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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Brampton Drops Lord's Prayer... And A Touch of Christian Dominionism?

Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey explains what secularism is to a Brampton resident. (source)
During December 10th question period portion of the Brampton city council meeting, newly elected mayor Linda Jeffrey explained why the council decided to stop saying the Lord's Prayer to upset resident Greta Archer.

The entire exchange is only twelve minutes and is well worth a watch (skip to 3:30).

Here's a rough transcript of an example of the sort of thing we're up against when pushing for a secular nation. The transcribing bit was bloody painful -- give it a listen up above and you'll know why.
What is our heritage here? To me, the Lord's Prayer is a vital part of our Canadian Christian heritage and this needs to be maintained in council. Because what it says to me is that all of you are not proud enough.. are not proud... but you are in humility, willing to allow to be directed, guiding, given wisdom by God, to do your job, right?

It's very important to us to have that basis. Then, if you want add a more inclusive one, as the mayor said in the Friday November 7th newspaper, which was, Madam mayor, a shock to me, to tell the truth, because I voted for you.

We had enough of other things and we need a fresh start, but this hits me hard as a person who voted. This is the first thing that you brought and I strongly believe that we should be respectful of our diverse communities. I agree with that, but we must have a basis,  a base and then we be inclusive.

In all we homes, we have a rules, we have our standards and then we are welcoming and inclusive to other things. The Lord's Prayer is, to me -- how much more inclusive can we get? It is, to me, one of the most vital things.

So, a question for you, I noticed it was absent today. So was there a meeting that you had to drop it? Where did the idea come from to drop it? Is this your own idea?
She then asked Jeffrey for answers to those questions. The mayor suggested Archer to finish her questions due to time constraints. This is when things get even more frightening.
Did members of your transition team advise you to do this? Has any person of other faith asked you to do this? Is each of the regional and city councilors in agreement with this 100%... ... if so, if they are not in agreement, in a matter of transparency, we would like to know those of you who are not in agreement and we want to know the names.

Because, I believe it should be maintained as a part of our Canadian Christian heritage and everything addresses... we think it's separate but really it's not...  state and religion... history tells us they are connected, whether we like it or not. Seeking direction is very very vitally important.. and maintaining what Canada, why I came to Canada: freedom, yes, but for the Christian heritage that I can pass on to my children and they to their children.
Terrifying. She's all for diverse cultures -- so long as they know who's boss -- her Gawd. It sort of, kind of, sounds like Christian Dominionism, doesn't it?

Again, just a quick reminder that the council didn't drop all prayer, just this particular prayer. So the invocation could still very well be a Christian one -- or at least a monotheistic one. That's just not acceptable for Archer. Her god needs to be revered over all others by the government -- that's why she chose Canada, to be some kind of theocracy-lite. This is what this prayer means to her.

The mayor made a very reasonable and non-rambly response.
I'll speak to the Lord's Prayer. At the end of the day, the Charter of Right and Freedoms has indicated that since 1999 it is illegal for a municipal council to be reciting the Lord's Prayer in their council chambers and we have been one of the outliers as a community, the City of Brampton. So, as I arrived at council, I actually did a survey of all of council and spoke with each person individually about a number of issues and this is one.

As you begin a new term of council, you can decide whether you want to continue to do things the way you used to or whether you do, for a new term of council, in this case four years, do something different. I'm not going to speak about what each councillor said individually -- if you want to have that conversation with each one -- but the majority agreed that it was time for a non-denominational invocation to be part of our opening greetings at the beginning of a council meeting. So, I agree with you, I'm one who recites the Lord's Prayer when I pray but that's my cultural background. My goal here is to try to put the city of Brampton in a different place, to be not an outlier, to be leading edge.

So, each councilor gave me an answer, and the majority indicated either no prayer or a non-denomination. So that was the majority decision of council. ... ...
It would appear that Jeffrey not only understands that city councils should not break the law -- she is after all trying to improve transparency! -- but she also has a much better grasp on secularism than this resident.

Her private consultation with the members also avoided the any concerns councillors may have with good Christians wanting to see who needed shaming -- like what happened to Carolyn Parrish, the only member to vote against keeping the Lord's Prayer in Mississauga.
I've already received two tweets on my Blackberry; that I didn't stand for the Lord's Prayer today: "Now we know what her beliefs are," and one good Christian said, "We're gonna have to work on this and we're gonna have to shame her."
Archer wanted names. I'm not implying she would harass the councilors who wanted a more inclusive space, but there is an element of intimidation there. I wonder how the vote would have gone in Mississauga if mayor Crombie had done things the same way. Perhaps it wouldn't have been such a clean sweep to keep the Lord's Prayer.

Meanwhile, in the above video, the city solicitor was even called into the discussion. Archer asked how she and thousands of other concerned residents could get this changed. The mayor very wisely asked to city solicitor to speak to this. He succinctly brought up the 1999 ruling that rendered reciting the prayer illegal.  Call your lawyer, otherwise, case closed.

If only Mississauga could have been as reasonable as Brampton. Still, remember that all this hullabaloo is over the Lord's Prayer. This will be replaced with another non-denominational prayers, so people are still praying to god(s) before the meetings.

