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Thursday, 15 October 2015

High Ranking Russian Orthodox Priest Says Elton John's 'Gayness' Ruined His Music

Breaking News! Breaking News! Oh no, the News is now all broken! Elton John's music used to be totally rocking in a wholesome heterosexeual way until around 2000 - then it got all degenerate, perverted and gay!

We know this because a mouthpiece of the Russian Orthodox Church told us. That's better than Science, so listen up!
According to Father Vsevolod, "homosexuality changes a person's psychology, his public and creative priorities."

"It is characteristic not only of this sir, but also of many others, especially representatives of gay community, we have them in our culture, our media, and in authoritative bodies," the archpriest noted.

According to the church official, "willingly or unwillingly people basing on their personal peculiarities start joining the liberal trend and oppose true moral renewal of the society, such a renewal that will touch lives of all people, including high ranking officials, not letting them speak about patriotism during the day and participate in homosexual orgies at night."

"This group, and those who keep their money and property in the NATO countries consciously or unconsciously try to suppress true patriotic and moral turn in Russia's future. High boot of the American cowboy stands on the tail of these glamorous pussies," Father Vsevolod believes.
I think by those glamorous pussies he means homosexual men? It's hard for me to tell because Vsevolod looks pretty glamorous and fancy a lot of the time too.

Father Vsevolod (left). Elton John (right) ... before he was gay. (source and source)
In fact, the good priest's gaydar seems to have been pretty whacked back in the 1970s to 2000s, because it seems like pretty much everyone but him knew Elton was gay.
"I liked the music he did from the 1970s to early 2000s. Then as he rooted in homosexuality, his creative energy start running dry," the priest told Interfax-Religion on Monday.
So basically, Vsevolod used to really dig Elton John, but after 2000 his music became... meh... well... I dunno... not so hot. So he's not really into John's work past 2000 - a clear indication that he became too gay to appeal to high ranking Russian Orthodox church officials. Seems pretty legit to me.

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Conservative Religions' Obsession With Rainbow Connections

Just coming out of yet another migraine. This one wiped me out pretty good all day long. So this means there will be nothing brilliant exiting this brain of mine. I will however draw a hopefully illuminating parallel.

I'm sure you've probably read about the Rainbow Doritos that sent some conservative writers into the stratosphere of insane over at Hemant Mehta's blog, right? I'll give you a hint: the writer somehow compared multi-coloured corn chips with anal sex. Why does everything have to be about buttsex with these people?

Well it turns out that these US conservatives - usually of the fundamentalist religious type - have problems with gay rainbows just like their Russian counterparts.

You know who else have problems with gay rainbows? Saudi authorities.

It's like all these groups are the same, or something. They're all scared silly of the gay - obsessed, in fact.

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Catholic Priest: Gay Sex Is Like Sticking a Bagel Into Your Ear!

Real bagels are Montreal bagels - not like those boring ear totally fake New York bagels.
Listen up! If you're gay, then Catholic priest John Riccardo wants to teach you about gay sex - because he knows all about it! He has this great analogy for you, which ought keep you chaste... just like him... and probably also frustrated.

Here's the best part! It's a food analogy about bagels!
The cleric told the attendees how he often explains gay sex to junior high students, the Advocate reports.

He said he tells them: "What if I just rip open a bagel, I take it, and I cram it in my ear. What would you say?”
 Do you want to go there? You might be surprised.
He added that when they respond “That doesn’t go there,” he says, “Exactly" and that doing so “will ruin your ear canal.”
Wow! Nice one, John! I know I feel the urge sometimes to stick an oven baked sour cream and bacon potato up my nose. All this time, I thought that so long as I did it in bed - just the two of us... no threesomes with steak or chicken - ALSO with proper precautions, it was okay with God - but I was wrong! It just doesn't go there.  Thanks for clearing that one up.

I'm guessing he felt too icky just telling the boys what he apparently meant. I mean, they have by now probably discovered what their penises are and how they work. I'd wager the girls in the room - if there were any - also at least had a pretty good idea what penises are. I'm guessing they could have even cleared up a few obvious misunderstandings Mr. Riccardo may have. He seems a little confused or something.

As usual, there seems to be precious little guidance for lesbians in this room. These religious types just never think of them having sex outside of the baby making, I guess.

So for them, let's say the bagel is actually correctly going into the mouth but the bagel is actually made of silicone and is pink or maybe violet? Perhaps it takes 2 AA batteries and vibrates? Help me out here, Father!
[Fortunate Families] member Tom Nelson said from a protest outside the controversial event: “It’s medieval times all over again. ... If God created people gay, then gay sex seems to be a natural thing.”
He's just coming to that realization now? Tom, the Catholic Church is more medieval (and secretly fabulous) than a renaissance fair.

Mr. Nelson is totally right about gay sex being perfectly natural though. There sure does seem to be rather a lot of unnatural about priest chastity and attitudes towards sex within the Catholic Church, though. Plenty of illegal child rape problems too.

Yes, his bagel analogy is really rather bizarre and unnatural. Utterly ridiculous, actually. It would be completely hilarious if it weren't probably fucking up young religious LGBT students - potentially for life.

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

God Needs Your Help With This Whole Gay Thing

Seems like God is not as all powerful as we all thought.

That's right! God needs people's help to take away marriage equality.

More crazy stuff at the God's Design website.

