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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Catholic Priest: Gay Sex Is Like Sticking a Bagel Into Your Ear!

Real bagels are Montreal bagels - not like those boring ear totally fake New York bagels.
Listen up! If you're gay, then Catholic priest John Riccardo wants to teach you about gay sex - because he knows all about it! He has this great analogy for you, which ought keep you chaste... just like him... and probably also frustrated.

Here's the best part! It's a food analogy about bagels!
The cleric told the attendees how he often explains gay sex to junior high students, the Advocate reports.

He said he tells them: "What if I just rip open a bagel, I take it, and I cram it in my ear. What would you say?”
 Do you want to go there? You might be surprised.
He added that when they respond “That doesn’t go there,” he says, “Exactly" and that doing so “will ruin your ear canal.”
Wow! Nice one, John! I know I feel the urge sometimes to stick an oven baked sour cream and bacon potato up my nose. All this time, I thought that so long as I did it in bed - just the two of us... no threesomes with steak or chicken - ALSO with proper precautions, it was okay with God - but I was wrong! It just doesn't go there.  Thanks for clearing that one up.

I'm guessing he felt too icky just telling the boys what he apparently meant. I mean, they have by now probably discovered what their penises are and how they work. I'd wager the girls in the room - if there were any - also at least had a pretty good idea what penises are. I'm guessing they could have even cleared up a few obvious misunderstandings Mr. Riccardo may have. He seems a little confused or something.

As usual, there seems to be precious little guidance for lesbians in this room. These religious types just never think of them having sex outside of the baby making, I guess.

So for them, let's say the bagel is actually correctly going into the mouth but the bagel is actually made of silicone and is pink or maybe violet? Perhaps it takes 2 AA batteries and vibrates? Help me out here, Father!
[Fortunate Families] member Tom Nelson said from a protest outside the controversial event: “It’s medieval times all over again. ... If God created people gay, then gay sex seems to be a natural thing.”
He's just coming to that realization now? Tom, the Catholic Church is more medieval (and secretly fabulous) than a renaissance fair.

Mr. Nelson is totally right about gay sex being perfectly natural though. There sure does seem to be rather a lot of unnatural about priest chastity and attitudes towards sex within the Catholic Church, though. Plenty of illegal child rape problems too.

Yes, his bagel analogy is really rather bizarre and unnatural. Utterly ridiculous, actually. It would be completely hilarious if it weren't probably fucking up young religious LGBT students - potentially for life.

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Spooky US Catholic Clergy Consider Nationwide Exorcisms After SCOTUS Marriage Decision

Remember how that Mexican Cardinal just went ahead and exorcised the whole country? It turns out that it was a concerted effort nationwide by Catholic clergy to disinfect the land of all the same-sex marriage all over the place.
Catholic Archbishops and priests in Mexico have performed an exorcism of the nation to rid the country of a "great satanic infestation."

Church leaders cited abortion and same-sex marriage as proof Mexico has been taken over by demons, according to Christian Today.
They had their Great Exorcism on May 20th, only two weeks before the Mexican Supreme Court rendered a decision against prohibiting same sex marriages - effectively bringing same sex marriage to Mexico! Well I guess that didn't work right?

They also forgot to exorcise the entire planet! So gay marriage went and spread into the whole United States! I guess they should have exorcised the entire universe - just to be sure.

Still, all this failure must be the more reason to try the same thing again! Some US Catholic clergymen are looking into country-wide exorcisms to get God to open up a time warp and suck the country back to before June 26th, or start a civil war, or overthrow the government or something, I don't know. ANYTHING but let two consenting adults of the same gender get married!

They're not into a single exorcism. Instead, they prefer the franchise model.
Instead, he said such action can be done diocese by diocese, and he encourages each bishop to do so. “Every bishop is the chief exorcist of his own diocese,” Msgr. Esseff said. “Anytime anyone with the authority uses his power against Satan, that is powerful. Every priest and bishop has that power.”

During the exorcism of a diocese, Msgr. Esseff explained that the bishop calls on the power of Jesus over every court, every single institution, every individual and every family. “The whole country would have such power if bishops would exorcise their dioceses.”
I'm not sure what this is supposed to achieve. I guess it could be a safe therapeutic outlet for people who cannot deal with gay people getting married - a theatrical alternative to act out their disbelief and anger without resorting to violence. These priests often seem to really be into theatre and that's a good thing.

Besides, a good exorcism can really improve the ambiance of any home. Forget that lamp from IKEA.
Father Gary Thomas, pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Saratoga, Calif., and the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, said he has seen notable improvements after exorcising homes and when he re-dedicated a church.
It clears up clutter in the spiritual world and obnoxious beings in the local astral plane, or something. Still, Thomas thinks it would be best to not advertise the ceremonies too much or people might make fun of them.
“I’m not really sure about the efficaciousness of that,” he said. “I think there are too many implications we cannot back up if we start saying we are going to exorcise a country.” He also cautioned against making a public announcement when exorcising a geographic area because there is usually backlash in the form of skepticism and ridicule.
The story goes on to talk about portals being opened up to demonic gateways and other cool stuff. Apparently, crack squads of exorcists are required to bust in and seize territory from demons who've taken over and pushed out the good angels.

I guess we can all be sure that in basements everywhere there are frocked priests having spooky late night exorcisms with secret passwords at the door. No defrocked women serving as altars here though. You'll need to visit some Satanist groups for that.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Katy Perry vs. The Nuns vs. The Archbishop

Wow, I bet you all think I really love Katy Perry now because I seem to cover her an awful lot on this blog.

Okay, so maybe I might be totally crushing on a previously Christian pop singer who grew up as a Christian missionaries' daughter but then became one of the word's richest female music performers. Now she's apparently a witchcraft practicing and Satan dating (e.g. not Russell Brand) queen of the Illuminati! How is that not totally awesome?

Well, a couple of nuns on a (for sale) Los Angeles convent really aren't into Perry's lifestyle. They did a bunch of 'research' on the Internet and saw this video where she was doing a whole bunch of witchy and demonic stuff. Maybe they also read the abundance of conspiracy theory stuff linking Perry to the Illuminati -- who have yet to offer me a membership.
"Well, I found Katy Perry and I found her videos and ... if it's all right to say, I wasn't happy with any of it," said Sister Rita, who told me she would rather not elaborate on her concerns as to whether Perry is a suitable candidate to live in a convent.

When Sister Rita learned that Perry would be performing during the Super Bowl halftime, she tuned in. Perry sang "Teenage Dream," (Let you put your hands on me. In my skin-tight jeans.) which was not a good choice, given Sister Rita's careful monitoring of the show. Sister Rita then watched as Perry was lifted off the ground and flew around the stadium as if riding a shooting star.

"I thought, is that a way to make money?" said Sister Rita. "Maybe I could fly around. I could be the flying nun."
You know, it could be a little subjective, right? Some might think that cloistering yourself up in a tax exempt building and praying constantly -- while your church advises other women to have lots of babies -- might just be a pretty strange way to make money.  Besides, unless you're Whoopi Goldberg, just how entertaining are nuns anyway?

