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Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Little Bit Of Green

Uganda steps into the hot spring. How I wish I were in
such a warm spot right now. Looks warm.
Gosh, the weather is pretty dismal here in Montreal. Then of course, it's pretty much normal for this time of year - cold, wet, rainy. Everyone is just thankful we don't have snow on the ground yet.

Bwambale Robert, Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School, mailed me some photos of the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens a few days ago and things sure do look pleasant there.

I'm rather brain dead right now after a day full of dealing with the ongoing saga of house renovations. So I thought I'd just cheat and share some of these bright green sunny photos.

For those of you in climates like Florida or California - Damn You!

Well, at least we don't have snow on the ground - but it's going below freezing tonight. Anyway, bright green foliage time!

Palm Plant.
Eucalyptus trees being cut.
Potatoes and palm trees.
Arcacia tree.

Thanks to Bwambale Robert for bringing a little green into my increasingly colder and more grey life!

Remember you can support both the Botanical Gardens and the building of new classrooms for the school:

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kasese Humanist Garden In Uganda Yields Second Harvest And More Good News!

My Secret Atheist Blog: Maize drying in the sun.
Part of the harvest of maize still on the cobs drying
in the sunshine.
Well after that depressing last post about fecal transplants, I think we all require something a little more upbeat.  So here's some good news from Uganda.

Harvest Time

In my last post about the Kasese Humanist Botanical  Gardens (KHBG), Bwambale Robert shared news about the first harvest of food from this first year's crop.  That harvest consisted mainly of beans.

Now it's time to harvest the maize crop.  Check it out at the gardens' news blog!

Link: Crop Harvests From The Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

As I've mentioned in previous posts,  this food will help feed the children at the Kasese Humanist Primary School!

A Generous Donation

Awhile back I gave Bwambale a Paypal Donate button for the donation page at the KHBG website.  Well, I'm happy to report we have our first contribution to the project!

Mary Bellamy from Virginia has generously donated $100 USD to the gardens!  She was also one of the original contributors to the successful chicken coop construction project last year!

Thanks so much, Mary!

I wrote to Bwambale asking him if he had any immediate plans for the funds, which I hope to get sent to him in the coming week.
This is good to hear of the donation from Ms. Mary Bellamy. I appreciate her assistance! I must say that to keep the gardens lively and properly maintained, I am aiming at putting on it a permanent shelter which will serve as an office, store of the produces and housing caretakers to keep the gardens in shape. 
I have already got sand nearby the gardens site which I will soon collect to one point, will also get the bricks, murram and will work to put up the first house. I will finally send you photos of the progress of the work. 
As with the funds, they will be helpful to buy close to 3000 bricks, which is a good start.
So it looks like these funds will go to the construction of permanent structures on the gardens site!  If you want more information and news on this, check up often on the garden's news blog.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens: The Harvest Begins!

A woman working in the field.
Yesterday didn't start out well.  I had a migraine from the night before that wouldn't cease, my digestion was wonky and I read about some lunatic who carved a pentagram into his six-year old son's back because it was a 'holy day' (2012-12-12).  All of this was depressing.  But then I got something that cheered me up!  It's a progress report from Bwambale Robert about the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens in Uganda!  So enough whining about me.  Let's jump right into the latest update.

I am passing over to you latest update from the botanical gardens. 
We are harvesting the beans and so far we have realized four bags. These beans are going to be kept for usage next term and are going to be kept very safe from rodents and bean weevils. I am still expecting two more sacks.  Normally at the school, we use three sacks of beans a term so this means the surplus will be sold off after leaving aside the best quality beans to replant in the next season.
Remember, one of the goals of the garden is to make the Kasese Humanist Primary School as self-sufficient as possible.  So it's great news that enough beans have been grown to provide all of the school's bean needs for the next two terms!  So this very worthwhile project is already beginning to pay off.
Harvested beans.
We have not yet to harvested the maize, but this will possibly be in two weeks time as they are drying up.  We have yet  to be harvest the ground nuts, which still have some 2-3 weeks to go.  The fruit trees on the gardens are also growing gradually but we encountered problems with the palm trees where rodents were a big blow.  They were eating the roots of the palm trees and generally only a few trees are coming up. 
The thorny shrubs to act as a hedge are also coming up.  But these days, I am concentrating on ensuring the fruit trees get into shape and upon the availability of funds for walk ways and a sign post. 
I am attaching a few photos for the followers of Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens to look at. 
Remember, there are ways you can help this project!  Check out the website link above!