Of could, God is also a big fan of marriage equality. That God is way better.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Valiant Saudi Officials Save Children From Evil "Gay Rainbow" Painted on Outside of School

Our good friends and allies, the Saudis, don't only protect their citizens from bloggers, Valentines cards, Twitter witchcraft, and women drivers! You under estimate them! They also protect little children from rainbows - Satan's evil portal to total gayification!

Listen up, here's what I mean. There's this school, Talee al-Noor International School. It had gay-inducing rainbows all over it. So it was fined $25,000 and forced to paint over the rainbow which once decorated the building gayly. Take that, Satan!

Remember, Arabic is written right-to-left, so right is before and left is after.
You can check out the original tweets over at Buzzfeed, but I'll just quote their English translations here.
“They sent the school administrator responsible for the emblem to jail in preparation to refer the case to the Bureau of Investigation and the general prosecutor.”
“This is a Saudi school painted normally. They said it is marketing for homosexuality, and then formed a committee and erased the colors. My question is: did the colors come first or did homosexuality?”
Great question. Some believe the first rainbow didn't show up until after God had murdered everyone with a big flood - including gay people. So hey, maybe gay people have been around longer, right?

Take a look at this Sports Day picture from the school's website!

Saudi officials should take note of the gay rainbow at the back and the super uber gay - as far as Jerry Falwell was concerned - Teletubbies right near the rainbow!

Gay Tinky WinkyBetter buy more paint! Think of the children!

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Damon Linker Thinks Progressives Should Fight For Church Tax Exemption, Because: "Freedom" of Religion

So Damon Linker is back. He just wrote something about how taxing churches is a form of religious persecution.

Are Christians being thrown into prison or having their heads chopped off in the United States? No. Churches may be forced to pay taxes like everyone else! Persecution!
Maybe such moves wouldn't be made against churches themselves. But it would be foolish to presume it couldn't or won't happen. Once the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision declaring a constitutional right to same-sex marriage is combined with laws banning discrimination against homosexuals — which already exist in well over a dozen states and are coming soon at the federal level — the case for eliminating religious tax exemptions could be powerful. And of course all of this will take place against a cultural backdrop of rapid secularization that could well produce a demographically driven sea change in the nation's attitudes toward churches and other religious institutions. Just because the United States has a long history of deference to religion doesn't mean it will continue indefinitely.
Deference to religion means religious privilege. Linker, who's argued in the past that atheism cannot explain self-sacrifice and offered us atheists advice on how to be honest, is now advising us - and progressives - to defend this tax exemption -- for our own well-being, of course.

He first drags out the argument that churches get this exemption because these organizations do so much for the community. I would concede that this is certainly true for some churches, but with it comes the promotion of religion - and the government is ultimately left to decide what qualifies as religion. Furthermore, as I've seen with a nearby church and Mark Oppenheimer writes, a church's lack of property taxes will be made up by other businesses and private individuals footing their bill.
Indeed, many clergy have mid-six-figure salaries — many university presidents, seven-figure salaries — and the IRS doesn’t trouble their tax-exempt status. And many churches and synagogues sit on exceedingly valuable tracts of land (walk up and down Fifth Avenue to see what I mean). The property taxes they aren’t paying have to be drawn from business owners and private citizens — in a real sense, you and I are subsidizing Mormon temples, Muslims mosques, Methodist churches.
It's really this next line of reasoning from Linker that gets me though.
But of course the First Amendment doesn't just preclude a religious establishment. It also protects religious "free exercise," and it is on those grounds that the elimination of tax exemptions for churches should be opposed by all Americans, liberal and conservative alike.
You know, free exercise as in FREE. Linker goes on to develop the idea that churches are operating on such tight margins, they would be destroyed if they had to pay taxes, with or without tithes, so I'm not 100% sure where he was going with these ironic quotation marks. It does suggest to me, though, that this could have been a little clever wordplay.

He then ends the whole thing on a completely bizarre note.
To which some liberals may be inclined to respond: "You bet it is — and rightly so! Why on Earth should the government be making special provisions to protect institutions that openly advocate discrimination against a category of American citizens?"
Why on earth, indeed? Furthermore, it matters not whether the church is full of bigots or not, if they are on a property they should be paying their property taxes.

Linker tells us that if churches are taxed - presumably because they wish to discriminate against LGBT people - then they will lose their freedom. Organizations that cannot afford to pay their taxes are not free. Presumably, they will not be able to spew forth their disdain for marriage equality for free. Then, apparently, religious freedom is over because churches cannot behave like bigots and then our entire liberal society is dead.
If we forbid religions to discriminate — or empower the government to regulate how and against which behaviors a church is permitted to discriminate — we will have effectively ended religious freedom.

Are liberals really prepared to begin treating such bedrock religious tendencies — tendencies that go back to the beginnings of human culture and lie at the foundation of every civilization ever known — as beyond the bounds of acceptable thought and behavior? And to use state power to stamp them out?
We don't want churches who condemn same-sex marriage to not be able to afford their buildings! That would be terrible! I wonder if there were arguments like this from racist white churches after abolition of slavery?

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Vladimir Putin's Anti-LGBT 'Real Family' Flag

Fay Voshell over at the frighteningly right-wing American Thinker has kindly pointed out that America is now a smoldering gay crater filled wasteland after the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the land.
The rainbow colors lighting up the White House immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage seem to indicate loyalty to a new flag of faith that signifies supremacy over the traditional stars and stripes of the American flag -- or any other flag, including the Christian banner.

