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Friday, 21 August 2015

Podcast #5 - Peachy Fiend

How do I do it? Only God knows - which means nobody.

Episode, the fifth, features a whole new discussion with Twitter celeb, spoken word and singing sensation Peachy Fiend (@PeachyFiend)!

I was going to write a blog post critiquing this article, Gimme that old-time atheism...
Most contemporary atheists get it wrong. Today’s atheism tends to stand on an absolutely self-contradictory claim: only that which can be seen can be known. (It’s a pseudo-scientific claim.) The application of this sentiment to God is simple. Because God can’t be seen, God can’t be known. The problem with the statement is simple.

... but then I realized that it's way more fun to kick back and shoot the shit with Peachy. So, here's your homework. Read the article, maybe, and then go listen to the podcast and nod your head vigorously in agreement or disagreement. Hope you don't get whiplash.

I got my new microphone, so you'll get to hear me making my radio voice every once and awhile. I'm definitely an FM kind of guy, you'll be able to tell. And no, I'm not trying to pick you up, but it might sound that way. If that works for you, then who am I to argue?

Anyway! You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

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Ep 5 : Peachy Fiend

In this episode we talk with Twitter counter-apologist @PeachyFiend for the first time. We do a paragraph by paragraph analysis of a bewildering article by assistant professor of theology and philosophy at Carroll College, Eric E. Hall: ‘Gimme that old-time atheism’ (

Sean got his new microphone too! So he’s trying out his radio voice. Please be patient with him!

Music Credits: 

‘Freedom voice of my soul’ by Art Boys Collection. (
‘Shame On You’ by Spade Cooley. (

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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Podcast #4 - Carolyn Hyppolite

Somehow, I keep churning out weekly podcasts. This week, I'm happy to present you with my latest aural endeavor, My Secret Atheist Podcast episode 4!

Episode, the fourth, features a whole new discussion with author and speaker Carolyn Hyppolite who has written Still Small Voices: The Testimony of a Born-Again Atheist and will be appearing soon at the Non-Con near Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

This episode is really interesting. You get to hear about some of the inside machinations of people running a pro-life (anti-abortion) pregnancy crisis center type "clinic" - among other insights from Carolyn's fascinating past!

You'll also get to hear me apologize about the lousy sound quality. I have since gotten my mic, so I hope that things will improve. The episode itself though, seems to have been cursed in several ways - including a copyright violation on the music I got off  This had me go back to the original project file... which promptly corrupted itself. The backup also failed! So I ended up cutting a pretty cheesy Google-endorsed free song directly into the previously saved MP3! My apologies to Carolyn and everyone.

Anyway! You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

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Ep 4 : Carolyn Hyppolite

Carolyn Hyppolite

- Growing up Catholic.
- Proselytizing.
- Working in a Pro Life “crisis center.”
- Christ-centered religion.
- Problems with the Bible.
- Dating a Theist.
- Still Small Voices: The Testimony of a Born-Again Atheist

The Non-Conference -

Music Credits:
Opening/Close: “Smooth Talker” - Google Free Music

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

My Secret Atheist Podcast - Episode Three

I'm pretty sure you all have figured out the pattern by now. Last week episode two of My Secret Atheist Podcast came out. This week, I'm happy to present you with the latest fruit of my loom, My Secret Atheist Podcast episode 3!

Episode, the third, features further discussion with Baptist apologist blogger, Anthony Freeland who blogs at Truth InterruptedWe wrap up the discussion we started in episode 2 about same-sex marriage.

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

Here's where you can subscribe to My Secret Atheist PodcastITunesSoundcloud,  RSS URLYoutube, Stitcher (coming soon.)


Sean McGuire (@GodlessPoutine
Anthony Freeland

Drop Date: August 6, 2015


- The situation in Alabama.
- The situation in Quebec.
- What about the Muslims and Hindus?
- Tony revises things with a phone message.

- What if all the politicians were atheists?