Unlike the Catholic Church, and certain pedophile priests, has Perry really hurt anyone at all? As far as I know she's not broken any laws, covered up child molesters or participated in shady and corrupt banking practices. Illuminati Supreme Goddess aside, I do not believe she's done anything like cultural genocide in residential schools here in Canada either. Goodness, is this here convent actually made completely of glass?

Here's an interesting twist, though. The sisters of the convent claim to have already sold the property to a restaurateur, Dana Hollister. She owns bars and restaurants. Good Catholic institutions, no doubt. One commenter on the story summed up the local concern over such a deal.
I live right beneath this property... I really don't want some developer to turn it in to a tacky retreat for bros. Also, I'm a bit freaked out by the fact that the nuns are ok with selling to someone that opened a bar called Villains but have a moral issue with Ms. Perry. Really???
It seems like the nuns have a problem with Perry, but not the archbishop -- Archbishop Jose Gomez -- to whom they've pledged their allegiance. Gomez wants to sell the property to Perry and apparently the majority of the nuns have, in fact, signed away their rights to sell the property.
Hennigan argued that three of the five sisters have signed declarations supporting Gomez's right to sell the property. But an attorney retained by Sisters Rita and Catherine Rose suggested that the three may have been coerced or did not understand what they were signing.
Here's the part that really sticks out for me. If you listen to a CBC interview with one of the nuns (skip to 16:42) you'll hear some enlightening things.

The sister didn't seem to want to dwell too much on why they had a problem with Perry. To be honest, it sounded like some sort of ad hoc reason.

Instead, the sister seemed most concerned about them having control over the money, not the archdiocese. Their deal was for more and they would see some of the money. Really, it all seems to be about money.

Furthermore, these nuns do not seem to have a great deal of trust in their very own Catholic church. They don't seem to have any confidence at all that they'll be properly taken care of if they church gets its hands on the money. They only want the church to get the money when they're all dead. It's almost like a hostage situation. What does this say?

Perhaps Perry can pull some strings -- literally -- and have the lluminati Overlords fix this.

Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this to my attention.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Canada's Youngest LGBT Activists to Open First Ever Elementary School GSA

Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton (source)
Remember the two 12 year old Ottawa LGBT activists, Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton? They were the Catholic school students who were assigned a project about social justice and so naturally chose to do one on LGBT equality. Well, this prompted the principal, Ann Beauchamp, to put a lid on their project.
The students’ projects go on display at a social justice fair in January, attended by students from Grades 4 to 6. Beauchamp didn’t feel gay rights “was a topic that was appropriate for that age group,” Maloney said.

The principal was also concerned that she’d face criticism from “right-wing” Catholic parents if she allowed the project to proceed, Maloney said.
Then a media firestorm happened, and so the school said it was all a really big misunderstanding -- they could totally do the project and everything! Well, they should have just let them do the project, because by then, the girls had gotten in touch with gay rights activist Jeremy Dias and they were talking about starting up the first ever GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) in a Catholic elementary school.
In addition to doing their project, Quinn and Polly are now also hoping to start a gay-straight alliance (GSA) at St George’s. They got the idea after meeting with Jeremy Dias, who runs Jer’s Vision, an anti-bullying and -homophobia organization, after news about the vetoing of their project broke.
This was back in December and I have wondered on and off how things were progressing -- if at all. Happily, the Huffington Post has done an excellent job telling the entire story up to last week!

So, in December, they put in their request and began to observe how a nearby Catholic high-school runs their GSA. However, months went by and the girls are set to graduate from their current school in June. 
"The teacher that they gave us … just doesn't have enough time. All the recesses that we would be doing the GSA, she's not free," said Polly. "And we don't really get any explanations from anybody. Recently we were told to make a proposal to the principal, we have no idea what that meant. Like, proposal on what? Marriage?"
How mysterious! No, wait, not mysterious at all. This is what the school's been up to for awhile now.
"I think the principal is trying to make it go away until next year," said Quinn, "and we'll be at the other school so…"
Yup. However, these girls are unstoppable! 
"But we have a couple Grade 5s that could start it off next year, too," piped in Polly.

"Our friend, her grandma is lesbian, so it would be a really good thing because she agrees with us and she's totally with it," added Quinn.
I think what this is really making clear to me is that it's the school administration that are the odd ones here! Being gay is now so normal in society that the principal and the school really do look like that old homophobic uncle you might run into at a family reunion.
"My parents and me, we have a lot of gay and lesbian friends," Quinn added. "So I just want to show them that I do actually appreciate [them]."
Huffpo contacted one of the school administrators and asked how it could possible take six months to start a club and if any other clubs have ever taken this long. According to the official, it's actually the girls' busy schedules that have caused delay!

This whole insanity has taken a toll on the girls faith in humanity -- or shall we say, faith in the Catholic school system? 
"We're a practicing Catholic family … until recently," she explains. "I really like the way the Ottawa Catholic School Board did French, and my husband and I have been 100 per cent happy with the academics. But we hadn't anticipated this."

She added both Quinn and Polly refused to be confirmed this year. "I get that. How can you be confirmed in a faith that you've been so disappointed in?"
However, just last week, they submitted another proposal to the principal and it was accepted. The first ever GSA in an elementary school in Canada is finally... probably... hopefully a reality!
"We have a bunch of books that are for, like, the little kids. That's our rainbow library, that's what we call it. And we're going to set up a couple boxes in classrooms so that people who want to see a change in our school, they could just put [ideas for] what we could do better in that box," said Polly of heir plans.

"And we could just talk about equality and stuff."
Six months of struggle for this! Think of what might be possible if you didn't have to literally swim up river against the retrograde teachings of the Catholic Church when it comes to LGBT! I'm happy for them -- they are amazing! -- their school, on the other hand, needs all the help it can get.

Then you have comments like this one...

Terrible job raising these kids especially claiming to be catholi (sic). Homosexuality is clearly a sin in the catholic faith. Sure rebel against how God commanded you to live. The parents should have taught them to respect their faith and not to be like everyone else who lives in the world including non believers. God does call believers in the faith to be different than those who live worldly secular lives. Being gay is NOT ok, it is a sexual sin that is so bad the bible refers to it as an abomination. If you disagree take it up with God! This isn't a public school this is like these school officials bowing down to Satan, utterly disgusting.
Except that this isn't a private school. In Ontario, the Catholic schools are publicly funded. As such, students should have every right to start up GSAs like what these two brave and intelligent girls have done! Kudos to Quinn and Polly! I can tell they're going to go a long long way!

