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Friday, 18 April 2014

Keep Nigerian Child Witch Hunter Out: Human Rights Groups Petition UK Home Office

For Helen Ukpabio Spiritual Attacks can come from innocent little babies or mermaids.

I've written about her before and now I'll write about her again. The fact that witch hunter Helen Ukpabio is a menace to her fellow Nigerians is well-known, but now she's travelled to London to spread her vile and harmful superstitions into the United Kingdom.

Nigerian 'witch-hunter' who claims any child who cries is a 'servant of Satan' could be banned from the UK over fears she is a risk to youngsters

Britain has every right to keep out dangerous criminals who incite fear of children which undeniably leads to child abuse.
She uses her sermons to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards. 
Her supporters, of which there are many in West Africa, believe she is a servant of God who has helped eradicate spiritual ailments from humankind. 
Her beliefs – promoted through her publications (Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft), films (End of the Wicked) and sermons - fuel witchcraft accusations against children in the region.
Leo Igwe has written about her dreadful shenanigans.  She has literally convinced parents that the cause of their earthly misfortunes are their own children - who are witches and working for the devil. This has lead to the horrendous abuse and abandonment portrayed in Channel 4's Saving Africa's Witch Children.
The documentary will feature shocking stories of torture inflicted on children, including a 13-year-old who was tied up with chicken wire and starved and beaten for two weeks, and a 14-year-old girl who was burned with acid before her mother attempted to bury her alive. 
One 17-year-old was left brain-damaged after having a three-inch nail driven into her skull.
Don't think Ukpabio is part of the problem? Here's what Wikipedia has to say.
Ukpabio has published her views in several books. An example is 'Unveiling The Mysteries of Witchcraft', in which she states that: 
'If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health he or she is a servant of Satan.' 
A fact not mentioned in the book is that these symptoms are common in young children, especially in areas like Nigeria with poor health and high levels of malaria. 
She also produces a number of films to spread the view that children can become possessed by evil spirits through her film production company, Liberty Films, part of the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries franchise. The most famous of these is End of The Wicked in which child actors are shown to eat human flesh and murder their parents.
Oh, and she also believes mermaids are a real problem as well!

The Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN), which I have written about in the past, is one of the groups demanding that she be banned from ever reentering the country - which I wholeheartedly support. They are petitioning Home Secretary Theresa May to deny entry into the UK based on the very sensible argument that it is not conductive for the common good. You know, because she makes films demonizing little children and claims Satan infects babies with fevers.

They mentioned something rather interesting as well:
In a letter to Ms May, the campaigners warn: ‘Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such measures.’
That's interesting, too.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

More On "Bring Back The Blasphemy Laws" Tristan Emmanuel

A few days ago, I think I could have been responsible for exposing a good chunk of Reddit to Tristan Emmanuel and a ridiculous video he made demanding that the United States bring back blasphemy laws because a comedian was making jokes at the expense of his god.

No, no, Emmanuel isn't from Saudi Arabia, Iran or Yemen. He's actually Canadian. Sorry, America.

Now that I've had a little time to digest Mr. Emmanuel's screed, I'd like to break it down a bit.

Here, apparently, are a couple of things that Maher said that were so utterly offensive to Emmanuel.
“… the thing that’s really disturbing about Noah isn’t that it is silly, it’s that it’s immoral. It’s about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it, and his name is God… What kind of tyrant punishes everyone just to get back at the few he’s mad at? I mean, besides Chris Christie.” — Bill Maher
“Hey, God, you know, you’re kind of a dick when you’re in a movie with Russell Crowe and you’re the one with anger issues.” — Bill Maher.
Bill Maher speaks the truth.

Apparently, a father who murders every living thing on the planet - including little babies and all animal life - isn't a psychopathic murdering dick so long as he's God. I think that Maher brings up some very good points which deserve proper addressing. Instead though we get this response.
Bill Maher is known for being an offensive anti-Christian bigot. It’s his trademark. But this time he’s gone too far. ...
There is nothing bigoted about referring to heinous acts which are attributed to the Christian god in the Bible. Apparently, though, Emmanuel doesn't see these actions of his God as being any problem at all.

The video Emmanuel is referencing, in its entirety:

I'm not usually a Maher fan, but I'll have to admit this is a pretty excellent commentary. Compared to Emmanuel's response it's like night and day.

Part of Emmanuel's analysis of people like Maher - e.g. atheists who speak their minds:
The problem with people like Maher — and rabble like Richard Dawkins and the late burning-in-hell Christopher Hitchens — is their lack of moral character. They are what Psalm 14 says, corrupt. That is to say they are morally bankrupt men who refuse to be honest with the evidence all around them.
It's statements like this that still make me stop and question whether this is just an elaborate prank. How could anyone be so incredibly childish and flippant when it comes to people burning in hell? Is this no more than link bait?

It makes me wonder if Emmanuel's mouth is at all interfaced with his brain or if there is some sort of sociopathy going on here. This is not meant to be a slander in any way to Emmanuel. It just makes me wonder if he is even taking his own message seriously.

As for hating God, sure, I have an intense dislike of the God painted in the Bible and a wide range of feelings towards the various personal gods that Christians and spiritual people have described to me - because, in my experience, the vast majority of Christians out there have to dampen or blur the Biblical image of God in order to even tolerate the idea of worshipping such a fiend.

In the end though, due to lack of any evidence, my dislike is focused upon a fictional character the idea of which has lead society to many bad things in days past and present.

In case you missed it though, Emmanuel does give us a response to Maher's charge. Too bad it makes no sense whatsoever. Someone, if you can please decipher what Emmanuel means by this incoherent rant, let me know.
That’s what they have in common with the Devil. He hates God too. He’s so blinded by this hatred he’s convinced himself — and a legion of other fools — that there is no God and, if there is one, He is evil because everything he does is twisted and egotistical.  That is basically what Maher was saying when he accused God of being immoral by punishing the people of the world with the flood.
What? Syntax Error. Does not compute.

What we do know it that Emmanuel knows God, personally and no matter what the Bible might say he is here to defend his good buddy.
I don’t know Maher. And I have no reason to hate him. But I do know God. And Maher’s public vilification of God is the most offensive and slanderous thing I have ever heard.  Frankly, if a Christian doesn’t have a gut wrenching reaction about this, I’ve really got to question him.
And Emmanuel, in his dislike of Obama, tries to offer this winning logic.
Which raises a question: If it is acceptable to slander and profane the name of God then why not publicly vilify and slander President Barack Obama?  I, for one, don’t believe in his presidency, like Maher doesn’t believe in God. And, I also think Obama is immoral, perhaps even a lunatic???
First off, Emmanuel is a Canadian citizen, so I am unaware anything negative would come of him doing this. People would merely think he's badly deluded.