Bwambale also ensured the Kasese Humanist Primary School's Poultry Project is going along fine.  The first eggs are likely due by the end of this month.
Also the chicken in the coop is doing well and will be informing the donors on the status of the chickens.
With all the insanity going on at the Ugandan Parliament over their Anti-Homosexuality Bill (destined to be passed December 25th!), it's nice to see some encouraging humanist news coming out of the country - especially on a Friday!

Ground nuts in the garden.

A young man working in the gardens.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Updates From Ugandan Humanist School and Botanical Gardens

Two young P.7 Kasese Humanist Primary School graduates
performing at their graduation ceremony.
There's a lot going on over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda these days!  Yes, that's right, this is a Secular Humanist school in Uganda - the same country that passed the horrible bill making homosexuality a crime worthy of life-imprisonment.  All the more reason to support initiatives like this school in Uganda!

Here's a short report from the school Project Director, Bwambale Robert.  As you can see, he's a busy man.

School Farewell Party

It was graduation day at the school for their P.7 class.  This meant a big Farewell party on Sunday 25th, November.
The Guest of Honour was Mr Turuganya who is currently the Municipal Education Officer, Kasese Municipality. Other invited guests in attendance at the event were the delegates from Kasese United Humanist Association
And from an e-mail to me from Bwambale himself:
As the school term comes to a close this coming Friday 30th November. I thank all those who have continued to support the Kasese Humanist Primary School in our efforts to try and inform the world that a secular oriented education is necessary to allow people to think critically,explore freely, use their brains fully and exercise their full potential by getting an education that is free from dogmas and indoctrination. 

I couldn't help posting the picture of a couple of graduates getting down on the dancefloor.

There are many more pictures on the Kasese United Humanist Association blog KHPS Candidates Fair well Party 2012 in pictures.

School Acquires Plastic Water Tank

Thanks to charitable donations to the Foundation Beyond Belief last quarter, the school was able to acquire a fresh water tank and plans to use the funds to build a library and furniture.
I have published an article about the Water tank on the school website and perhaps in your future post,you can go ahead and inform those following your blog about it. I will also soon try and invest the FBB funds in making library furniture , book shelves and reading tables. Check the article KHPS Acquires a Plastic Water Tank.
A water tank may not seem like much to most readers of this blog, who have as much water as they want anytime from the tap, but it helps the school a lot.  From the article:
The harvested rain water will help the school with ready water and will act as a substitute to the water tap. The water will be used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes and cleaning the toilets.
Again, click here for more information an pictures of the tank and its construction.  Thanks Foundation Beyond Belief and its amazing donors!

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

Bwambale inspecting the maize (corn).
The initiative to begin growing food and useful fruits and vegetables on a plot of land owned by the Kasese United Humanist Association is going along well.  Looks like the corn is nearly ready!
The beans plus the maize in the botanical gardens are starting to dry up so that we can harvest them and after this will try and create walkways. I am also supposed to erect a road side sign post on this property so that even passersby can know of this site. I know the local authority will charge me some monies for erecting a signpost, something i am very ready to meet.
Here is a link to the gardens' website.

First Came the Chickens, Soon Come The Eggs

The chickens as of November 26th.
The chickens are maturing nicely.  It looks like the children at the school will get eggs by the solstice.
I am in final stages of making nesting boxes where the hens will lay the eggs and I am very optimistic that eggs will start being laid late December by local breed chicken and late January 2013 for the layers breed. This means with effect from next term, the school shall be in position to offer eggs to KHPS children.
Getting the coop built was a fantastic achievement made possible by readers of this blog, Pharyngula blog, and many others in the Atheist, Humanist and Freethought community.  But some money will be required for the general upkeep of the coop.
I am attaching latest photos of the Layers chicken in the Top Floor of the coop and well wishers to this project can start donating again in support of this project any time after December 1st. This money will strictly go towards purchasing poultry feeds and oxy-vitamin drugs for the chickens.
So please consider helping the school out with this.  You can donate to the school via PayPal at the Atheist Alliance International website.  Remember to check Kasese Humanist Primary School as the intended recipient.  You can email Bwambale at as well to possibly earmark any donations to specific causes.

So, great news from Uganda!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Photos From Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

It's been awhile since I've heard anything from Bwambale Robert in Uganda concerning his school, the poultry project or his newer project, the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens - which is more than just pretty flowers.  The gardens are designed to provide food for the school and perhaps extra produce to be sold for funds.
"Remember this project is being done in phases. The fruit trees are already growing. Palm trees are growing gradually while the thorny shrubs to offer the hedge to surround the gardens are still germinating in the nursery bed at the site." 
Well, a photo stream has been put up with the latest pictures of the gardens!  Why not go check them out for a little green on this otherwise grey fall day.  Well, it's bloody grey where I am anyway!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Updates From Kasese: Humanist Botanical Gardens (With Pictures!)