California Anti-Abortion Group Refuse to Inject Their Kids With 50 Year Old Dead Fetuses

On Thursday, the California Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill that would not let anti-vaxx parents opt their kids out of immunization -- even for personal religious beliefs.
The measure, SB 277, would require children to be vaccinated before entering kindergarten. Medical exemptions are permitted, but exemptions based on personal and religious objections are not. That would make California one of only three states -- the others are Mississippi and West Virginia -- that doesn't allow personal or religious exemptions to vaccine laws.
So now members of an anti-abortion, anti-vaxx religious group, Children of God for Life, are going after Democratic Senator Richard Pan. They absolutely do not want to be forced into having their children injected with dead aborted fetuses!
Pan disputed what he described as a “myth” about aborted fetal cells in vaccines, saying the practice was used for one or two vaccines but is no longer done.

Debi Vinnedge, executive director of Children of God for Life, said the lawmaker should know better as a pediatrician, claiming that DNA and proteins are present in several other vaccines — and medicines – including hepatitis-A, MMRII, varicella, ProQuad, Pentacel, Zostavax, and some rabies.
What's interesting is that Vinnedge is actually right! Okay, sort of. A quick visit to Immunize Canada clears some of it up.
Do vaccines contain cells from aborted fetuses?
No. Vaccines do not contain human cells or tissue. During purification of the vaccine all cells are removed. Human cell lines are used in the early stages of production of some vaccines* because viruses need a living cell to grow. The virus for the vaccine is grown in a human cell line, then killed or damaged so it cannot cause disease. This cell line comes from legal abortions in the early 1960s and continues today from the original source. The abortions were not conducted for the purpose of vaccine discovery or vaccine production. No new fetal tissue is required in the ongoing production of vaccines because cell lines can reproduce themselves in culture and can be used for a very long time.

*MMR, varicella, hepatitis A, Rabies, Quadracel and TdP

Vatican documents confirm that "In the absence of effective alternatives, individuals may use the morally tainted vaccines", and assert that it is necessary to "provide for the good of one's children", including the prevention of disease where possible.
This is a fascinating story. Back in the 1960s, two legal abortions occurred and ever since then the same cells have been used -- generations gone by.
Two main human cell strains have been used to develop currently available vaccines, in each case with the original fetal cells in question obtained in the 1960s. The WI-38 cell strain was developed in 1961 in the United States, and the MRC-5 cell strain (also started with fetal lung cells) was developed in 1965 in the United Kingdom. No new or additional fetal cells are required in order to sustain the two cell strains.
These strains continue to provide us with Hepatitis A vaccines [VAQTA/Merck, Havrix/GlaxoSmithKline, and part of Twinrix/GlaxoSmithKline], Rubella vaccine [MERUVAX II/Merck, part of MMR II/Merck, and ProQuad/Merck], Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine [Varivax/Merck, and part of ProQuad/Merck], Zoster (shingles) vaccine [Zostavax/Merck], Adenovirus Type 4 and Type 7 oral vaccine [Barr Labs] * and Rabies vaccine [IMOVAX/Sanofi Pasteur] * -- no more abortions necessary.

To be honest, although -- like all abortions -- the two in the 1960s were tragic, in a sense, these two fetuses have saved thousands if not millions of lives over the past half century. If Jesus actually existed, they'd give him a run for his money.

Still, this isn't good enough for the Children of God for Life!

Neither is it okay that even the Pope is apparently okay with this. Apparently, it's fine if it happened a long time ago, but stem cell research is right out: Catholic Logic.

REMINDER: These abortions happened FIFTY YEARS AGO!

Apparently our friends over a LifeSiteNews forgot this when they wrote this petition asking companies like Merck to stop using those babies! Well, the cells from the babies. Well, the cells reproduced from cells from the babies.
While this might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, this practice is far from a secret. The scientific community and vaccine manufacturers themselves readily admit the use of cell lines like MRC-5, cultured from the lung tissue of an electively aborted 14-week gestation baby.

While pro-life, religious and other leaders and activists have long raised the alarm about the unethical way in which these vaccines are produced, to date vaccine manufacturers like Merck have ignored requests to stop the practice of using the aborted fetal cell lines.
Right. From two fetuses from fifty years ago. The petition makes it sound like aborted fetuses are being killed to harvest their lung tissue. No, this is not happening -- although I wouldn't actually have a problem if it were the case.

Their advice for parents: Don't vaccinate your kids.

More children must get sick and potentially die because of two abortions which occurred in the 60s. Make sense? Nope, not at all.

Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the vaccine education center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia tries to introduce a little clarity:
"There are perhaps nanograms of DNA fragments still found in the vaccine, perhaps billionths of a gram," he said. "You would find as much if you analyzed the fruits and vegetables you eat."

As Doktor Zoom writes over at Wonkette:
ZOMG! Start the petition and the GoFundMe now: stop eating Abortion Fruit! Also, we should add that there is no evidence that dead fetuses get into your vaccines after chewing their way out of ladies’ innards.
via Wonkette 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vatican Just Doesn't Seem to Be That Into Gay French Ambassador

For awhile now there has been some speculation about what the Vatican thought of the newly appointed French Ambassador to their little pseudo-state.

See, in January, the French cabinet appointed openly gay Laurent Stefanini to become their new ambassador. Thing is, the Vatican didn't respond in a very timely manner to this candidate. People started to talk in April:
The French cabinet approved Stefanini's appointment on January 5 but has not yet received a reply.

"A delay of three months like this is not normal," a well-informed source in Rome told AFP.

"The reply normally doesn't take more than a month, a month and a half," this source added.

If there is a refusal, "the Vatican doesn't reply, doesn't offer an explanation and it's up to the country concerned to interpret this lack of a reply."
Still, the French government stuck to their guns and stood by their man -- even with the sad silent treatment from this new progressive Pope.
Despite silence from the Vatican, France is refusing to rescind Mr Stefanini’s nomination – in an apparent bid to either force the Vatican to either accept it or openly reject it.

Government spokesman Stephane Le Foll told France24: “France has chosen its ambassador to the Vatican. This choice was (Laurent) Stefanini and that remains the French proposal.

“Negotiations are underway. Every ambassador must be approved when they are nominated… we are awaiting the response from the Vatican.”
Well, Stefanini finally got a meeting with the Pope on April 18th. The Vatican still, apparently, is unable to say whether or not they accept the appointment, though.
The Vatican has declined to comment on the matter, saying that an appointment is confirmed when the name is published in the official bulletin of the Holy See. It is extremely rare for the Pope to get directly involved the naming of ambassadors.
You know what? This sort of reminds me a little of people who don't want to do business with homosexuals: cake bakers, car mechanics, pizzerias. No doubt this has something to do with the Pope's religious freedom and his strongly held beliefs.

One Catholic newspaper considers this whole thing a provocation. That's right, this man is a provocation because he dares to be gay!
Earlier this month the French Catholic daily La Croix cited an unnamed source as saying the Vatican considered it a "provocation" that France's Socialist government, which in 2013 legalized gay marriages, had proposed a homosexual for the post.
I hope France keeps it up and doesn't back down. I mean, how much good is an ambassador to the Vatican anyway? Is it even a real country?