Oh, but it's all just a tradition, after-all. Let this indicate what this prayer really means -- it's a demonstration to all non-Christians that the Christian god is in charge and that politicians are to humble themselves to Yahweh and let Him guide their every move. This is about theocracy -- well, symbolically at least.

Go check out Veronica Abbass' excellent Orwellianesque piece on this over at the Canadian Atheist. There, she points out the Mississauga Newspeak which so starkly contrasts Brampton mayor Jeffrey's clear English.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Pick Up Some Specialty Tea And Support CFI Canada

Three new teas that help CFI Canada.
I'll admit that ever since our son was born, I've been more of a coffee drinker. However, I still do like a nice cup of tea every so often -- especially green tea.

It turns out that CFI Canada is now offering three teas which resonate with the skeptical/science-based crowd. From a CFI e-mail to members:
CFI Canada Exclusive Tea Fundraiser

Our newest addition to the CFIC store is specially packaged blends of tea from Toronto's exclusive House of Tea.  Check out Sagan's Starry Night, Bertrand's Blend and the Bohemian Embassy teas just in time for the Winter Solstice!

We have a limited stock of 100g packages of 3 blends to skeptically quench your thirst! Contact the office to confirm shipping costs (416-971-5676)
Here's a link directly to their store, where you can find 100g packages for between $25 and $30. If you think that's steep, remember that the teas you pick up at the grocery store don't go to supporting worthwhile groups like CFI Canada.

You can pick up Bertrand's Blend, Bohemian Embassy, or my favourite: Sagan's Starry Night.
Bertrand’s Blend: A black tea blend with black currant and sweet cream created for philosopher and social critic Bertrand Russell.  Where is that celestial teapot!

Bohemian Embassy: A blend created for Canadian actor, writer and humanist, Don Cullen – who owned the Bohemian Embassy Coffee House in Toronto!  Rooibos with a hint of grapefruit and nuts.

Sagan’s Starry Night: An organic green tea dedicated to Carl Sagan, our favorite American astronomer and science educator.
These teas would also go well with a book, they have those too.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mississauga City Council Keeps Illegal Lord's Prayer Knowing Full Well They're Breaking the Law

Derek Gray addressing Mississauga City Council. (source)
Last week, I posted about Mississauga resident Derek Gray who was called to address his city council about stopping the reciting of the Lord's Prayer. He had been invited there after he had sent a formal complaint about this illegal practice. Well, before he even got a chance to say anything, this happened.
Yet even before Gray made his presentation it was clear at least one member of council was in favour of maintaining the status quo. After standing to recite the Lord’s Prayer at the start of the meeting, Mayor Bonnie Crombie commented it was nice to begin the session seeking spiritual guidance. There were murmurs of assent from those in attendance.
Skip to around five minutes into the video to see this. They held off saying the prayer -- a tradition likely introduced by the last mayor -- until the day on which they had invited Derek to speak.

Derek got his chance to speak -- but not without the mayor interrupting him to point out that the clerk would rather not see all those prayer supporters waiving about their placards (30 minute mark). They waited for this very moment, as if they were pointing out to Derek and the secularists in the room just how minority a position they held. Out of all the speakers that day, Derek's five minutes or so absolutely needed to be interrupted immediately.
A large number of supporters in favour of keeping the prayer were at city hall for the debate, some holding signs urging councillors to maintain the tradition. The meeting had to be briefly interrupted by the mayor who let the audience know that the signs were not permitted.
He was not phased by this though. He calmly and clearly pointed out that 40% or more of Mississauga residents are either non-Christian or non-religious.  He spelled out for them how obviously exclusive this tradition (of government privileging of Christianity) is. Included in his talk was how the Lord's Prayer specifically is clearly illegal in Ontario and how a similar Quebec case is now before the Supreme Court. The council, however, is apparently uninterested in following laws which inconvenience them. I wonder how many other laws they will ultimately break?

He was accompanied by members of the Canadian Secular Alliance (who are arguing before the court and the Halton Peel Humanists.
Gray, 36, said councillors reciting the prayer was exclusionary considering that, according to data from the 2011 National Household Survey, about 40 per cent of the city identify as non-Christians. He also called the practice illegal in Ontario, referencing a 1999 Ontario Court of Appeal ruling that concluded it went against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. (source)
The reaction to Derek's talk was silence.

Immediately afterward, came two ridiculously lame defenses of the prayer: it's a tradition (Mississauga was established as a town in 1968!) and mob rule (apparently the majority of people would prefer to force the minority to shut up and listen to their invocation.)  We were treated to the usual course of abstract concepts like Canada being grounded in its traditions.

Incidentally, women were begrudgingly given the right to vote during the Great War in Ontario. This also broke tradition.

The pro-prayer speakers drew unanimous applause.

Several other councilors gave mealy mouthed excuses for keeping the prayer in council. This included some War on Christmas type whining about how they cannot say Merry Christmas while representing the city anymore.