The acts of our president and the decision of the Supreme Court are strong indications the current administration and SCOTUS are disregarding entirely the First Amendment and are setting up a state religion based on sexual identity politics.  Their actions endorse a cult characterized by an extraordinarily reductionist view of the human being, who is now to be defined only in terms of sexual inclination and practice.  Absolute sexual “freedom” now heads up a new Bill of Rights.

Now the federal government will proceed to do everything possible to promulgate the new faith. 
The situation is clearly dire, but she manages to fall just short of asking everyone to get their guns out and march on Washington. I'm so glad she exercised such restraint. Still, it goes on, each paragraph more paranoid than the last.

This is why I thought Voshell might take comfort in a new flag introduced by Vladimir Putin celebrating proper families!
Therefore, in response to the LGBT movement's rainbow flag, the United Russia Party unveiled a banner celebrating the traditional, nuclear Russian family. The flag depicts two parents - a woman and a man - holding hands with three children.

It was unveiled at a party rally in Moscow's Sokolniki park on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, an annual country-wide celebration held on July 8.
The flag features a faceless white family standing against a bland background. If mom or dad are bi or gay - they're in the closet about that. If any of the children are gay, transgender, or bi, they'll need to keep their rainbows hidden securely away - or they could be arrested for sharing or even have the crap beaten out of them.

In actuality, the flag - monochromatic white... not a colour at all - couldn't possibly be further away from the message of diversity communicated within the rainbow flag.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Spooky US Catholic Clergy Consider Nationwide Exorcisms After SCOTUS Marriage Decision

Remember how that Mexican Cardinal just went ahead and exorcised the whole country? It turns out that it was a concerted effort nationwide by Catholic clergy to disinfect the land of all the same-sex marriage all over the place.
Catholic Archbishops and priests in Mexico have performed an exorcism of the nation to rid the country of a "great satanic infestation."

Church leaders cited abortion and same-sex marriage as proof Mexico has been taken over by demons, according to Christian Today.
They had their Great Exorcism on May 20th, only two weeks before the Mexican Supreme Court rendered a decision against prohibiting same sex marriages - effectively bringing same sex marriage to Mexico! Well I guess that didn't work right?

They also forgot to exorcise the entire planet! So gay marriage went and spread into the whole United States! I guess they should have exorcised the entire universe - just to be sure.

Still, all this failure must be the more reason to try the same thing again! Some US Catholic clergymen are looking into country-wide exorcisms to get God to open up a time warp and suck the country back to before June 26th, or start a civil war, or overthrow the government or something, I don't know. ANYTHING but let two consenting adults of the same gender get married!

They're not into a single exorcism. Instead, they prefer the franchise model.
Instead, he said such action can be done diocese by diocese, and he encourages each bishop to do so. “Every bishop is the chief exorcist of his own diocese,” Msgr. Esseff said. “Anytime anyone with the authority uses his power against Satan, that is powerful. Every priest and bishop has that power.”

During the exorcism of a diocese, Msgr. Esseff explained that the bishop calls on the power of Jesus over every court, every single institution, every individual and every family. “The whole country would have such power if bishops would exorcise their dioceses.”
I'm not sure what this is supposed to achieve. I guess it could be a safe therapeutic outlet for people who cannot deal with gay people getting married - a theatrical alternative to act out their disbelief and anger without resorting to violence. These priests often seem to really be into theatre and that's a good thing.

Besides, a good exorcism can really improve the ambiance of any home. Forget that lamp from IKEA.
Father Gary Thomas, pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Saratoga, Calif., and the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, said he has seen notable improvements after exorcising homes and when he re-dedicated a church.
It clears up clutter in the spiritual world and obnoxious beings in the local astral plane, or something. Still, Thomas thinks it would be best to not advertise the ceremonies too much or people might make fun of them.
“I’m not really sure about the efficaciousness of that,” he said. “I think there are too many implications we cannot back up if we start saying we are going to exorcise a country.” He also cautioned against making a public announcement when exorcising a geographic area because there is usually backlash in the form of skepticism and ridicule.
The story goes on to talk about portals being opened up to demonic gateways and other cool stuff. Apparently, crack squads of exorcists are required to bust in and seize territory from demons who've taken over and pushed out the good angels.

I guess we can all be sure that in basements everywhere there are frocked priests having spooky late night exorcisms with secret passwords at the door. No defrocked women serving as altars here though. You'll need to visit some Satanist groups for that.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ontario Court Upholds Law Society's Denial of Accreditation to Trinity Western Law School

Good news concerning the status of the proposed Trinity University Law School so far as its accreditation in Ontario.
An Ontario Superior Court has dealt a blow to Trinity Western University, ruling that Ontario’s law society acted within its rights when it denied accreditation to the proposed law school from the Christian-based, B.C. university in an April, 2014, vote.

The decision by directors of the Law Society of Upper Canada infringed TWU’s freedom of religion, but the court considered that it did so to protect individuals’ rights to equal treatment. Since announcing its plans to open a new law school, TWU has been at the centre of a national debate over its Community Covenant, which asks students to agree to abstain from sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage or face possible suspension or expulsion.
You can read the ruling online here.

They're having similar problems in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. The school promises that this will be appealed. If this doesn't bring them to the Supreme Court, I bet they'll make it there in the next year.

