What is the FPTP Voting System?

What is the FPTP Voting System?

Not many of you are aware but voting has different systems. And among this would be the “First Past the Post”. As a matter of fact, former British colonies are using this voting system as Westminster. Many countries like Australia, Ireland, Malta, South Africa, Cyprus and New Zealand have stopped using it though. But countries like India, African States, Caribbean, Canada and US still do.

Majority of the countries across the world are actually using proportional voting system. This is when a party won half of the vote wins the seat in the parliament. But since India has approximately 800 million voters, most of the individual voters are using First Past the Post or FPTP.

How FPTP Voting System Works?

Right on election day, the voters will be given a ballot paper along with the list of the candidates running for the position. There will be one MP that will be checking the area and each party has just one candidate to pick.

Voters are putting a cross next to their pick but if they think that their favorite has minimal chance of winning, they might put the cross next to the one whom they think has more chances of winning the election.

How the Votes are Counted?

In general election, 650 constituencies throughout the nation has a separate contest. To be considered as an MP, the candidate must have the biggest vote in their community. Meaning to say, each MP has different level of support in their local area. In most places, a lot of people won’t vote for their MP.

So even if there are millions of voters who are supporting the same party, if they’re spread out, they might just acquire the biggest votes in some of the contests. There are countless of voters who are supporting the same party and live in the same area and would end up with more MPs.

Effects and Features

This actually has the tendency to create two big parties since smaller parties that don’t have geographical base have a difficult time winning seats. With geographical base, even small parties could do well in the election. While you are running the campaign and stressing yourself on how you could strategize it, play a game of solitaire to give yourself a break.

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