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Nun Stabs Student to Demonstrate the Suffering of Jesus

Still from the movie The Devils
There's this story that's been going around the Internets for the past day or so. The most reputable source I've been able to find to back it up so far is the Irish Mirror, which still sort of seems dubious to me. I've also found it on Croatian language news site and over at a Nigerian one.

You can tell by these outlets' willingness to publish a story with no visible credible source -- which I've found at least -- that it must be a pretty good story. Well, yes. Yes it is. And it just might be true as well -- sounds insane, but plausible.

Nun stabs schoolboy to teach him about the suffering of Jesus

Apparently yearning to emulate the insane and unnecessary masochistic self-torturing going on in the Philippines this past Good Friday, a Catholic nun decided to jab one of her students' arms with a needle just to demonstrate to the class what Jesus -- son of God -- went through. Not her own arm! Oh heaven's no!
Sister Ludovita, 30, had been giving RE classes at a school in the town of Kysucke Nove Mesto in northern Slovakia when she told unsuspecting pupil Adam Celko, 7, to come to the front of the class.

She then took a needle out of her handbag and rammed it into the boy’s hand in front of the horrified class, telling him that this was how Jesus suffered - and he would too if he behaved badly.
The news report has pictures of the bruise on the child's arm. When he got him, his mother, Helena, asked where the bruise came from. When he told her, she got a little upset and didn't want him to return to the Religious Education class -- lest he be hurt again.
"And with Easter coming I began to worry about what she would do next - crucify one of the students or hammer a nail into their hands?"
When Helena spoke to the nun -- and astoundingly didn't completely lose her shit, which is what I would have done -- it was explained to her that the class was learning about Jesus Christ and personal sin, whatever the hell that is.

Apparently, the children were invited to volunteer to experience mild pain so they could feel sorry for Jesus. Then she encouraged the students -- 7 year olds -- to poke themselves with needles and stab themselves!

Sister Ludovita has been fired.

The strange thing is this story seems sort of like a hoax to me, but it wouldn't come as a surprise to me really if it were true. That's the sort of thing we're dealing with when we talk about extreme nuns.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Head of Toronto Catholic School Board Accuses Board of Health of Discrimination Against Catholics!

Monday, I posted about Angela Kennedy's nomination to the Toronto Health Board. Although Kennedy was a nurse specializing in diabetes for forty years, she still had some non-evidence based beliefs which concerned the existing board members.
Kennedy, a registered nurse specializing in diabetes education, has voted against homosexual-activist clubs being permitted in schools, opposed HPV vaccinations in schools, and self-identifies as Pro Life.
I thought it was a bad idea and hope she would not be approved onto the board.

Well, Monday evening the board voted to deny Kennedy membership by a fairly slim margin.
City council has voted 20-17 to put a Toronto District School Board trustee onto the 13-member board of health, bumping the Catholic school board’s nominee after critics objected to her voting record on a range of topics.
Board Chair, Joe Mihevc, who opposed her appointment commented on her staunch anti-GSA voting record.
“Would we allow that as a society if it was black-white alliances? That’s what human rights are about and those perspectives in a public health context just won’t work.”
Could you imagine how a view like this would translate to people's health care? Kennedy is also against VPV vaccinations in schools and a woman's right to choose an abortion.

Naturally, Kennedy is claiming this to be a discrimination against her beliefs -- no, hold on... yes, it is discrimination against her beliefs, because they do not happen to be compatible with the science behind modern medicine.

Just yesterday, the head of the Toronto Catholic School Board, Mike Del Grande -- who had sent a stern letter of support for Kennedy -- came out with charges that Catholics Need Not Apply to the Toronto Board of Health.
TCDSB chairman Mike Del Grande said the vote to block Kennedy’s appointment is a “black stain and a black day” for the City of Toronto that sends a message that “Catholics need not apply.”

A day after councillors openly debated whether Kennedy’s views on abortion, HPV vaccinations and gay-straight alliances disqualified her from being on the board, Del Grande pointed out the city’s motto is supposed to be “Diversity our strength.”
“To basically go after her because of her moral beliefs then I guess the message to a significant minority in this city in this province is ‘Catholics need not apply.’”
I'll be interested to know when they'll bring on a Scientologist, who will want to ban psychiatry and deliver e-meters to all clinics in the city. Also, don't forget the Christian Science folks as well. Let's make room for the Raelians and their sensual massage healing techniques along with some good New Age crystal healing power. Homeopathy would also need to be instated as well -- lets get at least one of those practitioners.

What do you say? All that's silly? Oh, right, it's because Kennedy is Catholic, not some silly false religion. My bad. Gotta know where to draw the lines once you start treating religious belief at the same level as scientific study and evidence.

I actually have no problem with any of these religions being represented in a Health board, so long as I had some indication that the practitioners still held evidence-based medicine above their kooky supernatural beliefs. In other words, they kept things properly secular.

Actually, the Board doesn't have a problem with Kennedy's Catholicism either! Not only would it be insane to believe that the majority of the board are atheists or secularists, but quite logical to realize that in Ontario most would be Catholics just like Kennedy!
Mihevc — who describes himself as a social justice Roman Catholic — dismissed Del Grande’s claim that council was saying “Catholics need not apply.”

“I’m Catholic, I’ve applied, I’m the chair (of the Board of Health),” Mihevc said.

“If you look at the vote on council, many of the people who did not support her candidacy were Catholics and are Catholics in good standing.”
Clearly this is not about her being Catholic. It's about her own unscientific, freedom-limiting and potentially harmful voting record she's built up over the years. It's simply not compatible with the mandate of a modern healthcare system.
“I think council should be diligent in making sure that people who are selected to agencies, boards and commissions, who basically do not support the very mandate of that agency, board or commission, not be permitted to serve,” Mihevc said.
Kennedy says she'll file a human rights complaint.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anti-LGBT, Anti-Abortion, Anti-HPV Nominee to Toronto Health Board Sparks Controversy

Catholic School District Ward 11 Trustee Angela Kennedy
Angela Kennedy has been a trustee at the (publicly funded) Toronto Catholic School Board for fourteen years. As one might expect, our friends over at Campaign Life Coalition give her top marks for being really anti-abortion. She was their preferred candidate for ward 11.
Angela has been a heroic defender of the Catholic faith on the Toronto Catholic School Board. She has proven her faithfulness to the Church by co-sponsoring amendments to defend the faith against hostile, secular influences. In public and private board meetings, she has vocally advocated for the defense of Catholic moral teaching in our schools. Angela also has a perfect voting record on all the moral/faith issues that came up in the TDSB. Due to the fact that Angela has acted to defend the faith, CLC has given her the highest possible rating of 'Preferred Candidate'.
Well, it seems like she's been appointed to be on the Toronto Board of Health. Some members of the board are understandably uncomfortable about this.
Kennedy, a registered nurse specializing in diabetes education, has voted against homosexual-activist clubs being permitted in schools, opposed HPV vaccinations in schools, and self-identifies as Pro Life.
Right, can we put an end to this bad idea right now?