The school itself released a dramatic statement about knives being plunged into freedom of faith communities (to discriminate against minorities based on sexual orientation or just getting it on outside of heterosexual marriage). Seriously, Christians who are really being persecuted around the world should stop, take notice and feel sorry for this organization here in Canada who aren't allowed to set up a Law School which denies access to people who don't comply exactly with their religious edicts. Poor souls.
“The Court’s finding that there has been a breach of religious freedom rights in this case is critically important,” said TWU spokesperson Dr. Guy Saffold. “The Court’s ultimate decision against TWU is starkly at odds with the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2001 decision directing approval of TWU’s teacher education program. It points a knife at the freedom of faith communities across Canada to hold and practice their beliefs.”

A faith community’s commitment to a traditional view of marriage should not become grounds for denial of religious rights and refusal of full participation in society. TWU asks students to adhere to a Community Covenant that calls for refraining from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”  The court maintained that this requirement is discriminatory, and therefore the TWU Law School proposal could not be approved.
Isn't it neat how nobody is saying they cannot have a school or teach their religion?  Sure they can! It's rather their hellbent intent on discriminating against LGBT people is what's keeping them back. They're complaining about how they are being discriminated against because they are not being allowed to use their firmly held religious beliefs to discriminate?

You'd think they'd welcome LGBT people so they could preach to them the good news.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Gayification! - Russian Conservatives Going Absolutely Chernobyl Over SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

Russian children could be exposed to Facebook rainbow-flag tinted profile pictures!
Talkie radio people like Bryan Fischer are all losing their minds in the USA. Yes, we all know that. What about Russia, though? Bryan loves their anti-LGBT laws, so those Russian Bryan Fischerkovs must be freaking bigtime too.
Vitaly Milonov called for a total ban of Facebook in Russia after many users showed their support for gay marriage by using the site's "Celebrate Pride" tool, which allows them to overlay their profile pictures with the LGBT flag.

In the wake of the U.S. ruling, the thought of Russian children possibly viewing a photograph tinged with the colors of the rainbow spurred Milonov to speak out.
No comments on how The Wizard of Oz, or Reading Rainbow, or The Care Bears fall on Milonov's spectrum. Based on what I'm reading, they would be highly suspect.

Perhaps children can wear special protective glasses which will filter out the gay rainbow colours?

At any rate, this is a huge problem in Russia.
"This is a gross violation of Russian legislation," he told the Russia News Service radio station. "Facebook does not have age restrictions. It's not possible to control how many underage users there are. Therefore, it is entirely normal to cut off Facebook on Russian territory."
Not only could these children be seeing rainbows in pictures but they're also seeing totally gay emoticons too!
Senator Mikhail Markhenko told Izvestia that on offer were tiny images -- popularly used by social media users to comment on posts -- showing men with men, women with women, and the rainbow flag. Such subliminal "propaganda" risked subliminally warping the minds of younger generations, he argued, and were thus incompatible with Russian law.
Well, Russian politicians are demanding the rainbow flag be banned utterly! NO RAINBOWS! It also seems like, whereas the Americans were (and still are) pointing their nukes at Russia during the Cold War, the real threat today is extreme gayification!
"Since last century, the USA has been destroying entire states through color revolutions under the guise of 'democratization'," Lisovenko wrote on Facebook. "Now they've added to their arsenal 'gayification' -- a new method of interfering in the affairs of sovereign states."
The Russian Orthodox Church is freaking out in all the predictable ways too. They're talking about how those gays want to take away all our rights to live and eat our souls and kill out futures. You know, the usual hateful fear mongering religious bullshit.

The backlash has been so fearsome that some Russians apparently made a sort of lame app to flagify your profile image. Apparently, the opposite of being proud LGBT or straight ally is to be a patriot. It's all because the sleeping with the wrong gender totally destroys the entire country like some sort of enormous blooming mushroom cloud of radioactive fallout. Who knew what you did with your junk could be a tactical weapon?

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova at Toronto Gay Pride 2015 (source)
Perhaps North American social conservatives should consider brushing up on their Russian and going to Moscow. Gays are oppressed, (Orthodox Russian) Christianity is the in thing, and taxes are likely low if you're friendly with Vladimir Putin -- but not in that way, of course.

Friday, 26 June 2015

#LoveWins! : Same-Sex Marriage Legal In 50 States! Fundies Freak Out!

In case you've been living under a rock in the past couple of hours, I'd like to inform you that gay folks in the United States were finally accorded their right to get married! The Twitter tag #LoveWins is abuzz with partying.

I'm thrilled for all of my LGBT friends and readers in the United States!

However, remember that LGBT people are still not fully protected by anti-discrimination laws in many states. So I guess you could get married and then your boss could fire you. Although it would be a shame to work for such a person.

There's still work to do there, but how can that possibly stand now?

Let's not think about that though, let's look at reactions for evangelical nutbars to this ruling. Their minds are exploding.

Then you've got this letter (asking for money) from Mike Huckabee:
I refuse to sit silently as politically driven interest groups threaten the foundation of religious liberty, criminalize Christianity, and demand that Americans abandon Biblical principles of natural marriage. I will fight to defend religious liberty at all costs.

I also refuse to surrender to the false god of judicial supremacy, which would allow black-robed and unelected judges the power to make law and enforce it, which upends the separation of powers so very central to our Constitution. Too much power concentrated in the courts is a threat to our Republic. I will fight judicial tyranny and return power to the people.
Here's 19 crazed passages from the dissenting judges.

For 'muricans wanting to come up to Canada to escape gay marriage, better think again.