Music Credits:

Opening: “Red​-​Headed Woman” - Pk jazz Collective - (source)

Close: “The Cadillac Rocker” - Marius Joppich - (source)

Phone Sound: “Telephone 3 Rings & Pickup Sound Effect” - (source)

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Friday, 31 July 2015

My Secret Atheist Podcast - Episode Two

Somehow, the stars have aligned and we've been able to birth episode two of ... My Secret Atheist Podcast!

Episode, the second, features further discussion with Baptist apologist blogger, Anthony Freeland who blogs at Truth Interrupted. We had  discussion about marriage, same-sex marriage, wedding cakes in Oregon and the Kalam Cosmological Argument.

We spoke on for so long that my finger went numb cutting out any superfluous content to make even half the material fix into 40 minutes. I promise to work on that, and get a mic in future episodes.

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

Here's where you can subscribe to My Secret Atheist PodcastITunesSoundcloud,  RSS URLYoutube, Stitcher (coming soon.)


Sean McGuire (@GodlessPoutine
Anthony Freeland

Drop Date: July 31, 2015


- The history of marriage.
- Same-sex marriage in Quebec, Canada.
- Same-sex marriage in the USA.
- the bakery which refused to provide gay wedding care in Oregon.
- Impromptu Kalam cosmological argument discussion - first of many, probably.

Music Credits:

Opening: “Headphones on Your Heart: Square Wail remix” - leeni - (source)

Close: “Summer Crush” - shirobon - (source)

Middle: “Superluminal Motion” - little-scale - (source)

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Montrealers! Check Out 'Moutons No More'

It has been entered into the public record that on May 23rd, 2015, I had a pretty bad hair day. I also sat for a few minutes on a state speaking into a microphone next to two men who were better dressed than me.

Or so this picture on the Moutons No More (Sheep No More) website will make abundantly clear.

This was my first visit with the skeptical entertainment group right here in Montreal. They put on a show called Funny You Should Think That. Each table in the audience discussed important news stories at the time and tried to look at them with a critical eye. At the end of these breakouts, some audience members went to the front to share their opinions. Since I've almost always got an opinion, I ended up at the front for a few minutes.

This is just one of many productions the Moutons No More put on. The website hosts several evidence-based media producers.
Moutons No More is like a movie production company. One banner, multiple productions, all led by different creative minds. What brings us together? Rationality. Forget the dry, academic stuff: Moutons No More is creative enough to insert “fun” into “reason”.

With Moutons No More, you can learn about science, listen to voices of reason on contentious issues, see the paranormal debunked before your very eyes, and watch grounded takes on the irrationality that surrounds us. And once a month, all of our producers get together in Montreal to throw an amazing and ever-changing stage show that combines comedy, reason… and alcohol!
I'll admit that the Montreal scene - if you will - does appear to be rather distinct compared to others I've learned about on the web in other towns. Or perhaps the landscape is changing? All this to say, it took me awhile to find this lot using regular means.

This entertainment and media-production approach does seem to fit Montreal well though. This is a troupe of scientists, stand up comedians and other artists.

I'm really looking forward to joining another fantastic evening! We'll see how my hair looks - cuz that's what's really important to me.

Meanwhile, check out the videos, podcasts and other media over at the Moutons No More website!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Secret Atheist Podcast - Episode One

Hey, what? I just made my first ever podcast! It's called... wait for it!... My Secret Atheist Podcast!

Episode, the first, features introduction and some discussion with Baptist apologist blogger, Anthony Freeland who blogs at Truth Interrupted. I'm sure you'll remember he did a blogging debate with me not long ago. I admitted at the time that formal debates aren't my cup of tea and I'd prefer some kind of discussion format, instead.

For now the plan is to have discussions with Anthony about current day topics. Later, I want to have alternating guests and even panels!

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

Here's where you can subscribe to My Secret Atheist PodcastITunesSoundcloud,  RSS URLYoutube, Stitcher (coming soon.)

In addition to the show notes below, I'd like to apologize for the crappy audio quality. We started out with already crappy headsets on rather crappy Skype only for me to talk into my webcam mic rather than the headset.