Apparently, Kennedy brought a letter with her from the Catholic School Board -- they're upset that they're not getting proper representation on the Board. I mean, they already get their own publicly funded religious school board, so why not go for broke, right?
This time, Kennedy’s nomination was accompanied by a stern letter from Toronto Catholic District School Board Chair and former Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Mike Del Grande, who said “this ongoing lack of representation on the Board of Health is an enormous disservice to this large constituency.”
The larger constituency in Toronto are suffering from an acute state of access to legal abortion, HPV vaccines so they don't get cancer, birth control, sex education and GSA clubs where they don't have to be constantly bullied because they're gay. You know, these are problems that apparently need solving. The Church has already got the solutions -- but the secular masses just aren't benefiting from these ideas when it comes to their healthcare.

The Chair of the Board, Joe Mihevc, tried to point out this horrible idea with some metaphors:
“You cannot put on the recreation committee someone that is against sports and recreation,” he said. “You cannot put on the committee of adjustment someone who’s against development. You cannot put on the TTC someone who believes there is a war on the car. There are certain bottom lines to membership on the agencies boards and commissions. You have to understand the broad agenda and be good with that agenda.”
In other words, you can't put someone who's against the best modern healthcare available on a board responsible for delivering the best healthcare available. Pardkale-High Park Councillor Gord Perks comes right out and says it like it is:
When I served for four years on the Board of Health I was always impressed that the foundation of decisions was evidence-based decision making to improve the health of Torontonians, and from the materials I’ve seen Ms. Kennedy doesn’t support evidence-based decision-making for health outcomes in Toronto. So I won’t support her candidacy,” he said.
In other words, her faith-based Catholic superstitions will distort and undermine any sort of evidence-based healthcare policy. Last I heard, the human papillomavirus didn't give a rat's ass about transubstantiation, the Holy Trinity or the sanctity of life.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Great Interview About Publicly Funded Catholic Schools In Ontario

I was pleased to hear an excellent interview on Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey.  It's with Richard Young, artist for Humanist Perspectives magazine. He designed the Get Out of Forced Catholicism Free Monopoly-style information cards that were distributed to Catholic high school students by Secular Ontario earlier this year. The goal of the pamphlets is to inform students about their right to opt of of religious instruction at public Catholic schools.

Sam Mulvey and Rebecca Friedman do an amazing job covering all of the aspects around the enormous religious privilege which is having a Catholic Public School system in Ontario -- Catholicism funded entirely by the Ontario taxpayers! It serves as an excellent introduction to the problem.

Go listen to the podcast version! Skip to the 14 minute mark.

Everyone in Ontario should listen to this interview! Although I'm thrilled to see it all layed out so well on this atheist radio show -- which is carried by several US stations -- I yearn for the day when the broader Canadian media reveals this to Ontarians. This has to happen for real change to occur.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Conrad Black Has Done It Again

What have we done?
If I recall correctly, it began when Conrad Black wrote something about the shallow shabby world of the militant atheist. I assure you, I put my best men on round the clock duty to decipher his prose and tease out any meaning they could find -- even that guy who portrayed Alan Turing in that movieBenedict Cumberbatch. Yes, no expense was spared. Eventually I contrasted Black's work with a screed against atheists by a Zimbabwe preacher. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Other atheist bloggers processed the Rorschach Test in their own way. They took what meaning they could from Black's words and attempted to address inaccuracies and absurdities outright. This was a noble endeavour, but what is the real cost here? Could it have agitated Black into writing this equally bewildering response piece in the National Post: A reply to my atheist critics — they protest too much? Can the planet sustain more of this?
Not since I have written about cats and dogs has a column of mine in this newspaper stirred such a voluminous and highly charged response as my reflections here last week on John Lennox’s success in debates, as a scientific Christian, with the most articulate and learned atheists on the anti-God debating circuit. These exchanges have become almost an itinerant counter-ministry of the media and academia throughout the Western world.

Most messages I have received have been favourable, but the tenor of the unfavourable messages the newspaper and I have received is so generally vitriolic, and often abusive and bigoted, that they incite my return to the subject. Obviously, if I had any problem with people taking exception to what I write, I wouldn’t write for publication, and as I have probably been more severely and lengthily defamed than anyone in Canada since Louis Riel (where the calumniators often had truth as a partial defence), I am not bothered by it. None of the abuse was noteworthy and there were only three cyber-assailants who were so unrelievedly uncivil that I asked my IT adviser to ensure that I never received anything from their addresses again.
Is this translated into English from some other language?

I'm sorry. I just had to get that out of my system, having read the piece in its entirety. I'll spare you the play by play on this. If you're interested in a little pain to break up a boring Saturday afternoon, please be my guest and assign any sort of meaning to it you wish. Believe me, there's enough there to write a book.

I will share this. During his piece, I felt like Black was being a real tease. It often seemed that concrete proof or specific argument was just a couple of sentences away --- like a mirage -- perhaps just beyond this historical or literary reference -- perhaps hiding behind that rhetorical flourish. But when I got there... nothing.

It was only the last paragraph that I obtained enlightenment. I got to a real piece of meat and it really stuck in my craw.
The atheists’ domination of our centres of learning and information is a great vulnerability in the West: it creates acute resentment and dissent among the more religiously tolerant majority, separates learning and information from the greatest pillar of our civilization’s historic development, invites contempt from violently sectarian societies, especially Islamists, and is repugnant to the entire concept of freedom of thought and expression that our universities and free press are supposed to be defending. This is why people like John Lennox, who flatten the marquee atheist tribunes at every encounter, perform such a valuable service. And it must also have something to do with the reaction, like that of roaring and wounded animals, of a distinct minority of my correspondents last week. If God were dead, they would not still be trying, very unconvincingly, to kill Him.
What the hell is Black talking about? Do we not have enough churches and religious schools in this country? Those are the places for religious instruction -- the point of a university is to provide an environment of absolutely free inquiry and learning outside of some stuffy minister's dogma. Is it possible for people like Black to give us a second, an instant outside of religion? Apparently not. Instead, universities must turn into places of religious regurgitation.

Oh, not religious? Don't bother attending, or shut up, or open your mind so we may fill it with our fairy stories.

Yes, when schools teach students to think on their own it can cause resentment and dissent among the more religiously tolerant majority, whatever that means. If it means that it upsets those who would prefer to tow the religious line and let the faithful call all the shots, then good.

As for inviting contempt from violently sectarian societies, whose problem is this exactly? Is this some sort of veiled threat? Is this a brave call to surrender? Is this informing us that we should shut up our opinions and questions lest someone get hurt -- lest someone have to drink the hemlock? People who cannot control their violent actions when they have their religious sensibilities upset need to be locked up, period -- even Islamists.