That said, I welcome him to go ahead and vilify, slander and profane someone of some really high standing with lots of money and legal recourse. As far as I am concerned, it's then up to the person who is being vilified to press charges against the person who is spreading lies and slander about him. The same could be said for God - who I'm sure could press charges and afford the very best lawyers.

I think Emmanuel may discover a critical difference in consequences between slandering God and slandering a living person: the latter will likely sue him while the first - barring some amazing miracle - will do no such thing. His god has to rely on lackeys like Emmanuel to defend his name on account of not existing.

Anyway, it's at this point that Emmanuel goes into a sort of enthusiastic description of all the sorts of barbarous and tortuous penalties that the United States and many other civilized countries have left behind in their dark pasts. Some countries, like Saudi Arabia or Iran still have brutal penalties for blasphemy - the crime against no one (real at least). Perhaps Emmanuel would feel more comfortable in one of these places. He certainly seems to be pining for those lost days.

After all this disturbing frothy-mouthed torture porn, he drags out the requisite threats of divine retribution and prophesizes that the end is near and that America is hanging on by a thin thread of long-suffering divine justice. 
If we are unwilling to hold blasphemers accountable, the almighty judge of the world will.
Good! Finally something sensible. If he is so certain of this then why not let his god do his job and stop his meddling? Or does he, at some level have some lingering doubts about whether his god is up to task to defend himself? How embarrassing for him if this god should prove impotent or - even worse - non existent.

Shortly after his video started receiving attention from Reddit and other outlets, Emmanuel deleted and disabled all comments and commenting and disabled ratings. He then left this silly comment in the description box to all of us atheists who were critical of the video.
NOTE: To all you "courteous" atheists and your allies who claim to be "Christian," I have suspended comments for this video not because I fear debate - OH PLEASE?!?! You think your brand of hate-mail intimidates me? I gave everyone two days to actually make a reasonable point but instead the host of you proved over and over that you are not interested in debate. And that led me to conclude you are not capable of civil discourse. You assert that I'm ignorant and filled with hate...LOL!!! Wow, you should read how hate filled most of you are. I wonder if any of you have the guts to face the flurry of insults I've received and still live to talk about it??? You have demonstrated no real conviction. No courage. No genuine interest in discussion over differences. Just your ignorance, insults and hate. Say what you want about my opinion, but most of you didn't even listen to the point I was making. Instead you jumped to conclusions because of the headline. No, I won't give any of you a platform on my channel to showcase your ignorance of the Bible or your fowl mouth and your lack of comprehension skills. Besides which, for those of you who say, "God can defend himself... he doesn't need Tristan..." Well doesn't the same go for Bill Maher?? He doesn't need your brand of ignorance... coupled with your fowl mouth. He is totally capable of doing that all on his own!!! As for the rest of you, leave your insults in someone else's inbox. In fact, send your complaints to Obama... see if he'll intervene as your messiah.
I think it's pretty rich to post something like this after putting out his video. How else would he expect people to react?

I also wonder what his god would think - if he existed - about being compared to Bill Maher! One would not expect the creator of the Universe to require anything at all - especially not this sort of defense.

As for Bill Maher, I'm certain that a great deal of the respondents fall into the same camp as myself. I'm no huge fan of Maher but Tristan Emmanuel's video wasn't suggesting the law be changed to exclude Maher's right to free speech (which would be wrong anyway). The video was suggesting a return to laws the would muzzle the free speech of everyone who dares to criticize, question or ridicule Emmanuel's idea of God.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Canadian Conservative Activist Wants Atheists Like Bill Maher Punished For Blasphemy

Tristan Emmanuel (source)

The intensely irritating Tristan Emmanuel - who I am ashamed to say is also Canadian - has released what appears to be none other than a kind of fatwa against comedian Bill Maher - and by extension, any atheists out there who wish to challenge or ridicule his god.

Like some religious fanatics in places like Iran or Yemen, Mr Emmanuel wants the US to bring back strong anti-blasphemy laws to protect his apparently feeble vulnerable god from criticism and mockery from a mere television comedian. Seeing his all powerful deity being mocked upsets Emmanuel and rather than turning the channel, he feels the need to demand that everyone stops making fun of Him.

Rather than let his god fight his own battles, Emmanuel feels the need to call for a return to the Middle Ages when questioning or ridiculing deities was met with imprisonment and perhaps also torture or death - if you read into his words the right way.

I'm absolutely livid right now - both at Emmanuel and at his sweater. I can only guess that as the leader of the loony Freedom Press Canada, he's trolling for attention.  I'll likely respond more rationally when I've had time to calm down a bit.
Listen, Maher is no favourite to everyone. Even Christopher Hitchens didn't appear to like him or his style, but wanting to bring back blasphemy laws to protect your imaginary sky daddy? Really?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Game Developers Believe Satan Himself Is Undermining Their Project

So... Satan, otherwise known as Lucifer - who rebelled against God and did battle with immortals - has taken time out of his busy schedule to declare unholy war on a small software company in California. This is a significant step up from possessing someone's thrift shop sweater.

Abraham game makers believe they are in a fight with Satan

The title, of course, is yet another example of the distorting effect of our devil-backed secular media. There is no believe here. It must be true. How else could you explain Phoenix Interactive's $100,000 Kickstarter campaign ending up with only $19,000? Checkmate, skeptics.

The game is described like this on the Kickstarter page.
The Call of Abraham is a single player, third person role playing video game which follows the story of Abraham in the Bible. The player takes on the role of a fictional Elamite outcast who is hired onto Abraham's caravan before departing Haran.   This character was formerly a soldier of Elam and has skills that are very important for a perilous journey into unknown lands.
It's nice that they point out that your character is the fictional one. We need to keep the historical separate from the fictional here.

Of course, this funding shortfall is some demonic work. What else could explain why they've had a hard time getting their project off the ground. It's, of course, highly unlikely it has anything to do with not enough people wanting to support the project. No, that's too obvious.  I'd support it myself but... the devil's in the details.

