school is firing her because she isn't a good role model for the students.
Ms. Laurent-Auger stars in some of the films, which feature “erotic scenes,” raising the question of whether the movies are “models to follow for high-school students becoming initiated into theatre and arts in general,” the college said.
I question whether the school itself is a good role model -- firing someone for not breaking any laws and not forgiving someone after fifty years! I mean, I know this is all about a private school saving face but come on, we're forty years on here. Perhaps this is a good Catholic role model -- to fire a 73 year old woman who did something half-a-lifetime ago, force her into retirement.
“The fact that these films were shot 40 years ago doesn’t change their bold and suggestive – even explicit – character,” said the college. The Internet had brought the “erotic portion of [Ms. Laurent-Auger’s] career into the present,” and the students’ discovery of their teacher’s films affected the atmosphere in class, the school said.
I'll admit, that is a little awkward. However, the students discovered these films on their own. They were very likely already consuming pornography online and they are very likely to continue and they are very likely to see the equivalent amount of sexuality on shows like Game of Thrones. This is not Ms. Laurent's problem nor should it be a problem for the school.

Should these students be banned from any viewing or interaction of any actor who has made nude or sex scenes in cinema or television?

This women is obviously a different person now than who she was so long ago. However, what the school did here isn't very surprising to me. There is apparently no redemption from this Catholic institution for a woman who is tainted with sexuality like this. Her dirty act has apparently turned into something 'filthy' that this organization doesn't want to be associated with.

Opening scene to Diary of a Nymphomaniac. Obviously not safe for work.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Health Canada cracks down on 'Bleach Cure' for Autism

Portion of image from OxyChem's Sodium Chlorite Handbook (p.6) technical information guide for the compound.
One of the most horrendous and despicable things I've covered is Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), which is a completely unproven and harmful quack therapy used to treat children with autism. It involves giving 28% sodium chlorite -- not technically bleach but a bleaching chemical -- in distilled water to your kid to drink for weeks, months, years.

And at 28%(!), giving this to your kid is child abuse, full stop.
When citric acid or other food acid is used to "activate" MMS as described in its instructions, the mixture produces an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide, a toxin and a potent oxidizing agent used in the treatment of water and in bleaching. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set a maximum level of 0.8 mg/L for chlorine dioxide in drinking water. Naren Gunja, director of the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre, has stated that using the product is "a bit like drinking concentrated bleach" and that users have displayed symptoms consistent with corrosive injuries, such as vomiting, stomach pains, and diarrhea.
Canada has finally issued a warning about MMS and has begun seizing the product. About freaking time.
Health Canada says anyone who bought a product called Miracle Mineral Solution should stop using it immediately.

The agency says the unauthorized product, sold over the Internet as a treatment for serious diseases such as cancer, poses serious health risks if ingested.
Here's the official release on the agency's webpage.
Health Canada is warning Canadians of the serious risks to health associated with use of the unauthorized drug product Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), which was sold as a treatment for serious diseases such as cancer through the website MMS contains sodium chlorite, which is a chemical used mainly as a textile bleaching agent and disinfectant and may pose serious risks to health if ingested. An alternate format of MMS, labelled as CDS, is also available for sale on the website and would pose a similar risk.
They specify two products: MMS (28% sodium chlorite and 50% citric acid) and CDS (chlorine dioxide 8000 ppm). The release goes on to specify that Health Canada has never approved the seller,, to sell this stuff.
No drug products containing sodium chlorite have been approved by Health Canada for consumption by humans. Sodium chlorite is authorized in Canada for use as a germicide by veterinarians and as a hard surface disinfectant. Sodium chlorite is commonly used for bleaching textiles, pulp and paper, as well as in the generation of disinfectant for water treatment.
Never buy medicine from a .BIZ domain for you kids!

So now people who insist on feeding this poison to their kids need to be charged with abuse.

Health Canada also advised anyone who did drink this stuff to see a doctor, because it's POISON. They also more or less shut the business down by seizing their stock and production equipment.
Following an inspection of the business premises, Health Canada seized bottles of MMS, packaging, labelling and raw materials used to produce MMS. Health Canada will continue to monitor this company.
I'm sure conspiracy theorists and anti-big-pharma will have a field day with this one. Let them have their fun -- at least this crap is off the market.

(Parts of this post have been expanded since original posting.)

Creationist School Board Trustee Candidate Loses Election

Candace Maxymowich and Sarah Palin (source)
Just a followup to my story awhile back about Winnipeg School Board Trustee candidate Candace Maxymowich, who believed abstinence only sex education and creationism in science classes.

She lost pretty solidly. As in, last place.

I never wished her any ill will (other than not winning). She is highly motivated and involved in the political process and that's great. She had courage to run a completely transparent and unapologetic campaign.

There were some fairly critical -- yet true -- tweets in response. Here's my favourite.