Then there's this absurd doublespeak:
... and is repugnant to the entire concept of freedom of thought and expression that our universities and free press are supposed to be defending.
That's right. Universities that do not shovel dogma down the throats of students and encourage them to think and express themselves in pursuit of truth in ways that may be offensive to some is actually against freedom of thought of expression! Has someone been drinking the Kool Aid, because this is profoundly wrong and either disingenuous or delusional.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Irish Priest Just Wants to Save Us All From Satanic Yoga Threat

Totally corrupted hippy youth doing yoga at Woodstock! Do we need any more proof?
Why the hell is everything that makes us relaxed, happy and flexible in bed so goddamn bad for our eternal souls? Lust, (fun) sex, not being freaked out by hell, Burning Man (probably) and now yoga! Goddamn it! I need the yoga to cope with everything else the Church is telling me I cannot do. No wait, I'm an atheist now, so I don't care! What a relief!
Fr. Roland Colhoun, who is based in the Waterside, issued caution when saying mass in Drumsurn two Sundays ago, when he says he was drafted in at short notice. He said his sermon was based on the devil and exorcism.

“I mentioned a number of things that are part of the new age movement. It’s so embedded in our culture now that it has gained a kind of a respectability, but the new age practices, they’re certainly not good for us and the Church is very concerned about people employing them and has written specific documents on the new age movement. There is a great body of research (theological, spiritual and physiological) already done on it.”
Doesn't this remind you of the Satanic Panic back in the 1980s and early 1990s -- or something Pat Robertson would say these days? Pat's stuck in the 1980s... or 980s... and I know this is a cheap shot, but Colhoun looks like he might be trapped in the 80s too.

Fr. Roland Colhoun
Anyway, during the sermon he spoke about evil spirits that might be able to penetrate your mind via the Vulcan Mind-meld techniques yogi apparently use while giving head massages -- or something. Colhoun kind of admitted he was sort of winging it.
Fr. Colhoun said he mentioned yoga and Indian head massage. “The Indian head massage, while I haven’t done a great study into it, the difficulty is that it involves the laying on of hands on another person’s head. There is a risk when you do that because that is a rite we use in the sacramental practice for the communication of the Holy Spirit in baptism and confirmation, and ordination as well,” said Fr Colhoun, “but if you do that outside of a sacramental rite you’re running the risk of communicating a bad spirit, not the Holy Spirit.”
He's said similar Jack Chick type stuff about yoga:
“Pope Francis said ‘do not seek spiritual answers in yoga classes’. Yoga is certainly a risk. There’s the spiritual health risk. When you take up those practices from other cultures, which are outside our Christian domain, you don’t know what you are opening yourself up to. The bad spirit can be communicated in a variety of ways. I’m not saying everyone gets it, or that it happens every time, and people may well be doing yoga harmlessly, but there‘s always a risk and that’s why the Pope mentioned it and that’s why we talk about that in terms of the danger of the new age movement and the danger of the occult today. That’s the fear.”
This has pissed off a lot of people, especially Hindus -- because this is part of their religion, this isn't just a bunch of smoothie-drinking lululemon-wearing American yoga class attendees.

Rajan Zed, President of the Universal Society of Hinduism, has been particularly vocal against the priest and has been quoted across several news agencies. Remember, this is the guy who got Urban Outfitters to stop selling a blasphemous Lord Ganesh duvet cover,  Ganesha socks and -- ironically -- Ganesh yoga mats and yoga pants. This was all for inappropriate use of a Hindu deity, which is about as insane as requiring that nobody draw your Prophet anywhere.

Well, this time I say go at it!

It's not just because I personally dislike the Catholic Church or that I have enjoyed doing yoga. It's because this priest is factually in the wrong: 1) Hindus do not believe in his evil spirits being channels by yoga; 2) There is no evidence that any spirits actually exist; 3) Because of #2, there is no spiritual health risk; 4) There is no evidence for any of the metaphysical claims Colhoun is making; 5) Nor for any metaphysical claims Hindus make; 6) It seems that yoga has positive benefits -- if only good exercise!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Pope Francis Compares Gender Theory to Nuclear Weapons

I think we can all agree that nuclear war is bad. Really, it's one of the worst things ever and having myself grown up in the tail end of the Cold War, it still terrifies the hell out of me. I'd be willing to bet that more people on this planet hate nuclear explosions more than, say, Jews, black people, women... insert your persecuted minority here.

This is what makes Pope Francis' (aka. The 'Good' Pope) latest comments about how gender theory is sort of kind of like nuclear weapons a little stomach turning.
Pope Francis has appeared to compare trans and genderqueer people to nuclear weapons, saying both do not 'recognize the order of creation'.
Are we a tiny bit threatened by queer folk?

The National Catholic Review gives us this short definition of gender theory:
Gender theory is a broad term for an academic school of thought that considers how people learn to identify themselves sexually and how they may become typed into certain roles based on societal expectations.
Certain societal expectations, like perhaps the Catholic Church?
'Let's think of the nuclear arms, of the possibility to annihilate in a few instants a very high number of human beings,' he says.

'Let's think also of genetic manipulation, of the manipulation of life, or of the gender theory, that does not recognize the order of creation.'

'With this attitude, man commits a new sin, that against God the Creator,' the pope adds.

'The true custody of creation does not have anything to do with the ideologies that consider man like an accident, like a problem to eliminate.'

'God has placed man and woman and the summit of creation and has entrusted them with the earth,' Francis says. 'The design of the Creator is written in nature.'

'If we fail in this responsibility, if we do not take care of our brothers and of all creation, destruction advances,' he added.
Perhaps a little hyperbolic? Maybe a tad fear-mongering? Could it be said that comparisons like this might also be a tiny bit incendiary and dangerous to trans people?

Naturally, the Pope doesn't seem to realize or care that trans people are not the result of an ideology.  This is who they are! Why would they risk life and limb in a world which, for the most part, loathes their very existence, to be themselves other than a yearning to be authentic?

The Pope apparently also addressed the threat of gender theory in an January interview where he called it ideological colonization!
Recounting the story of a public education minister he knew who was offered money to construct new schools for the poor, Francis said to receive the money, the minister had to agree to use a course book with students that taught gender theory.

"This is the ideological colonization," the pope said. "It colonizes the people with an idea that changes, or wants to change, a mentality or a structure."

"It is not new, this," he continued. "The same was done by the dictators of the last century. They came with their own doctrine -- think of the Balilla [youth groups of Fascist Italy], think of the Hitler Youth."
Ideological colonization? You mean like what the Catholic Church has been doing par excellence
across the entire planet for centuries. The forced conversions, well, everywhere, including the Native population right here in Canada where children were wrenched from their families and thrown into residential schools? Ideological colonization like that, maybe?

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Montreal Mayor Invites Pope to City's 375th Birthday

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre inviting the Pope to Montreal. (source)
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, fresh from visiting the site of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, briefly met the Pope -- who, in the wake of the Paris attacks, reminded us that anyone who makes fun of one's religion deserves a good ol' punch! During the minute or so meeting, he invited the Pope to Montreal's 375th Birthday bash in 2017 -- cuz Catholicism has a long history in this city. Well, I cannot argue there.