When asked by the author of this article Colin Campbell if they really do believe that Satan is literally working to confound their plans to release the game; that the Devil is really scheming against them, they were certain.
"I believe that, 100 percent," replies Richard Gaeta, a co-founder of Phoenix Interactive. He argues that since the launch of the Kickstarter for Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham, trouble has come into all their lives. 
"It's very tangible," adds his business partner Martin Bertram. "From projects falling through and people that were lined up to help us make this a success falling through. Lots of factors raining down on us like fire and brimstone."
Yup, the trouble all started when they decided to launch this project. But it's not the project because Bible and God. It's got to be the Devil because their decision to begin this new venture was based off sound market research.
Both men speak of coming to business decisions through prayer. They regularly gather in a local diner, along with a panel of religious advisers (all men, all middle-aged). As they wait for their pancakes and fried potatoes, they hold hands and pray for guidance. This, they say, helped them decide to make their game about Abraham, rather than other options, like Moses or Jesus. They want to tackle those other Biblical stories at a later time. God, they say, will help them choose when and how.
And if the Ruler of Hades is personally waging war on this project - like he obviously is - then it must be pretty damn important and a big threat to him and all his little demons.
"If Satan is rallying some of his resources to forestall, delay, or kill this project, I think, this must be a perceived threat to his kingdom," adds Ken Frech, a religious mentor to the project. "I fully would expect something like this to have spiritual warfare. Look at the gospel accounts of demons and so forth. That's reality. Many Americans don't believe it anymore. That doesn't change reality."
Their grip on reality is unshakable. Not even scientists can threaten it.
Phoenix Interactive's executives are Biblical literalists. Gaeta scoffs at the wishy-washy notion that Bible stories are allegories. Bertram dismisses the theory of evolution as "wrong." I ask them if they believe the world was created 6,000 years ago. "Yes," they both say, without the faintest hint of prevarication. They also believe that the extraordinary stories surrounding Abraham all happened, just as they are described in the Book of Genesis.
... Or maybe interest is just not that high in playing this game.

In the end though, I hold no ill will to them and I do hope they get the game made. I'd happily review it for them - I run a Mac.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Crazy Church Posts Sign Saying Jesus Would Stone "Homos" - A Brave Lesbian Calls Their Bluff

(source: Jennifer Lopez's Instagram)
So awhile ago, I noticed the stories around this crazy church in Harlem that keeps on putting up extremely homophobic signs. Their last read: "Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man"

Well, just recently they put up another batshit nuts sign, pictured above: "Jesus would stone homos... (bunch of Bible quotes) ... Harlem is a homo free zone."

Well, one Harlem resident wasn't going to stand for this crap. So she called their bluff.

Jennifer Louise Lopez Asks Anti-Gay Harlem Church To Stone Her

This week Jennifer Lopez presented herself to the church, informed them she is a lesbian and requested her stoning from the bewildered man who answered the door. That's pretty awesome in my book!

The guy didn't know what to do, so he told her to come back the next day for her stoning! I mean, what?!

Jennifer explains her amazing action:
"I hope that by going up to the door and presenting myself as the human and the product of [Goddess’] creation, churches can begin to understand that us lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are the very same creations that they are," Lopez told The Huffington Post. "My [Goddess] is one of peace, love and inclusion for everyone. As a United Methodist Christian I would love to see that one day soon all of our churches, including any religion, are able to finally stop the discrimination toward LGBT people."
Churches like this are going to go the way of the dodos.  It's only a matter of time, thankfully.

UPDATE: (2014-03-21) Someone has defaced the sign.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

British Columbia Pastor Advises Congregation To Not Vaccinate During Measles Outbreak

So there is an alarming return of measles in Canada.

Measles outbreak prompts officials to issue national plea for vaccination
The return of the disease in Canada has health-care officials preparing for the worst. They’re convinced the virus has been imported by those who have visited measles-infected countries such as the Philippines and Netherlands, and then returned to Canadian communities where immunization rates are low.
Guess where the epicentres of these new outbreaks are, in BC at least?
The Fraser Valley outbreak is a prime example of how the virus gains a foothold and circulates. Two students from the Mount Cheam Christian School in Chilliwack contracted the disease and were sent home – but not before exposing others. More than 100 students are suspected of having the disease. School officials shut the school a week early for March break. Chilliwack is located in the “Bible belt” of the valley, where members of the Reformed Congregation of North America do not believe in vaccinations.
And ...
That same response was heard in Coaldale, the epicentre of the southern Alberta outbreak. A student at the Coaldale Christian School brought the virus home after visiting the Netherlands. Many in the area near Lethbridge went to the mobile vaccination stations to get immunized; others were afraid of the vaccine’s side effects or declined because of religious convictions.
Notice a common thread here?

The members of the first above congregation do not believe that vaccines are safe, but on the plus side, at least they realise they are not always effective. What they do not get is, that's the whole point of getting as many people vaccinated as possible. Once the percentage of those vaccinated falls too low, herd immunity is compromised. Although the national average is still a healthy 95%, in some regions it has fallen below 50%.

These children of these religious parents, are completely vulnerable to the virus. This is just as bad as faith-healer parents who withhold needed medical treatment from their children. However, the strongly held religious beliefs of these parents are also putting other children and elderly people at risk.
Unfortunately for those living in the Fraser Valley, this much is beyond debate: The virus has jumped from the religious community to Chilliwack’s general population and to the nearby municipality of Agassiz. 
Stories like this make me really angry and they go a long way to confirm my suspicions that religion is a net harmful force.

So, here's another article about what a Chilliwack pastor has to say. Apparently, conventional, science-based medicine is interfering with God's care. What kind of feeble deity is this?

Chilliwack pastor tells congregation vaccines interfere with God’s care
“We leave it in (God’s) hands. If it is in his will that somehow we get a contagious disease, like in this case the measles, there are other ways, of course, to avoid this. If (we get sick), he can also heal us from it,” he said in an interview Friday.
You know, their crazy beliefs are putting their children at risk and my son as well. He got the vaccine but who's to say whether or not it really took?
Geuze counters that there is no need to make a healthy “God-given” body “a little bit sick” through vaccination. 
He does not oppose other means of boosting immunity, such as rest, healthy living and eating well. Nor does the church oppose medical treatment when a person is already sick, he added.
Rest and healthy living will not prevent the virus from entering your system and what about those who are chronically ill coming into contact with healthy carriers? And why bother a healthy lifestyle at all if it's all up to God anyway? Isn't preventative medicine healthy living?!?

When people - particularly children - get sick with measles it's often too late. That's the whole point of a vaccine!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Christians Are Willing To Raise The Dead. People Just Won't Let Them!

Okay, so this is just going to be a short one about Christians who think they can raise people from the dead.

Raising The Dead: Evangelical Christians Want To Practice Resurrections
Leppitt says that when her brother died, she and her husband prayed over his body for nearly an hour and believe that he moved at one point, and that if they gain access to more bodies, they can deliver better results. 
"Practice makes perfect," she was quoted as saying.
The Leppitts are part of Global Awakening fellowship (UK Branch). They seem to believe that they could deal with this whole death thing once and for all if more people would only let them lay hands on dead people.