Predictable, the folks at LifeSiteNews are freaking out all over the place.

And my personal favourite:

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Russian Orthodox Church 'So Disappointed' With Scottish & French Churches, They're Not Gonna Talk to Them Anymore!

'So very disappointed.'  (source)
Maybe we've all been a little too hard on the Church of Scotland and the United Protestant Church of France.

They've made the Russian Orthodox Church so sad that they're not even going to speak to them anymore.  Yes, that's right, the Moscow Patriarchate's official website has informed us that after several warnings, they're totally finished with both of them. They shouldn't even bother trying to phone because they've got caller ID and will not pick up the receiver!
On May 16, 2015, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland allowed ordination of gay people in civil partnership and on May 21 voted to continue the study of this matter aimed at an extension of the adopted decision. On May 17, the Synod of the United Protestant Church of France allowed a possibility of blessing the so called same-sex unions.

These decisions of the Protestant Churches of Scotland and France have deeply disappointed the Russian Orthodox Church as they seem incompatible with norms of Christian morality

We state with profound grief that today we have new divisions in the Christian world not only on theological problems, but also on the moral issues.
So, dear readers, if you could do the Orthodox Church a favour and ask these other poopy head churches to please mail back a long colourful gown and pointy hat which might have been left at a church in either country, then that's good -- NOT THAT THEY REALLY CARE THOUGH ... cuz the Russian Orthodox Church ain't talking directly to anyone who believes LGBT people shouldn't be discriminated against. It's so sad they're not giving the gays a really hard time anymore.
During last years we have kept attentive watch over debates in the Churches of Scotland and France. In 2013, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, sent a letter to the leadership of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in which he expressed his anxiety and disappointment over a possibility of ordaining gay people and expressed hope that the consideration of this issue in future would be based on the apostolic tradition. Regrettably, these hopes have not been justified, and the words of warning have not been heard.

Guided by the resolutions of the Bishops’ Council of 2008, saying that ‘the future of relations with many Protestant communities depends on their faithfulness to the norms of Gospel and apostolic morality kept by Christians over many centuries,’ and of the Bishops’ Council of 2013 saying that ‘a dialogue with confessions which openly defy the Biblical moral norms is impossible,’ the Department for External Church Relations does not see any prospects in maintaining official contacts with the Church of Scotland and with the United Protestant Church of France.
You know what? I'm not sure if these churches will really miss a church which is currently turning Russia into a theocracy with the help of Vlad Putin. In Russia, LGBT people are being beaten in the streets and it is a crime to offend Christians. With friends like this who needs enemies right?

So be proud United Protestant Church of France and Church of Scotland! You must be doing something right! Keep it up!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Canada's Youngest LGBT Activists to Open First Ever Elementary School GSA

Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton (source)
Remember the two 12 year old Ottawa LGBT activists, Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton? They were the Catholic school students who were assigned a project about social justice and so naturally chose to do one on LGBT equality. Well, this prompted the principal, Ann Beauchamp, to put a lid on their project.
The students’ projects go on display at a social justice fair in January, attended by students from Grades 4 to 6. Beauchamp didn’t feel gay rights “was a topic that was appropriate for that age group,” Maloney said.

The principal was also concerned that she’d face criticism from “right-wing” Catholic parents if she allowed the project to proceed, Maloney said.
Then a media firestorm happened, and so the school said it was all a really big misunderstanding -- they could totally do the project and everything! Well, they should have just let them do the project, because by then, the girls had gotten in touch with gay rights activist Jeremy Dias and they were talking about starting up the first ever GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) in a Catholic elementary school.
In addition to doing their project, Quinn and Polly are now also hoping to start a gay-straight alliance (GSA) at St George’s. They got the idea after meeting with Jeremy Dias, who runs Jer’s Vision, an anti-bullying and -homophobia organization, after news about the vetoing of their project broke.
This was back in December and I have wondered on and off how things were progressing -- if at all. Happily, the Huffington Post has done an excellent job telling the entire story up to last week!

So, in December, they put in their request and began to observe how a nearby Catholic high-school runs their GSA. However, months went by and the girls are set to graduate from their current school in June. 
"The teacher that they gave us … just doesn't have enough time. All the recesses that we would be doing the GSA, she's not free," said Polly. "And we don't really get any explanations from anybody. Recently we were told to make a proposal to the principal, we have no idea what that meant. Like, proposal on what? Marriage?"
How mysterious! No, wait, not mysterious at all. This is what the school's been up to for awhile now.
"I think the principal is trying to make it go away until next year," said Quinn, "and we'll be at the other school so…"
Yup. However, these girls are unstoppable! 
"But we have a couple Grade 5s that could start it off next year, too," piped in Polly.

"Our friend, her grandma is lesbian, so it would be a really good thing because she agrees with us and she's totally with it," added Quinn.
I think what this is really making clear to me is that it's the school administration that are the odd ones here! Being gay is now so normal in society that the principal and the school really do look like that old homophobic uncle you might run into at a family reunion.
"My parents and me, we have a lot of gay and lesbian friends," Quinn added. "So I just want to show them that I do actually appreciate [them]."
Huffpo contacted one of the school administrators and asked how it could possible take six months to start a club and if any other clubs have ever taken this long. According to the official, it's actually the girls' busy schedules that have caused delay!

This whole insanity has taken a toll on the girls faith in humanity -- or shall we say, faith in the Catholic school system? 
"We're a practicing Catholic family … until recently," she explains. "I really like the way the Ottawa Catholic School Board did French, and my husband and I have been 100 per cent happy with the academics. But we hadn't anticipated this."

