3 Reasons You Should Care About Politics and Government

3 Reasons You Should Care About Politics and Government

As an American authorities Counsel in Grantham, I am frequently asked by other people, “Why if I was interested in government and politics?”

As somebody who has spent several decades studying and writing about the topic, I understand this, to a few, it is not the sexiest of subjects. Blend this “dull variable” with the continuing climate of cynicism, controversial subjects, and social media focus regarding authorities, and you’ve got a population that’s usually disengaged.

While I understand why some may be apathetic toward this topic, I’d love to discuss three explanations why people ought to be thinking about government and politics.

#1. Politics and government affect virtually all aspects of our lives.
Since we are aware that government affects various options we create, why don’t you take some opportunity to comprehend the way the procedure works? Who makes those laws and how can they affect me? With this knowledge will be able to help you figure out the most appropriate plan of actions for yourself and your loved ones, regarding a vast selection of issues.

#2. With knowledge of politics aids to make you an educated voter.
It is a well-known actuality that lots of Americans do not vote. In reality, a current PBS news article discovered that though the polls obtained record voter turnout throughout the 2016 presidential elections, those totals still just amounted to 58 percent of Republicans.

For people who don’t vote, I feel it is important to visit the polls armed with all the truth. Whether you are voting for President or voting on a local ballot initiative, then acquiring the facts makes it possible to make an educated choice about the problems. This is not to say it’s vital to read each newspaper article concerning a topic or see every video interview with a candidate, however performing some independents study may provide you reassurance that you have completed your homework before casting your ballot.

#3. Politics is fun.
When it may not be as amusing as going along with friends and family on a Friday night, politics could be rather enjoyable. A fantastic instance of this will be elections. My very first memory of”exciting” politics has been that of the recount of 2000. I was in Junior High, and I remember being fascinated with the procedure. Elections arrive with everything in the play of campaigns flourishing and falling, to seeing different “negative” campaign advertisements.

Being a spectator of this could be exciting. Is my offender ahead of the polls? What exactly was their most recent blunder? Just think this enjoyable only happens during the election period. But, vigorous disagreements with family and friends about the present hot-button political problems could happen at any moment! Also, who does not enjoy a fantastic political scandal?

While I do not expect all to hurry out and be associates of the American Political Science Association, look at taking the time this season to look from the busyness of life and take inventory of what is happening around you!


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