But that's not the pièce de résistance. There's this hilarious group, The Dead Raising Team(tm), who are like some kind of elite resurrection rapid response squad. They swoop in - upon request from the friends or family of the deceased - to pray for resurrection. They are going to be featured in their own documentary - in which they are apparently unable to raise any dead people. Jesus Christ, performance anxiety affects us all.
Tyler Johnson runs a ministry called the Dead Raising Team in the US. He claims to have brought several people back to life. He says he even persuaded the authorities in his state to issue him with an official photocard which lets him through police lines at car accident sites. 
Johnson appears in a new documentary film called Deadraisers, which follows enthusiasts as they trail round hospitals and mortuaries trying to bring people back to life. Sadly, those they pray for in the film remain resolutely dead.
Oh, and this group even offers training!

And here's the trailer for their raisin' the dead movie, which can apparently be rented on Vimeo for 10 bucks. That's not cheap... but possibly good watching at your next Skeptics event?

DEADRAISER - Trailer from Mountain Light Cinema on Vimeo.

Back to the Leppitts, who, as far as I know, do not have their own documentary film. They're still praying for the dead to come back. They're still a-pluggin'.
Alun and Donna have not had any success with dead raising either. Last year, Donna's brother died of a heart attack. By the time they got to the mortuary, he had been dead for eight hours. They prayed over him for nearly an hour, and although at one stage they thought they saw him move, that was as good as it got.
Of course, this sort of thing can be extremely harmful for those vulnerable ones who are in the process of grieving. I cannot help thinking about this while at the same time finding the whole thing amusing and hilarious. If it were a relative of mine or a good friend employing these people - even for free - I would probably be quite upset.

Vjack over at Atheist Revolution made a much more thoughtful analysis of all this: Raising the Dead.

For hours of entertainment, check out the BBC article above, or read about it in The Freethinker.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Saudi Police Force Fighting Witchcraft One Tweet at a Time!

Witches are pretty evil. I was one for a few years after leaving Catholicism and I know that between rubbing candles with essential oils and burning patchouli in my cauldron, I would cast spells and stuff. That's really bad. But not nearly as bad as the baby eating these days, I guess. Who's to know for sure without an objective God-standard for my morality, right?

Anyway, the Saudi Police have a special unit devoted to witch hunting, which I'm pretty sure violates human rights. Oh yeah, Saudi Arabia, never mind!

Now they've taken to the Internets and have made it their mission to censor cleanse oppress silence persecute police their own citizens who use Twitter. They might say something wrong and nobody wants another soul to fall prey to all the witches who live in the Twitter machine.

Saudi religious police hunt down Twitter ‘witchcraft’ accounts
Saudi Arabia, which has the largest number of Twitter users relative to internet users in the world, has formed a special task force to track users of the popular social media who are accused of spreading vice and witchcraft.
Well, it's a good thing the population already has so many other legals ways to express themselves, their opinions or identity - sexual, religious, political or otherwise - in this country or this might seem like a tyrannical theocratic state police taking away the last vestige of personal freedom of expression of an already repressed people. Good thing it's not come to that!

Apparently, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice -- a name which I'm pretty sure George Orwell owns the rights to -- has become all NSA-like and are looking to stamp out the heightened interest in sorcery.
The religious public watchdog is keeping a lookout for those accounts which “are spreading vice and witchcraft” through the community, said Ahmed Al Jardan, the Commission’s spokesman, as quoted by the Saudi news network Al Arabiya. 
As I've written about before on this blog, witchcraft is taken very seriously in Saudi Arabia and is indeed a real problem not because spells actually work or anything - that would be insane - but because people are duped into paying the witches vast sums of money. 

Of course, the solution to this problem would be proper education into skeptical thought based on logic, science and reason and not religious superstition. But since that's not going to happen in Saudi Arabia, I suppose teams of witch hunters need to be made instead.
Al Arabiya quoted Saudi Arabia’s Mufti, the country’s leading Islamic cleric, as saying that social media networks like Twitter have become a “podium for spreading evil and bad ideas and exchanging accusations and lies” by many of their subscribers.  
“Many Twitter users in the kingdom are also fools who lack modesty and faith,” he said. 
Okay, that last point could actually be true! I wouldn't even limit it to within the kingdom. I think he could be onto something there.

This may be hilarious, but it has real ramifications on people's lives. Like any witch hunt mere accusations can result in grave consequences. It can also lead to people getting charged and jailed (or worse) for harmless acts of casting spells or being a Wiccan. 

Recently, a man ended up with 360 lashes and jail time for trying to pick up other men on Twitter.

What a sad situation. Sad, ridiculous and tragic. Thank you, religion.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Disturbing Messages From Creationists Who Attended the Debate

Wut? (source)
Okay, I usually don't just dump a link without some sort of analysis of my own, but I think you really need to take a look at this. Now we know what Bill Nye is really up against.

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution
I asked 22 self-identifying creationists at the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate to write a message/question/note to the other side. Here’s what they wrote.
Buzzfeed's Matt Stopera made a major win with this story where 22 pictures really tell the whole tragic story.

It's amazing how completely these people seem to misunderstand what science is and how it works - along with the proper use of the word their. I can only guess they've picked up this nonsense in their churches.

Before the debate, I wondered if Bill Nye was really the right guy to go up against the likes of Ken Ham. After seeing the debate and who's in the audience -- at the museum and in thousands of homes and churches -- I think Bill is the best man for the job. Him teaching the facts and calmly addressing nonsense may not have made for an entertaining battle at some moments, but it will have the greatest impact on the ongoing war against ignorance.

Go and see for yourself. I chuckled, I shook my head, I cried inside.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ontario Judge Honours Quebec Ruling on Lev Tahor Cult. Mostly.


Go read Diana MacPherson's excellent take on the latest news that members of the Lev Tahor cult, charged with blatant child abuse by Quebec child protection, will be kicked out of Ontario back to Quebec. This is based on a recent Ontario court ruling (pending a 30 day appeal window) after they made a nocturnal escape in November.

Religion Does Not Get a Pass: The Lev Tahor Case in Chatham
An Ontario judge has ruled that thirteen Lev Tahor (a Haredi sect) children are to be surrendered to Quebec child welfare authorities pending a 30-day appeal. You may recall that the entire Lev Tahor community of 200 people (half of them children) moved from Quebec to Chatham after investigations from Quebec child-protection officials found that the children lived in squalid conditions and received inadequate educational instruction.
I covered this story here and here. This group appears to have physically and mentally abused their children. They also deny their kids any useful education like actually teaching them a language other than Yiddish and they deny any sort of secular science learning in preference of their dogma.