She added both Quinn and Polly refused to be confirmed this year. "I get that. How can you be confirmed in a faith that you've been so disappointed in?"
However, just last week, they submitted another proposal to the principal and it was accepted. The first ever GSA in an elementary school in Canada is finally... probably... hopefully a reality!
"We have a bunch of books that are for, like, the little kids. That's our rainbow library, that's what we call it. And we're going to set up a couple boxes in classrooms so that people who want to see a change in our school, they could just put [ideas for] what we could do better in that box," said Polly of heir plans.

"And we could just talk about equality and stuff."
Six months of struggle for this! Think of what might be possible if you didn't have to literally swim up river against the retrograde teachings of the Catholic Church when it comes to LGBT! I'm happy for them -- they are amazing! -- their school, on the other hand, needs all the help it can get.

Then you have comments like this one...

Terrible job raising these kids especially claiming to be catholi (sic). Homosexuality is clearly a sin in the catholic faith. Sure rebel against how God commanded you to live. The parents should have taught them to respect their faith and not to be like everyone else who lives in the world including non believers. God does call believers in the faith to be different than those who live worldly secular lives. Being gay is NOT ok, it is a sexual sin that is so bad the bible refers to it as an abomination. If you disagree take it up with God! This isn't a public school this is like these school officials bowing down to Satan, utterly disgusting.
Except that this isn't a private school. In Ontario, the Catholic schools are publicly funded. As such, students should have every right to start up GSAs like what these two brave and intelligent girls have done! Kudos to Quinn and Polly! I can tell they're going to go a long long way!

Greek Orthodox Protesters Disrupt LGBT Rally In Moldova

So, Greek Orthodox protesters hurled eggs and firecrackers at LGBT marchers at a rally in Moldova organized on the International Day Against Homophobia.
Riot police in Moldova were forced to protect participants in a gay rally from angry Orthodox activists on Sunday, after they tried to disrupt the gathering. Some 150 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activists were heckled by a group from a counter demonstration who threw fire crackers and eggs, reported Radio Liberty. Footage appears to show law enforcement officers dragging away several provocateurs. The American and Sweden Ambassadors to Moldova supported the march, organized as part of International Day against Homophobia.
Take note of who were the peaceful ones and who were the ones bringing violence. The Swedish Ambassador to Moldova, Ingrid Tersman, had strong words against religious who would curb human rights.
"No practice, no tradition, no religion tramps the human rights that belong to each and every one of us."

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Openly Gay Muslim Visits Mecca In New Movie to Premiere at Toronto HotDocs Festival

Still from A Sinner in Mecca trailer. (source)
Here's something you don't see every day. Openly gay Muslim filmmaker Parvez Sharma made pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and filmed it for his new movie A Sinner in Mecca.
He videotaped his journey to Mecca surreptitiously on his iPhone and other small cameras that looked like phones since filming isn't permitted in Saudi Arabia and homosexuality can be punished by death.

"I was terrified because they reserve the death penalty for people like me," Sharma said.
The film will be premiering at the HotDocs festival in Toronto, tonight. The festival has already hired extra security because some wonderfully peaceful and pious souls have sent Sharma death threats.
The threats, which don’t mention Toronto or Hot Docs, have come in via the film’s website and on message boards, which “have completely lit up where people are denouncing the film and me,” said Sharma. Iranian state media have denounced A Sinner in Mecca as part of a “Western conspiracy” to legitimize the “despicable sin of homosexuality.”
In fact, the Iranian government has denounced the film outright (original).
The film was also denounced by the Iranian government for promoting homosexuality. The Hot Docs festival has added extra security for the filmmaker's safety and for patrons attending the three sold-out screenings.
Why not watch this trailer and try to figure out why anyone would wish to remain a member of a religion that apparently finds him an abomination and go on a pilgrimage to a country that regularly beheads people for witchcraft, oppresses women, and jails and beats people for blogging?

It's a mystery to me.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vatican Just Doesn't Seem to Be That Into Gay French Ambassador

For awhile now there has been some speculation about what the Vatican thought of the newly appointed French Ambassador to their little pseudo-state.

See, in January, the French cabinet appointed openly gay Laurent Stefanini to become their new ambassador. Thing is, the Vatican didn't respond in a very timely manner to this candidate. People started to talk in April:
The French cabinet approved Stefanini's appointment on January 5 but has not yet received a reply.

"A delay of three months like this is not normal," a well-informed source in Rome told AFP.

"The reply normally doesn't take more than a month, a month and a half," this source added.

If there is a refusal, "the Vatican doesn't reply, doesn't offer an explanation and it's up to the country concerned to interpret this lack of a reply."
Still, the French government stuck to their guns and stood by their man -- even with the sad silent treatment from this new progressive Pope.
Despite silence from the Vatican, France is refusing to rescind Mr Stefanini’s nomination – in an apparent bid to either force the Vatican to either accept it or openly reject it.

Government spokesman Stephane Le Foll told France24: “France has chosen its ambassador to the Vatican. This choice was (Laurent) Stefanini and that remains the French proposal.