Bwambale Robert standing in part of the new garden.
I posted a little while ago about a new initiative being carried out by Bwambale Robert, Project Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School, to plant a garden on a six-acre plot of land to help sustain the school and perhaps even bring in a little extra revenue.  Well, the project is advancing rapidly!  Here are some updates from Bwambale.

October 14th
Yesterday, I secured seeds to surround the entire botanical property with a thorny shrub which i plan to use as a fence. 
I will spice it with some flowers and this evening I am from planting 30+ palm trees near the limits of the boundaries on the lower side near the Tarmac road. 
I have soaked the seeds for the thorny shrub for a period of 6 days in water and thereafter will plant the seeds around the property.

In order from top to
bottom: mango fruit
(mangifera indica), 
cassava and maize, 
umbrella trees, more
cassava (manihot 
October 15th
I am attaching for you some of the photos of the gardens. At first glance, you might not see the fruit trees as I have transplanted them and distributed them in the other portion to possess fruit trees. 
When this season ends, I shall embark on creating walkways in the gardens. 
I am gathering seeds of umbrella trees that I will bed and there after transplant the seedlings and I am optimistic when we harvest the beans and maize in two months time, the fruit and palm trees will be visible.

October 17th
I am right now working on planting more tree species and of recent I planted 30 trees for Gluveria at the western boundary of the garden. 
I also got seeds of the thorny shrubs and are yet to germinate. I intend to surround the whole property with a hedge of thorny shrubs. If  you know of some seeds that can give birth to a nice hedge fit for tropical environments you can let me know. 
I opt for a hedge to surround the gardens to give it a natural look, I noted that most botanic gardens have this kind of hedge!

You Can Now Donate

Like the Poultry Project, I have provided Bwambale a Donate Paypal button for the site.  I will collect any donations for the project personally and forward them on.
Click here to go to the garden's donation page.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Foundation Beyond Belief Raises $7505 for Kasese Humanist Primary School!

As announced on Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist blog, the Foundation Beyond Belief raised $7505 for the Kasese Humanist Primary School this quarter!  This is fantastic news and I got this response in an e-mail from the School Director, Bwambale Robert, after I sent him an e-mail congratulating the school:

"I plan to use this money to work on equipping the Library with furniture, book shelves and a bigger water tank to harvest rain water at the school. I will be thanking them as soon as possible."
Congratulations to the school and thank you everyone who donated to the Foundation Beyond Belief!

Now that the quarter is up, the foundation will be choosing other charities to support.   Go check this out at their site.

And the chickens should start producing eggs in the next couple of months!

There is also more news on the way about the new Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens project.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens: Some Veggies To Go Along With Your Eggs?

Seedlings in the bed.
Many of you have been following the Kasese Humanist Primary School Poultry Project where, through your generous donations,  the school was able to build and stock a chicken coop to provide fresh eggs and chicken meat to hungry kids at the school.

Well, now a new initiative has been started up by the Kasese United Humanist Association (KUHA) to create a botanical garden on a six-acre plot to grow, among other things, vegetables for the children to eat and possible resale.  The aim, alongside the poultry project, is to make the school as self-reliant as possible.

Here is the link to the site:

From their About Us page:
The land on which this botanic garden is situated  is approximately 6 acres which was procured by the KUHA Founder Mr.Bwambale Robert. This land is being utilised for modern farming and allowing growth of a number of crops right now benefiting the KUHA School Project. Among the crops grown this season are Beans, Maize, Cassava, Sweet potatos, Mangoes,Oranges, Jack fruit, Avocados, Bananas and ground nuts.
Bwambale standing in the acquired field.
The garden is actually quite a bit larger than it appears in the pictures.  It is located around 200 metres from Muhokya Town along Fort Portal - Mpondwe Highway as you move from Kasese town in western Uganda.

Bwambale and I are already in discussion about ways to make donating to this highly-worthy cause easier for you.  So please stay tuned for further developments on that front.

Meanwhile, there is already a page up for any volunteers should you find yourself near Kasese.  Otherwise, some of the tasks may be feasible remotely, like designing a herbarium.

If you have any technical knowledge of gardening or any of the tasks on the volunteering page I'm certain Bwambale would appreciate guidance.

Do visit the site!  It's exciting news!

As always you can follow my coverage here on the blog.

Magnifera avocados.

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