Diana very nicely sums up the Religion card that groups like this play when attempting to curry unreasonable accommodation. Accommodation becomes unreasonable when little children and women are being abused (and men are likely being conditioned to be abusers).
Why are they playing this card? Because they know it works. They know that religion has  often received a free pass in society, especially when it comes to child neglect: Christian Scientists deny their children vaccines and Jehovah Witnesses refuse their children life saving blood transfusions. But in Canada, there have been recent restrictions on such atrocities and it is heartening to see the government stand up for children and refuse to give religion a special pass. No one should be allowed to abuse or neglect children and religion is no exception!
I don't have much to add to this article other than a couple of personal observations.

Firstly, Ontario is a province that has state-funded Catholic schools, which have a record of attempting to foist their political views onto the children regarding abortion and the banning of Gay Straight Alliance groups in Catholic high schools. I think every Ontarian should realize that this could be projecting an image to groups like the Lev Tahor who are leaving a province with a secular school system where parents are rightly obliged to expose their children to reality.

Namely, Quebec upholds the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights whereby every child deserves an education -- you know, a proper one with facts. As a Quebecer, I feel some pride about this but will be the first to admit it's one of the very few things the government is doing right.

Also, the Quebec Charter of Values gets things right when it specifies some of the core values that ought to be held dear in a secular society, for example, the equality of men and women!

So, I don't mean to lecture or put anyone down here, but I think that every Ontarian who reads this story should stop and reflect about why this group thought they would be able to carry on abusing their children in the name of religion in Ontario rather than Quebec.

My second, minor, point is more of a question. Was it really necessary to build in a 30 day appeal window when a Quebec judge already gave the Quebec child protection the right to bring back the children? Is this normal protocol or is it some sort of mini asylum for this group? I'm sure I'm reading too much into this, but would it not have been reasonable to simply honour the Quebec judge's wishes rather than second guessing the entire child protection and judicial process in Quebec?

And what comes during this window? Another appeal? Will this go to the Supreme Court?

And what about the children?

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Katy Perry! Secular Humanism! Illuminati! Witchcraft! Subliminal Messages! ROAR!

Happy Thorsday, everyone! Did you see what I did there? I made reference to the uber secret underlying PAGAN underbelly of our entire society. Naturally, I did this to placate my ILLUMINATI bosses, since I'm but a lowly Secular Humanist - the lowest rung on the power pyramid of the new world order.


When we're not supporting schools to educate and feed children in Uganda -- surely a Godless endeavor --  we're attempting to undermine and corrupt the children of America through spells and magic and stuff. I know! I saw it on the Youtube!

So... yeah... Katy Perry made a witchcraft-themed performance at the Grammys. It wasn't my cup of tea. And, it's not really fluffy Wicca witchcraft -- more like dark goth witchcraft themed stuff. Like Madonna in her Frozen video. I was Wiccan myself, I dug that stuff and still find it appealing.

Anyway I think any sort of subtle differences could have been missed by the Christian media as well. They didn't really like the performance.

Katy Perry Grammy Awards 'Dark Horse' performance had witchcraft and satanic symbolism; Shows singer's rejection of childhood Christian values

That's a hefty headline that betrays some pretty raw feelings, in my opinion.

The story itself has little real substance. It quotes tweets from upset Christians who see Perry as demon-possessed.
"This Katy Perry performance look like some Witchcraft Devil Work" 
The same site, Christian Today, also quotes completely-sane and highly knowledgeable occult researcher Glenn Beck.

Katy Perry satanic performance of 'Dark Horse' at Grammys called demonic glorification by Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck, the conservative television and radio host, said on his radio show Tuesday that her performance was like a full-fledged demonic glorification. "The fire in the circle, her hanging onto the witch's broom, and the guys with the gigantic horns on their head in the background....I mean, it is full-fledged witchcraft and demonic glorification, I think." 
Beck warned on his show: "It's not going to end well. We're worshiping a god that is glorifying division. It is glorifying just bad things, dark things, dark thoughts. It is glorifying envy and greed, stuff, materialism. It's not a good path."
This is, of course, intensely amusing to me because here we have people who believe in ridiculous things being genuinely shocked and terrified by witchcraft -- which is a whole other batch of ridiculous superstition. From the outside, it all looks absolutely nuts and what else can you do but laugh? It's like those warring factions in Gulliver's Travels who killed each other over the proper egg-boiling technique. In the end, who cares anyway? It always comes out hot and sort of stinky anyway.

But after doing a simple Google search for Katy Perry and witchcraft, a whole lot of paranoid religion-based conspiracy theory spewed forth. It's like Christian Today and Glenn Beck are the gateway drugs to this kind of insanity -- like a thin veneer of rationality hiding deep depths of insanity below.

I'm serious. It's shocking how much nuttiness is targeted towards young mostly women performers like Katy Perry or Rihanna. I guess they must be Satanic Illuminati Witches. Sounds exhausting and I hope they hired good help.

Just watch this.

The video hearkens back to a loony from the 70s and 80s called John Todd who believed that institutionalized witchcraft had infiltrated the entertainment industry -- mainly rock music. Apparently, you couldn't even produce a record unless you participated in a witchcraft ceremony.

Seems pretty freaking unlikely. But if they did happen, I hope these ceremonies were more fun than some of the ones I attended as a Wiccan. Well, they had the budgets and it's in California, so I guess it probably would have rocked, right?

Anyway, his theory is that the purpose of rock music is to cast spells on Christians. And so, Katy Perry is really a witch and so are all the rest of them and they are all attempting to cast spells on us. Oh, and apparently Christians have magic Enterprise shields that can be taken down magically if they repeat the lyrics of the song and then, I guess, it's okay with God to put the spell onto them... or something. Kooky.

I thought that Christians were done with playing records backwards to discover hidden satanic messages back in the 70s and 80s. I figured this was a goofy relic in our past immortalized only by amusing Jack Chick tracts to be found only occasionally in public restrooms in the Bible Belt. Well, apparently the advent of digital music playback has only made this unhealthy paranoia grow.

Katy Perry Unconditional Backwards -- What the heck is this supposed to mean? It's just her being played backwards.

Katy Perry Wide Awake Backwards -- Like the video. What the heck are they talking about?

But the best Satanist/Witchcraft/Illuminati/Backward Music video I've seen so far has to be this one. Apparently, Rihanna is singing "I love you, Satan" in the backwards track.

Okay, the maker of the video is clearly delusional. The sheer number of these videos either means these crazy paranoid fears are widespread or that it's a small group of extremely prolific individuals.

Back to Katy Perry. Her parents are apparently pastors. Word is, her father called her a "devil child". Thanks, dad. Why is it always the pastor's daughter?

And I've read that Perry has given up all the Christian nonsense and now considers herself some kind of Deist. So I imagine she just did this show to have a little fun and stir the cauldron a bit, you know? Just one more step.