“Negotiations are underway. Every ambassador must be approved when they are nominated… we are awaiting the response from the Vatican.”
Well, Stefanini finally got a meeting with the Pope on April 18th. The Vatican still, apparently, is unable to say whether or not they accept the appointment, though.
The Vatican has declined to comment on the matter, saying that an appointment is confirmed when the name is published in the official bulletin of the Holy See. It is extremely rare for the Pope to get directly involved the naming of ambassadors.
You know what? This sort of reminds me a little of people who don't want to do business with homosexuals: cake bakers, car mechanics, pizzerias. No doubt this has something to do with the Pope's religious freedom and his strongly held beliefs.

One Catholic newspaper considers this whole thing a provocation. That's right, this man is a provocation because he dares to be gay!
Earlier this month the French Catholic daily La Croix cited an unnamed source as saying the Vatican considered it a "provocation" that France's Socialist government, which in 2013 legalized gay marriages, had proposed a homosexual for the post.
I hope France keeps it up and doesn't back down. I mean, how much good is an ambassador to the Vatican anyway? Is it even a real country?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Head of Toronto Catholic School Board Accuses Board of Health of Discrimination Against Catholics!

Monday, I posted about Angela Kennedy's nomination to the Toronto Health Board. Although Kennedy was a nurse specializing in diabetes for forty years, she still had some non-evidence based beliefs which concerned the existing board members.
Kennedy, a registered nurse specializing in diabetes education, has voted against homosexual-activist clubs being permitted in schools, opposed HPV vaccinations in schools, and self-identifies as Pro Life.
I thought it was a bad idea and hope she would not be approved onto the board.

Well, Monday evening the board voted to deny Kennedy membership by a fairly slim margin.
City council has voted 20-17 to put a Toronto District School Board trustee onto the 13-member board of health, bumping the Catholic school board’s nominee after critics objected to her voting record on a range of topics.
Board Chair, Joe Mihevc, who opposed her appointment commented on her staunch anti-GSA voting record.
“Would we allow that as a society if it was black-white alliances? That’s what human rights are about and those perspectives in a public health context just won’t work.”
Could you imagine how a view like this would translate to people's health care? Kennedy is also against VPV vaccinations in schools and a woman's right to choose an abortion.

Naturally, Kennedy is claiming this to be a discrimination against her beliefs -- no, hold on... yes, it is discrimination against her beliefs, because they do not happen to be compatible with the science behind modern medicine.

Just yesterday, the head of the Toronto Catholic School Board, Mike Del Grande -- who had sent a stern letter of support for Kennedy -- came out with charges that Catholics Need Not Apply to the Toronto Board of Health.
TCDSB chairman Mike Del Grande said the vote to block Kennedy’s appointment is a “black stain and a black day” for the City of Toronto that sends a message that “Catholics need not apply.”

A day after councillors openly debated whether Kennedy’s views on abortion, HPV vaccinations and gay-straight alliances disqualified her from being on the board, Del Grande pointed out the city’s motto is supposed to be “Diversity our strength.”
“To basically go after her because of her moral beliefs then I guess the message to a significant minority in this city in this province is ‘Catholics need not apply.’”
I'll be interested to know when they'll bring on a Scientologist, who will want to ban psychiatry and deliver e-meters to all clinics in the city. Also, don't forget the Christian Science folks as well. Let's make room for the Raelians and their sensual massage healing techniques along with some good New Age crystal healing power. Homeopathy would also need to be instated as well -- lets get at least one of those practitioners.

What do you say? All that's silly? Oh, right, it's because Kennedy is Catholic, not some silly false religion. My bad. Gotta know where to draw the lines once you start treating religious belief at the same level as scientific study and evidence.

I actually have no problem with any of these religions being represented in a Health board, so long as I had some indication that the practitioners still held evidence-based medicine above their kooky supernatural beliefs. In other words, they kept things properly secular.

Actually, the Board doesn't have a problem with Kennedy's Catholicism either! Not only would it be insane to believe that the majority of the board are atheists or secularists, but quite logical to realize that in Ontario most would be Catholics just like Kennedy!
Mihevc — who describes himself as a social justice Roman Catholic — dismissed Del Grande’s claim that council was saying “Catholics need not apply.”

“I’m Catholic, I’ve applied, I’m the chair (of the Board of Health),” Mihevc said.

“If you look at the vote on council, many of the people who did not support her candidacy were Catholics and are Catholics in good standing.”
Clearly this is not about her being Catholic. It's about her own unscientific, freedom-limiting and potentially harmful voting record she's built up over the years. It's simply not compatible with the mandate of a modern healthcare system.
“I think council should be diligent in making sure that people who are selected to agencies, boards and commissions, who basically do not support the very mandate of that agency, board or commission, not be permitted to serve,” Mihevc said.
Kennedy says she'll file a human rights complaint.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anti-LGBT, Anti-Abortion, Anti-HPV Nominee to Toronto Health Board Sparks Controversy

Catholic School District Ward 11 Trustee Angela Kennedy
Angela Kennedy has been a trustee at the (publicly funded) Toronto Catholic School Board for fourteen years. As one might expect, our friends over at Campaign Life Coalition give her top marks for being really anti-abortion. She was their preferred candidate for ward 11.
Angela has been a heroic defender of the Catholic faith on the Toronto Catholic School Board. She has proven her faithfulness to the Church by co-sponsoring amendments to defend the faith against hostile, secular influences. In public and private board meetings, she has vocally advocated for the defense of Catholic moral teaching in our schools. Angela also has a perfect voting record on all the moral/faith issues that came up in the TDSB. Due to the fact that Angela has acted to defend the faith, CLC has given her the highest possible rating of 'Preferred Candidate'.
Well, it seems like she's been appointed to be on the Toronto Board of Health. Some members of the board are understandably uncomfortable about this.
Kennedy, a registered nurse specializing in diabetes education, has voted against homosexual-activist clubs being permitted in schools, opposed HPV vaccinations in schools, and self-identifies as Pro Life.
Right, can we put an end to this bad idea right now?