Also, please excuse the rambling. I've edited the tape to remove umms and when we were flung too brutally off topic.


Sean McGuire (@GodlessPoutine)
Anthony Freeland

Drop Date: July 23, 2015

- Tony’s story.
- Sean’s story.
- Catholicism and the Bible.
- What evidence would be needed for Sean to believe in God.
- Is Tony’s conversion story based on logical reasoning or evidence?
- Not another “Does God Exist Show”
- One million “umms” edited out.
- Sean needs a mic and studio, badly.

Music Credits:
Opening: “Cream Soda Slurpees” - Sean’s friend Counterpoint (1989-1992) on his Amiga 500!  - (source

Close: “Mother 3 - Porky's Porkies (Cover)” - greatspaceadventure - (source

Middle: “sonic death rabbit - dead rabbit lullaby (lsdj)” - baseck - (source)

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Shameless Plug: Help Fund My Favourite Politics Podcast!

Last year around this time, I wrote about how much I liked The David Pakman Show. It's a show available in video or audio only format that focuses mainly on progressive US politics -- I'm a big wonk.

If you're a Libertarian, you might have fun listening to it too! I love listening to things that make me angry and you can leave Hatriot Mail on their phone line! It's a win-win situation.

However, they also cover a lot of issues related to secularism and atheism. Just today they had an interview with Darrel Ray. I've heard, Laurence Krauss, David Silverman and even Ray Comfort on the show.

Here's a sample of them dealing with Pat Robertson's latest insane ravings.

Okay, so now's the catch. They're planning to expand the show and I'm rather selfishly using this platform to push their Indiegogo campaign.
We're as tired as you of the same stories on the same corporate channels with the same tired homogeneous analysis. TDPS has already done the tough part - getting past the initial barriers. We exist. We're on many radio and TV stations and have developed a steady and growing audience. If we can do this -- if we can make this expansion happen in advance of the 2016 election cycle -- we are setting ourselves up to be real players in the political media landscape. Most importantly, we can counter the echo chamber of corporate media talking points. Help us make it happen!
I'm poor, so I donated 9 bucks and got their level one perk. However, they're happy with $1, $5, $10, $100, $1000, $10000 donations! I believe you also may be able to get a deal on the cost of membership so you can get to listen in on all the archived programs too!

Got a buck to pitch in? It would make this progressive US politics wonk happy! Leave a comment to this effect for extra happy points.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Charlie! Charlie! Freethinking Island Podcast Is Back!

Bathsheba, St Joseph, Barbados. (source)
Back in 2012, I wrote about my impression of the state of atheism in Barbados. Namely, I just didn't see any evidence of it at all.
A recent Google search brought me back zero Meetup groups, no Facebook organizations, zilch CFI or Humanist organizations.  Nothing.  I did find a few forum posts by ex-patriots like me living on the island who were feeling very isolated and alone.  These were given the advice to seek out Unitarian Universalist churches - that's the best advice.
There was some really scant evidence of some atheists on the island, but they were definitely not organized like they are here. If they existed, they were laying low.

Then I discovered fellow atheist blogger David Ince who blogs over at No Religion Know Reason. He contributed two guest posts (one, two) to this blog about the situation of atheism and religion on Barbados.

David was co-host on the only Caribbean freethinker podcast I'm aware of, Freethinking Island. This was a great show that truly outlined how matters of religion, atheism and critical thinking uniquely manifest themselves on the islands -- all of which are actually very different culturally. Things were good, but then the show went off the air last June.

Then that insanity about Charlie Charlie hit the island and they were shaken back into action!

Hosts David Ince and Joy Holloway-D'avilar are back! You can find episode notes on their Facebook page (subscribe).  You can listen on iTunes or on their page.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

My Appearance on The Infidel: Podcast for the Damned!

Hey! The nice folks at The Infidel Podcast let me talk about stuff on their podcast yesterday! Thanks so much to David and Nicol! You can watch me here.

You know, I get nervous before doing these shows but then when I get onto them I have a lot of fun. So if anyone wants me to ramble on their podcasts or whatever, just give me a ring.

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