Look, I'm usually not a fanboi, but I'm ashamed to admit that all of this is making me like Katy Perry Moar.

Katy Perry accepting a brick from a mime onstage in Paris. I dislike mimes. If I were her, I would be seriously asking
whether said mime had a death wish. (source)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New "Documentary" Shows How We Can Protect US Soldiers From "Spiritual Warfare"

Video-capture from below Youtube video.
I have a migraine and thinking is just out of the question. That's why I think I can handle writing about this new movie.

A group that calls themselves the Strasson Group is making a "documentary" about how all those (brown) people in other (godless) countries are using SPIRITUAL WARFARE to compel American GIs towards suicide.
... but due to globalization, multiculturalism and new immigrants, bringing their beliefs with them, is it possible we get affected by these unseen forces every day? 
Statistics show that there are more active duty US military suicides than actual combat zone deaths. What makes these soldiers commit suicide? Perhaps it's a spiritual warfare. Maybe ghostly and spiritual attacks are directed to US soldiers to retaliate and make them commit suicide or even make them look crazy!
Sounds nutty enough to absolutely hilarious? Here's the latest trailer.

Wow, what can I say? Notice how the threat is coming from bad (brown) outside countries and (brown) Obama is part of the problem?

Notice how they mention Atheists? You might have missed it - they seem to lump us in with the bad guys.

Of course, the suicide rate being higher than the casualty rate could be a testament to America's well-equipped and highly trained military and perhaps lacking services to help soldiers suffering from conditions like PTSD when they get back. Or... spirits!

If you watch the first video trailer -- if you can bear it -- they address the matter of PTSD like this:
Perhaps it's not just Post Traumatic Stress. Perhaps it's not a mental condition. But just maybe it's a spiritual condition. It's a type of spiritual warfare that is coming against our soldiers.
Here's part of a January 3rd press release off the movie's website:
The new documentary film, WARX2 (war times 2), will enlighten viewers about the possibility of spiritual warfare that may be causing US soldiers to commit suicides. Many Arab and African cultures use ghosts and spirits to attack, control and brainwash their enemies and other people. Shockingly high US military and veteran suicide rates have been reported. In 2011 and 2012 there were more suicide deaths among active duty US soldiers than total US military combat deaths. The documentary includes interviews with experts in the field and with those who have undergone spiritual attacks and brainwashing.
Experts? Well, then it must be true.

It's goofy. It's low budget. But I'm surprised at the popularity of this insanity. The first trailer has over 2 million views and the latest has nearly half a million view (and 2,000 likes) and was released in December. Their Facebook page has nearly 50,000 likes.

I mean, really? Really?  I hope they are just in it for the humour value like me -- but I have my doubts.

Edit 2014-01-09: After looking more closely at the comments section in the Facebook and the tweets on the twitter account I'm beginning to wonder if these numbers aren't artificially inflated. Also check out the graph of likes on the Facebook page. It juts up suddenly and the goes down almost as quickly - and the most popular city is Istanbul?!? Yeah...

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Religiously-Influenced Anti-Gay Bill Passes In Ugandan Parliament

Popular Uganda newspaper from 2010.
I'm not sure how in the news this is, but something rather enormously important and horribly wrong just happened in Uganda.

The Ugandan Parliament just passed a horrendously backward anti-homosexuality bill.

Ugandan MPs pass life in jail anti-homosexual law
Uganda's parliament has passed a bill to toughen the punishment for homosexual acts to include life imprisonment in some cases. 
The anti-homosexuality bill also makes it a crime punishable by a prison sentence not to report gay people.
The original draft of the bill had the death penalty for gays. This has been replaced with life in prison - which is probably worse.

And the reaction from certain pundits is ghoulish. Just look at this inspirational tweet from Bryan Fischer.

I suppose it can be done... in a country I would never wish to live in.

And the primary driving force behind this? Religion. Or more specifically, toxic and obnoxious American evangelicals, who no doubt yearn to see similar measures take root in their own country.

U.S. evangelicals helped write draconian Uganda anti-gay bill
U.S. evangelical Christian sects active in Uganda helped compose a draconian bill that punishes homosexual acts with life imprisonment and lengthy prison terms for those who associate with gays....NPR reports the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was written with the help of U.S. evangelical Christians with "close ties" to the Ugandan lawmakers who are pushing for its passage. Chief among these Americans is Scott Lively, a Massachusetts-based evangelical facing a U.S. lawsuit filed by Ugandan gays under the Alien Tort Statute, which allows foreigners to sue in U.S. courts for human rights violations committed abroad. 
"There are those factions of the evangelical community in the U.S. that believe they've more or less lost the fight against the homosexual agenda," Malika Zouhali Worrall, co-director of a documentary film called "Call Me Kuchu" (queer), told NPR. "Therefore, they're trying to pre-empt it in other countries."
Ugandan religious leaders watch on from gallery in support of the bill. (source)

And here's the thing. After sitting on the table for five years, the highly homophobic speaker of the house, Rebecca Kadaga -- who called the bill a Christmas gift for Ugandans -- essentially rammed it through when nobody was looking like some kind of legislative coup.

Take a look at the video report below. You can see that there is really hardly anyone in Parliament that day (so close to the holidays).

I suppose more people would have shown up if the bill was even up for discussion or on the list of bills to be considered that day! Funny, all those religious leaders showed up though.

Because of this, the Prime Minister issued an objection and opposed the vote. He argued, correctly, that there wasn't proper quorum (sufficient number of members in the house) when a bill of such important magnitude would be discussed. He is calling for some kind of debate on this bill!
“I was not aware that this Bill was coming up for debate. There are some issues on which we are still consulting,” he said adding, “This is an important Bill that we need to pass with a quorum in Parliament.”
For this, the Prime Minister was booed out of the chamber and even left in disgust for awhile!

The international response to this will be very negative. I believe Uganda could have just shot itself in the foot because of their own religious zeal.
The BBC's Catherine Byaruhanga in Kampala says the government knows there will be an international outcry, which could see some countries suspend aid to the country.
Watch this preview of God Loves Uganda for some more information on the toxic situation there and how American Christian evangelical groups are a big part of the problem.

It would be great to see the Canadian Government condemning this.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Conservative, "Radical" Feminist & Evangelical Christian Want Team Up to Block Online Porn

A few seconds of "stable" image (source).
I can remember when my father bought me a combination boombox and black and white television. It was a highlight of my childhood.

Sitting in my room, alone, I laughed at David Letterman (I think he was better in the 90s) and terrified myself watching The Day After and other nuclear war themed movies from that era.

Then there were those latenight softcore movies always on the French channel - a stark contrast to the anglophone offerings of blood, guns and explosions. Inevitably, things would just start getting interesting at the moment they cut for commercial!