Apparently, Kennedy brought a letter with her from the Catholic School Board -- they're upset that they're not getting proper representation on the Board. I mean, they already get their own publicly funded religious school board, so why not go for broke, right?
This time, Kennedy’s nomination was accompanied by a stern letter from Toronto Catholic District School Board Chair and former Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Mike Del Grande, who said “this ongoing lack of representation on the Board of Health is an enormous disservice to this large constituency.”
The larger constituency in Toronto are suffering from an acute state of access to legal abortion, HPV vaccines so they don't get cancer, birth control, sex education and GSA clubs where they don't have to be constantly bullied because they're gay. You know, these are problems that apparently need solving. The Church has already got the solutions -- but the secular masses just aren't benefiting from these ideas when it comes to their healthcare.

The Chair of the Board, Joe Mihevc, tried to point out this horrible idea with some metaphors:
“You cannot put on the recreation committee someone that is against sports and recreation,” he said. “You cannot put on the committee of adjustment someone who’s against development. You cannot put on the TTC someone who believes there is a war on the car. There are certain bottom lines to membership on the agencies boards and commissions. You have to understand the broad agenda and be good with that agenda.”
In other words, you can't put someone who's against the best modern healthcare available on a board responsible for delivering the best healthcare available. Pardkale-High Park Councillor Gord Perks comes right out and says it like it is:
When I served for four years on the Board of Health I was always impressed that the foundation of decisions was evidence-based decision making to improve the health of Torontonians, and from the materials I’ve seen Ms. Kennedy doesn’t support evidence-based decision-making for health outcomes in Toronto. So I won’t support her candidacy,” he said.
In other words, her faith-based Catholic superstitions will distort and undermine any sort of evidence-based healthcare policy. Last I heard, the human papillomavirus didn't give a rat's ass about transubstantiation, the Holy Trinity or the sanctity of life.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Openly Atheist & Pro-LGBT Candidate Running For Calgary Riding in Alberta's Next Provincial Election

Terry Lo (source)
Back in November, Calgary resident Terry Lo made the news by resigning from his position as VP of Communications from the far right Alberta Wildrose party because of their anti-LGBT platform.
Today, I made a small stand for what I believed in, leading to what probably was the shortest time I’ve ever held office as VP Communications for the Wild Rose Party in Calgary-Glenmore, and the end to my association with the party as well. Being the surrogate dad to a gay son, Asian, AND atheist, I was always an unusual member of the party. But a few events in the last year made me realize that I was in a place that was morally (to me) untenable. I resigned today with no reservations.
Well, Terry is back now and running in the same Calgary-Glenmore riding in the upcoming Alberta provincial election with a different party, centrist Alberta Party.  His website describes him as:
Foodie, Dragonboat paddler, supporter of local business and  charities, defender of equality.
His campaign Twitter, (@Terry4Glenmore) describes him as this, as well as a defender of LGBT rights.
@AlbertaParty candidate for Calgary-Glenmore and avid charity, local business & food scene supporter. Defender of #LGBTQ rights.
I hope Terry wins his race. Alberta may be the Bible Belt of Canada, but if there's anywhere in Alberta Lo has a chance it's its urban centre, Calgary. I've sent him a few questions for a short interview and I'll keep you all updated when I get feedback!

Monday, 16 March 2015

MPP Introduces Bill to Ban LGBT 'Conversion Therapy' In Ontario

As a Canadian, I often find myself looking south of the border and shaking my head in disgust. Take for example, conversion therapy which mostly involves fundamentalist Christian types taking their children to quack counsellors to cure them of the gay. This is ugly abuse which can ultimately lead to depression and suicide. Think Leelah Alcorn.

Up to now, I had the rosy view that these things only existed down there in Bible country. Well, it turns out conversion therapy is right here in Canada.  Thankfully, Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo has introduced a bill to the Ontario Parliament to outlaw the practice once and for all in the province -- well, for minors at least.
DiNovo, the NDP's critic for LBGT issues, introduced a bill this week at Queen's Park seeking a ban on the therapy for people under 18. She also wants the treatment to be de-listed from the province's health care plan, so taxpayers aren't supporting it.

"I think most Ontarians would be shocked to know we're paying for this, never mind that it's still going on," DiNovo told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

​"It's time to stop this," she said. "It really is abusive practice."

​"We know it leads to depression. We know it leads to suicide. It must be stopped." 
Apparently, the procedure is so widely discredited already, that public healthcare in the province (OHIP) doesn't even have a billing code for it. Thus providers need to bill under a more generic therapy billing code.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins proposed that anyone providing this service on the public dole today should be reported to the authorities. The health system does not cover this therapy.
He spoke in supportive terms of DiNovo's efforts, but said there are already measures in place to crack down on inappropriate practices.

"I would encourage any patient or individual that is aware of a health-care provider providing this type of intervention that they report that individual to the (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario)," he said last week.

"CPSO would see it as almost certainly an act of professional misconduct."

The bill will have its second reading on April 2nd. In this day and age, I cannot fathom even the Conservatives opposing a reasonable bill such as this.

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