Veronica Abbass brings up the Quiet Revolution in a piece reacting to this news over at Canadian Atheist. Quebec was literally a Catholic theocracy which brought it to a breaking point during the end of the socially conservative Maurice Duplessis government in the late fifties. This is a time referred to as la Grande Noirceur (The Great Darkness). Oh yeah, Quebec and the Catholic Church go back a long way!

So, the head of Montreal handed the Pope this letter. Here's a few interesting extracts.
La Ville de Montréal fêtera en 2017 le 375e anniversaire de sa fondation qui a eu lieu le 17 mai 1642. La mission d'évangélisation et de conversion des Amérindiens qui a mené à la fondation de Ville-Marie... 
The City of Montreal will celebrate in 2017 the 375th anniversary of its foundation, which occurred the 17th of May, 1642. The mission of evangelization and conversion of the American Indians which led to the foundation of Ville Marie...
In the letter, the mayor seems convinced that the Pope is a symbol of loving tolerance for free speech and freedom of thought.
Mais les tristes événements récents de Paris, d'Afrique ou ceux qui se sont produits au Canada, entre autres, nous rappellent combien il importe que les gouvernants ainsi que les leaders religieux envoient des messages de tolérance et de respect de l'autre ainsi que du respect de la liberté de pensée et d'expression.

However, the sad recent events in Paris, Africa or those which occurred in Canada, among others, remind us how it is important that governments as well as religious leaders express messages of tolerance and respect of the other as well as respect of freedom of thought and expression.
You mean like this?
"One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of faith," Pope Francis said in response to a question about the Paris terror attacks during a press conference aboard his plane on the way to Manila, Philippines.

He was unequivocal that nothing could justify the massacre in Paris, but suggested the magazine had gone too far.

Using an analogy, the pope said if a dear friend were to utter "a swear word against my mother, he's going to get a punch in the nose. That's normal."

"There are so many people who speak badly about religions, who make fun of them... they are provocateurs. And what happens to them is what would happen to (my dear friend) if he says a word against my mother."
Or like this?
The Pope is “shocked” by Malta’s Civil Unions Bill, which will allow gay couples to adopt children, Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna has told The Sunday Times of Malta.
Or this?
As Slovakia gears up for a referendum on same-sex unions this coming weekend, Pope Francis gave his blessing to the country's efforts to block marriage and adoption rights for gay couples.
Or this?
“One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say ‘I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them’.

“How beautiful! He knows the sense of dignity! He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on.”
Or this?
"It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day," he said in a section of the speech about the rights of children around the world.
 Or this?
Pope Francis has denounced the right to die movement, saying it's a "false sense of compassion" to consider euthanasia as an act of dignity when in fact it's a sin against God and creation.
Or this?
In advance of a vast rally on Sunday that could draw as many as 6 million people, the pope called on families to be “sanctuaries for respect for life”, and praised the church for maintaining its opposition to modern birth control, even if all Catholics could not live by such rules.
Sounds totally compatible with modern-day secular, multicultural 21st century Montreal, doesn't it? No, not really. Sounds more like a throwback to la Grande Noirceur.

While Quebec is definitely a secular province, it seems like mayors are a whole other breed. You've got the 2005 lighting of the Mont Royal crucifix purple to mark John Paul II's death and that guy in Saguenay.

via Veronica Abbass, Canadian Atheist

Friday, 6 February 2015

Pope Is Totally OK With Spanking Children, So Long As Their 'Dignity' Is Left Intact

Giving your kid a whack is A-OK with Pape Frank.
It really seems to me like the Catholic Church has a bit of a bum record when it comes to responsible child care. Maybe it's because they're a bunch of (ostensibly) celibate single men (and women) who do not have children of their own? Maybe it's their history of cultural-genociding entire peoples by locking their children up in residential schools? Maybe it's because they seem to have an unusually high percentage of pedophiles? There really are so many options.

Then there's spanking, which I've heard can be a rather pleasant thing between two consenting adults, of course. When the spankee (otherwise known as the victim) is not an adult and is consenting only under duress, it might not be so good. If the child even knows what they did wrong, they'll learn that the proper way to treat people who make mistakes is to beat them.

Pope Francis is totally down with spanking children.
The Pope said: "One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say 'I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them.'

"How beautiful," he added. "He knows the sense of dignity. He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on."
Oh how beautiful is the dignified act of smacking your kid. It so does teach them by example how they must control their own violent urges and impulses.

I know some of my readers won't likely see any problem with corporal punishment. I personally was raised with it, while my wife was not. There doesn't seem to be any difference in outcome and I just don't believe it's necessary. I will admit it's effective but I see it as fear based and ultimately not productive at all.

I see it as child abuse and do not spank my child.

You know what's sort of funny? My wife and I are on the Quebec adoption list and one of the stipulations for adopting or fostering in the province is the understanding that no physical violence in the form of corporal punishment will ever be used with the child for any reason. You might remember the evil Christian group, Focus on the Family, more or less advised their members lie to the social workers when it comes to their opinions about spanking.

Under these rules, Quebec adoption agencies would never put a child in Pope Francis' custody! A little ironic because Francis recently endorsed a Slovakian referendum denying LGBT couples marriage and adoption rights. Isn't that hilarious?

It's okay, anti LGBT bigots who are against birth control, a woman's right to a safe abortion and dying with dignity probably don't make the best dads anyway.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Vatican's Tackiest Ever 'Sexy Woman' Outreach Video Mocked By All!

You! Yes, YOU are important! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
So, apparently the Vatican is inspired by Pope Francis' new openness, or something and so they finally want to maybe listen to what women have to say, because YOU ARE IMPORTANT! -- (dramatic head turn and zoom) -- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Just take a look at this, okay?

It's apparently a call to action for women all over... okay with access to smartphones and the Internet... I guess the other women aren't being so 'difficult' these days with all their demands of 'equality'.  Rich Western women are asked to share a film or picture of their life (#lifeofwomen). The Vatican video shows a single photo of a woman sitting with a bunch of kids... that would be the suggested photo I'm sure.

I'm pretty sure, for example, they probably aren't expecting submissions from women like Jacqueline Straub. She submitted a video to #lifeofwomen of herself being totally kickass while boxing. She's essentially asking this convention to consider women priests, because she wants to be one (Priesterin: priestess) -- an obviously cooler one than most priests. Here's hoping she becomes a priest so she can kick any man priest's butt who comes near a little boy. I think I could have a clergy crush...

You go, Jacqueline!

Anyway, here's the transcript, which talks about this conference:
At the Pontifical Council for Culture, in the Vatican, they have taken inspiration from Pope Francis’ openness and are reflecting on women’s cultures and the place for women in societies today, between equality and difference.

At what point are we today, as women?

I am sure you have asked yourself many times, who you are, what you do, what you think about your being a woman, your strengths, your difficulties, your body, and your spiritual life. If you want to, you can share your vision.

Why not tell it with a one-minute film, or in a photo. Put your work online with the hashtag #LifeofWomen, and send a link to

It could be chosen to be part of the opening event of a great meeting of cardinals and bishops in Rome in February 2015 and as part of a crowd-sourced film on YouTube.