And then there were those scrambled channels on the downstairs television, which was hooked up to cable. I can remember weekends after staying up watching a 2 hour Doctor Who marathon on PBS. I would tune into these channels and wait, hoping to catch something for a few seconds when the picture stabilized. The colours were all still inverted, of course. Around the same time, modem-based BBS systems allowed me to download images at a painfully slow rate - so long as my mom didn't pick the phone up.

Forgive me. I was a 12 year old boy.

Well now a conservative MP, a radical feminist and an evangelical Christian have joined together to block online porn.

Apparently, it's become a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY SITUATION by just the sorts of people you'd expect to find it so.

Conservative MP, radical feminist and evangelical Christian come together to block online porn in Canada

They want to have ISPs monitor and block objectionable online content -- for now, it's pornography, maybe later atheism? -- and force people to opt-in if they wish to see it. They claim to be doing it to protect the children but I think it's pretty evident none of them would shed a tear if all porn just disappeared completely.
“If we can get a man on the moon, certainly we can figure out a way to protect children from unwanted porn,” said Winnipeg Conservative MP Joy Smith, who is formulating a private member’s bill that would automatically block access to online pornography. Anyone wanting to access porn would have to contact their Internet service providers.
And, naturally, the ISPs would have to charge some kind of fee for this activation. It would drive up the price of such material and likely have a negative impact on the porn producers - but it's all for the kids.

There is, of course, a simpler approach. It involved monitoring your kids rather than letting the computer be a babysitting device. In fact, it's evangelical Christians who have come up with services to do just that. There are many monitoring and blocking services out there for parents to choose from. It is even possible to monitor the sites visited at the hardware level in your router itself.
Anti-Internet-censorship activist Bennett Haselton, founder of, a website that creates portals to get around blocked sites, said the burden of proof should be on anti-porn activists ‘‘to show that what they are blocking is harmful somehow.” 
“In the United States and Canada and most other developed countries, an entire generation now has grown up that, for the most part, actually did have unrestricted Internet access, and they’re not mentally warped by it. There’s no evidence that they’ve been harmed by it,” said Mr. Haselton.
Even so, as a parent, I don't want my child to see pornography. Listen, I get it.

So, for the time being, I've locked the IPAD and have removed the web browser ability. We've also put in "safe browsing" mode for the Youtube app. Later, when he gets more savvy, I will add reporting software to our router so I will be kept abreast of which device is going where. Perhaps I'll also purchase some additional software.

But among some of my most technically savvy friends there is one common thread. They all know that the best filters and blockers (even run by the ISP) can be worked around.
Mr. Haselton, however, said filters may not pose accessibility issues for internet-savvy individuals. “No filter blocks new proxy sites after they’re released, so if people can get access to proxy sites, then, yes, they can get around the filters,” he said.
And that's why my geeky friends all use the simplest and most effective means. They put their child's computer in a public place, like the kitchen! And they turn off the Internet connection or block the device from the Internet during times where it cannot be monitored. It's simple! It's like the television.

I tell you what. Why not have this as opt-in program for parents who wish to have their Internet filtered by censoring companies - who may very well either be fundamentalist Christian or have a widely evangelical customer base. Then, rather than charging people who do not want every website they visit logged, scrutinized, categorized and potentially blocked, they can charge those who don't mind some company controlling what they should or should not see.

The Conservative MP, Joy Smith, claims she received a letter from a distraught 10 year old who feels horrible for having viewed porn.
“Yesterday, I got a letter from a young boy 10 years of age telling me he was addicted to porn,” she said. “It just brought me to tears.”
For real? What 10 year old boy would even know he's addicted to porn? And what ten year old boy would think of writing a letter to his MP!  Please!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Artificial Hymens: For when your life may depend on it.

Here's another short one. Today I came upon this post at Wonkette:


Yes, you read that right. If you happen to be a women who belongs to one of the crazy (primarily patriarchal) religions -- some fundamentalist Muslims, some fundamentalist Christians, creepy fathers in Colorado Springs who take their daughters to Purity Balls... etc. etc. etc. etc. never ending etc. -- that are obsessed with preserving that thin flap of skin in the vagina, then is for you.

Restore your virginity in five minutes with this new technologically advanced product. Kiss your deep dark secret goodbye and marry in confidence for only $29.95 … no surgery … no needles … no medication … no side effects …
Spice up your sex life and bring the Va Va Voom back to the bedroom...
Simulating a painful ouch moment and staining the sheets with blood! How does this miracle work?
Insert the Artificial Hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrates, it will ooze out a liquid that appears like blood, not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans and you will pass through undetectable! It's easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction. 
Okay, not my cup of tea.

This goofy solution is to cash in on a booming hymenoplasty business within certain religious communities that put a high value on female virginity at time of marriage. In fact, some even make an intact hymen a requirement for marriage and bad things can happen if the flap of skin is missing - and it can be torn by things other than intercourse. Not that there is anything even remotely wrong with intercourse! But these religions have a problem with sex.
For religious, cultural or social reasons, it is important for many women that the hymen remains intact. The rupture of the hymen may be caused by other factors than sexual intercourse; namely: the use of tampons during menstruation, horseback riding or sports such as gymnastics. Our personal and professional values are those of respect and confidentiality.
Because there's nothing more shameful that a woman who's had sex with anyone other than you! How sad and pathetic! You would think men would desire women who are experienced with sex, know what they like and are confident with their bodies and sexuality. But I fear this is the exact opposite of what is desired in these communities.

Blogger Taslima Nasreen explains the absolutely insane obsession with the hymen on her blog:

Men are crazy for hymen, a thin tiny membrane
The man who created Islam knew about the desire of men to have sex with virgins. He tempted men whoever convert to Islam with seventy two virgins. In some parts of the world a white bed sheet is put on the bed to see virgin’s blood on the first night of wedding. Women are forced to give proof of their chastity. Female ‘purity’ is an asset for patriarchy.Unfortunately their Purity, chastity, virginity, morality all are made available nowhere but in vagina. Women get divorced or tortured or even murdered if their hymens are not intact on wedding night.
Incidentally, the second language listed on the site is Arabic.

Well, it's sad women need to deceive their husbands into thinking they're something they are not. But given the consequences, who can blame them?  At least each package comes with two fake hymens so the woman can practice before the big night.  Can you imagine how nerve wracking that must be?

I was thinking of posting a link to Madonna's Like A Virgin or Weird Al's parody Like a Surgeon, but this whole thing is just too seriously messed up to be belittled.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Petition: Amazon Should Not Sell Book That Encourages Child Abuse

To Train Up a Child advocates physically abusing your
own children. Because apparently it's what Jesus would 
do. (source)
A couple of weeks ago, Washington State Christian homeschooling couple Larry and Carri Williams, got the maximum sentence possible for torturing and killing their adopted child.

