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How Technology Plays A Role In Politics

How Technology Plays A Role In Politics

Technology has always played a huge role in our society, the political arena is no exemption. Information Technology companies today have contributed much to many political decisions. And thus, continuous support from these companies is needed 24/7. This is exactly what New York tech support does. To service their customers regardless of the field they come from.

Government And Politics Transformed By Technology

Gender, religion, and politics are three subjects that can never be discussed at work. Politics, on the other hand, were unavoidable. Decisions over a group of people are made in politics. Normally, we associate government with municipalities, provinces, and states.

Technological decisions have social and political ramifications. Algorithmic social media has an effect on what we see and, as a result, on elections. We look at which technological firms are strategic and which can not be taken over by international forces. We examine the transition from income tax to production tax, as well as concepts such as a universal basic income. Several employees of technology firms have written memos to executives claiming that technology is not ethically neutral and that it can not be used for such purposes. President Putin recently said that the nation that leads the artificial intelligence race will dominate the world.

Our current society is divisive. In terms of resurgent globalization, increasingly mutually exclusive networks, and cultures that surround what we consider legitimate and unlawful uses of technology, such as the Technology in Election Manifesto discussed below.

Technology in Election Manifesto

With all the focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovation, ‘smart applications’ in various sectors, and the use of data, technology is high on the political agenda: technology is becoming an important part of the election manifestos, much more than three years ago. Both the opportunities and the risks will be highlighted in programs. Opportunities in the field of e-health, logistics, infrastructure, but also innovations.

However, more and more attention is also being paid to the risks. The violation of fundamental rights such as privacy and the right to equal treatment, the impact that the use of technology has when it comes to national security, but also other vulnerabilities of new technologies are increasingly coming to light.

Unfortunately, there is currently no clear normative framework: who owns my data, who can process this data and to whom can this data be resold? Which algorithms do we consider ethical and which lead to unacceptable exclusion of certain groups? All these dilemmas require political choices, which may be made after the elections in 2021.

The European Commission has indicated that it will share many of its ambitions in this area in 2020, but politicians are also looking for frameworks: legal and social. The cabinet’s recently presented AI strategy is a good example of this. To defend fundamental rights, the parties are now considering what the boundaries should be for innovation, transparency, and technological stimulus.

New York tech support can help in the quest for a balance by getting feedback from the business community and social organizations. They are at the cutting edge of these developments, making them the most significant source of intelligence for policymakers and elected officials when it comes to the technological future.

In a summary, there are many possibilities for your business or organization: after all, ambitious technology sections in election programs begin with your input!