You have until 4 January to send in your materials.

You are important!

Merry Christmas!
Apparently, it took some 2,000 years, but because the new Pope is so totally progressive, the Vatican has finally been inspired to reflect on women's cultures and the place for women in societies today. It's nice to see them finally thinking about women's cultures -- uhmmm.. whatever that means! They are continuing a longstanding tradition of exploring women's position in societies, though. They've been telling women where they have to be for centuries.

(The description of the topics covered are available on the website in both Italian and Theology. Since I do not read either, I leave it to qualified scholars to decipher.)

Understandably, many Catholics were not impressed with the cinematography of the above video.
Aside from the obvious — sexy sell has long gone by the boards in developed nations and is totally unacceptable in predominantly Muslim countries — the fact of the matter is that highlighting a stereotypical spokeswoman is not the way to ask for women’s input. Or is the Vatican convinced women’s intellectual abilities rise only to the level of televised soap operas and cosmetics commercials?
We cannot know what Ravasi’s high-production call for women’s photos and videos will bring. He’s already pulled the English-language version of the video, but maybe a few American and other English-speaking woman have ideas that do not depend on heavy makeup and low necklines. Think so? Pass it along.
To me the video looked like something put out by an isolated religious cult full of men -- or a time capsule from the 1950s. Actually, why not both? I'm obviously smitten, but they should have gotten Jacqueline to make their promo video for them!

Others wanted to know what was up with choosing a sexy blonde woman all plastered with makeup, lights shone in eyes, delivering her bit while dramatically turning and tossing her curly locks -- the opposite of priest-wannabe friend Jacqueline Straub. All that was missing were a few 1970s soft focus shots.

Of course, the Church has tonnes of worthy things to discuss when it comes to the status of women across the globe. They really didn't need to make this cheesy video. Phyllis Zagano over at National Catholic Reporter gave 7 important cases of women's human rights being grossly violated and asked why the promo piece couldn't have addressed any of these. I would have added the very important topics of women's control over their reproduction via birth control and access to safe and affordable abortion, FGM, domestic abuse, rape culture, low and no education of women, etc. -- but that's just me.

After listing her cases, Phyllis exclaims:
These are the stories of women around the world. They are put down and held down by the same logic that says women cannot image Christ. The Vatican, as others have noted, simply does not get it.
I'm utterly mystified why this realization isn't the biggest red flag that this organization is not the Church of any god, but rather constructed around a god created by men in their own image. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Saguenay Mayor: The 'Devil' Did It! #JeNeSuisPasJean

It's been awhile since we've heard from our favourite mayor, Jean Tremblay. What's he up to these days when he's not in the Supreme Court trying to force everyone to listen to prayers to his god in city council meetings, anyway? Is he still on his barnstorming cross-province book tour after declaring journalists and atheists nincompoops? Does he finally have his apparent xenophobia problem out of his system?

Aren't we about due for something to pop up?... say on Twitter.
We're forgetting the real author of this event: "The Devil".
It seems that Tremblay is convinced there is a diabolical supernatural force behind the Charlie Hebdo attack. Satan apparently despises political satire in cartoon form. In fact, he went out of his way, apparently, to attack this French magazine, which has published some real doozies against the Tremblay's own Roman Catholic church. It doesn't make much sense -- but does it really need to make much sense?

The tweets generated dozens of sarcastic responses. The Huffington Post article on this points out this new classic.
Stop everything! We're no longer searching for two men but rather a little red devil with horns and pointy tail!!
Thus was born the twitter hash #jenesuispasjean, I am not Jean.

It's nice to see people ridiculing this sort of thing here in Quebec.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Incomprehensible Catholic Arguments For Opposing 'Gender Theory' Published Days After Trans Teen's Tragic Death

By Tim Evanson from Washington, D.C., USA, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There's a horrendous piece of theological gobbly-gook over at The Catholic World Report by Bill Maguire. The website chose to publish just three days after transgender teen Leelah Alcorn tragically killed herself.  (An online letter penned by her detailed that she could no longer bear living as a transgender child in a deeply Christian family.)

Here's the title of this piece:

Christmas Season and Gender Theory: The pernicious ideology of so-called “gender theory" is a rejection of the gift of our bodies and, ultimately, a rejection of the Giver

Because of the mention of Christmas, it appears that this was not meant as a direct response to the death -- unlike Michael Brown's dreadful piece. Still, it offers a window into a cold, logically abstract, disconnected from reality, and utterly incomprehensible theologically inspired 'response' to the pernicious ideology of gender theory. Ideology? Could you imagine being a transgender teen trying to get some sort of insight from this article?
Christ did not come as a pure spirit with the mere appearance of a body; nor did he come as an androgynous person. Rather, he came as a male-person. Jesus took on real human flesh and united his real human body and soul to his divine Person. The Incarnation, then, plunges its roots back to “the beginning,” back to the sacrament of creation. When the eternal Word became flesh, he reaffirmed the two fundamental words of his creation: male and female. And in reaffirming these two words of creation, these two ways of being human, Jesus reaffirms the sacramental function of the body: to bear the image of God in the visible cosmos through the dual-unity, the unity-in-difference of man and woman.
Confused yet? How about this.
Gender theory, then, insists on rejecting the symbolism of the body in its masculinity and femininity. Interestingly, the term symbol comes from the Greeks words sym+ballein, which means “thrown together.” Thus, gender theorists are in fact trying to put asunder what God has joined together: the body, in its masculinity and femininity, as the visible sign of the invisible reality of who God is (an eternal communion of three divine persons) and the nature of his love for humanity (spousal—the love of the Bridegroom for the Bride).

In a real sense, then, gender theory is diabolic. The term diabolic comes from the two Greek words dia+ballein, which means to “throw apart” or “separate.” In Christian theology, the diabolic is that aspect of evil which tears apart and fractures. Gender theory tears apart the body and the soul; it fractures the personality and causes alienation between one’s identity and one’s body. It is, moreover, diabolic in a second sense. Gender theory enshrines as its first principle a Promethean will to power: it introduces a rivalry between God and man in that it presupposes the rejection of God and his created order—the given order of the body in its masculinity and femininity—as the precise precondition for the authentic exercise of freedom and self-realization.
It was difficult for me to choose parts to highlight from this because pretty much every paragraph is just as intensely confusing as the previous. None of it seems to be the slightest bit rooted in reality.

I'm from a Latin-mass-going Catholic family myself. I'm now trying to imagine now, if I were transgender rather than cis (and still religious), what I would make of this. How could I even begin to unpack these sorts of arguments which are rooted down to their foundations in Catholic theology.

To be honest, my brain shut down after the first few paragraphs. All I was left with is the message that if I were transgender, I would be somehow diabolic and destructive to myself and others. What an inspiring Christmas message -- what wonderful timing so soon after the death of a transgender teen.

The Catholic World Report apparently let the post go up at the height of media attention for this story. I can only assume this could be their response to this tragic story which didn't have to happen if people would only accept trans teens for who they are.

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