All along they claimed that they were inspired by a revolting book called To Train Up a Child, which recommends beating up babies, toddlers and children with sprigs, sticks and plumbing tools to teach them to stop being so immature impertinent. It's apparently a favourite go-to reference book for some in Christian homeschool circles.
To Train Up A Child advocates using a plumbing tool to beat children with starting at age one. The book also advocates giving children cold water baths, putting children outside in cold weather, and forcing them to miss meals, as well as beating them; all of which exemplifies the abuse investigators said Hana endured.
This bothers me as someone who is actually on the provincial adoption list for a child, as a parent, as a Humanist and as a human being. These were sick sick individuals who used this revolting book as an excuse to be monsters.

Well, now there is a petition to ask Amazon to stop helping the book's authors make a profit off their site -- and to stop Amazon from profiting off this horrendous book. Remove the book "To Train Up a Child" by Michael and Debi Pearl

From the petition page:
This book is atrocious. It has been linked to the deaths of three children, Lydia Schatz, Hana Williams and Sean Paddock. This book teaches "discipline" in the form of child abuse, neglect and torture. As a long time customer of Amazon, I was shocked to see that this is sold through their company. No one should advocate that a child should be whipped or spanked into submission as this book does. The book states: "Give 10 licks at a time, more if the child resists. Be careful about using it in front of others -- even at church; nosy neighbors might call social workers."

Some people are calling this censorship, but I disagree. They are not calling for the book to be banned outright -- just that Amazon, a company, stop selling it.

Speaking of Amazon, if you check its listing for this book, you'll see something disturbing. You have over 2,600 single star ratings (the lowest possible rating), but you also have roughly half as many five star ratings (1,200).

At first, this is truly depressing and it makes me wonder just how many poor children are being beaten senseless by parents who are taking this book seriously. Then I realized at least some of the five star ratings were actually very negative reviews of the book meant to catch the attention of anyone who might come in support of the book.

But sadly, many other five star reviews are sincere.
Read this good book several years ago after our children were pretty much grown up. I distinctly remember actually crying out of regret that I hadn't read a book like that when our children were small. It has such good advise how to raise your child in a biblical loving way. Yes, discipline belongs to that, too. Even God says He disciplines those He loves. There is a BIG difference between hitting a child in anger after you have blown your top and giving him/her a few swats with a switch to teach to obey if necessary. Look at the Pearls children how they turned out and their relationhip with their parents and how their children are doing and that speaks for itself.
The Pearls provide instructions on using a switch from as early as six months to discourage misbehavior and describe how to make use of implements for hitting on the arms, legs or back, including a quarter-inch flexible plumbing line that, Mr. Pearl notes, “can be rolled up and carried in your pocket.”
How is this even possible?

I wish I could say that pulling this book off Amazon would help the children of die-hard fundamentalist Christian abusers, but I just don't think so. I think that these people start out pre-disposed to beating their children and are looking for some validation for their acts. And what's better to validate cruel and inhuman actions but a little religion?

So long as this book is sold anywhere people like this will latch onto it or any other disturbing material to help excuse their inhuman actions.

Friday, 8 November 2013

End-Times Christian Radio Host Convinced Miley Cyrus Made A Pact (And Sexy-Time) With Satan

It's a freaking Halloween Party. Can we all
try to get a grip here? (source)
Here's another left-over in my Drafts folder from Halloween. It's quick but I cannot promise it will be painless.

Rick Wiles Explains How Miley Cyrus Sold Her Soul To Satan And Had Sex With A Demon

You know, sometimes I think people like Wiles watch too much Japanese Demon animation and perhaps even rather enjoy it.  You'll find two discussions about Miley's sordid and sexual perverse ways on that page and it's for sure that she consorts with the devil and has sold her soul for fame along with most of Hollywood. It's possible that I may agree with him somewhat on a metaphorical level.

Although many are turned off by Miley, her singles keep being rather enormously popular. So whatever you think of her, she must be doing something right.

Still, after watching her twerking at the MMAs - and that tongue - I might just understand where Wiles is getting his suspicions from, however misguided they may be!

Must be the Illuminati!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

VIDEO: Non-Religious Lawyer & Journalist Trained To Expose The World of Prosperity Gospel In Africa

While researching this weeks (now late) Witchcraft Wednesday instalment for this week, I came across this interesting looking expose on what money-grabbing preachers are up to in Africa these days.

I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing, but it looks like it's done with a Christian bias. Still, it paints an ugly picture of Prosperity Gospel preachers and faith healers in the region. Looks like an interesting watch to me.

To get the inside story, they even recruit a non-religious person to pose as such a preacher!

Yvonne Chege is a lawyer and is training to be a journalist. She is chosen in this documentary to be trained to become such a preacher and use the same tactics as them. The goal is to show that anyone, even one who is not religious, can become a successful prosperity preacher.

Pretty interesting!

Her introduction includes her saying:
But I don't go to church and I don't believe in religion.
I haven't watched the whole thing, but the fact they chose someone who may well be an atheist is very compelling to me!

NTV Investigates: Seeds of Sin

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Man Who Would Have The Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers Killed

Shah Ahmad Shafi and his radical group has a
set of thirteen demands' for the government.
So awhile back, four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh got arrested and thrown in jail. One of them got cut up really bad and nearly died. And they were recently indicted and could face 14 years in prison.

You'd think that would be bad enough trouble for these bloggers who only wanted to express themselves online. Well, there is one particularly unpleasant fellow who would like to see all atheists be killed. He's Shah Ahmad Shafi, who is the head of the radical Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam.

Pass blasphemy law: Shafi : Ahmed Shafi also demanded fulfilling their “pro-Islamic” 13-point demands

If this group gets its way, the atheist bloggers won't necessarily need to worry about spending 14 years in prison. They'll need to worry about execution.
Radical Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam on Thursday said the government still had time to amend the constitution to enact an anti-blasphemy law to hand down death penalty for atheists.
Great. Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse. Oh, and this same fellow isn't exactly the friend of women either. He's had a few choice things so say about them:
The Quran says: You [women] should stay at your home…Your duty is to stay at the husband’s house and safeguard property. Your primary duty is to stay home and look after your family and children only. Do not go out even for shopping.
Why are you sending your daughters to work in garment factories?... She goes to work after Fajr at 7/8:00am and does not come back even at 8/10/12 at night... You do not know which man she is hanging out with. You do not know how much zina [unlawful sexual activity] she is getting involved in. Through zina, she is earning money, which does not bring prosperity [Barkat]. 
Yeah, what a real winner here.