Only one councilor bravely stood against keeping the prayer -- Ward 5's Carolyn Parrish (45 minute mark), a Catholic. She chose to remain seated during the prayer and drew early ire from good Christian tweeters instantly. I was able to transcribe her entire statement to the council:
Well, I want to particularly thank Derek Gray for coming. You can tell by the audience that he's in the minority.

I want to speak very briefly about my childhood. I went to a school called Fairbank Memorial Public School; and every morning we said the Lord's Prayer and three Jewish kids were escorted out of the class and the door was closed behind them.

I, as a Roman Catholic, was under threat from my mother: "Do not say the last part of the Lord's Prayer, because that's Protestant and God will strike you dead."

One of those three Jewish kids was my best friend and I said to her one day, "How do you feel about being put out in the hall?' She said, "I feel terrible. I feel embarrassed. I hate people asking me why I'm out in the hall. " and I said, "Why don't your parents call the school?" and she said, "Because we don't want to cause more problems. We're already embarrassed enough."

I moved out to Etobicoke when I was in grade five and the practice didn't seem to bear fruit out here. There wasn't  much going on the school here, they didn't do it. I forgot the issue. When the mayor says -- and our old mayor said, -- "Join me if you wish to do so", if you don't do it the threat and the implication and the embarrassment are there, still.

I've already received two tweets on my Blackberry; that I didn't stand for the Lord's Prayer today: "Now we know what her beliefs are," and one good Christian said, "We're gonna have to work on this and we're gonna have to shame her." So, the idea of 'if you wish to do so', that doesn't work. The herd mentality makes people stand up, or the fear of embarrassment, or the fear of being different. So, I don't agree with it.

I don't believe, on this council, Mr. Gray, you're gonna get a vote against it, but you're absolutely right. It's illegal, and this is a legal body that creates bylaws and upholds the law. So, if we continue to break this law, the Supreme Court will have something to do with it. It's before the Supreme Court right now. So, just keep your fingers crossed, that they come up with a decision that's good for all the people in this country.

And remember, when you work on the Ford line, they don't stop the car process to say a prayer before you get going. This is supposed to be a work place. This isn't a place for prayer. And yes, to all those who ask, I am a Christian, I am a Roman Catholic, I do pray, but it's a private thing for me and I don't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else. So it will be fun to watch the Twitter-sphere today, if any of you tweet, you should watch how I get lambasted.
Can Mississauga vote Parrish in next time?

Perhaps due to Carolyn's talk, the council decided to do the praying seated so that nobody will feel centred out or embarrassed if they don’t participate.

Naturally, this will also make any sort of dissent from the practice virtually invisible. They can simply remain seated, like the herd, and shut the hell up. Any visible disagreement to the majority will only make people uncomfortable and awkward feeling anyway.

Ironically, on the very same day as snubbing its nose at secularists, this new council made a press release about how they wished to establish a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee!
Mississauga City Council approved a recommendation to establish the City of Mississauga’s first Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC).  According to the Terms of Reference introduced earlier in the week by Mayor Bonnie Crombie at Governance Committee, the goal of the committee is to “ensure the City’s Master Plans…are executed with an emphasis on improving diversity and fostering greater inclusion of all residents and stakeholders.”
Now, isn't that grand? Perhaps we can offer some feedback to this committee. These meetings are also open to the public. I wonder if there are any lawyers who could advise residents on what rights and civic duties they have to point out illegal activity -- in city hall.

The end of the second session of the day was met with boisterous calls for a Merry Christmas. This was met with a single call adding 'and Happy Hanukkah'. I suppose, like the prayer, that exclusively Christian statement just wasn't inclusive enough.

Show your support for Carolyn Parrish's brave speech by tweeting her. Let Mayor Crombie know how you feel (in a civilized manner, please) by tweeting her.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Irrational Beliefs Have Real World Consequences

By Tim Evanson [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
There has been another case of parents attempting to faith heal their child. Calgary fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist couple Jennifer Clark and Jeromie Clark withheld proper medical treatment to their infant son after malnourishing it. The baby died in the hospital from a condition which could have been easily treated if caught sooner.
An autopsy found the child was suffering from a staph infection that was complicated by malnutrition and as a result, the infection was untreatable.
This tragedy keeps repeating itself. At the risk of coming off as an insensitive I-told-you-so, I'll repeat a little of my reaction to another case of a religious family letting a member of their own die due to misguided and delusional blind religious faith.
Again, I wonder how this would have gone down if it were a child instead of the father -- and if the family were of a minority religion or no religion at all (kooky alien cult, etc.). I think this could have turned out quite differently.
My above comment was about Kaling Wald, who believed that prayer would heal her husband's seriously infected foot and then believed that prayer would resurrect him from the dead. Neither worked.

Well, it turns out that this was a repetition of history. Last week, the Clarks were arrested after their infant child wasn't strong enough to be treated for a staph infection. An over the top religiously-motivated diet left him extremely malnourished. They even hid their son's declining health until someone ultimately forced them to bring him to a hospital. No doubt, the child suffered horribly.
“We have no indication that he (the infant) had seen a doctor since his birth and the child was not born in hospital,”  said S/Sgt. Andrus. “And the family took steps to conceal his condition from family members. And it was only after the realization by a family member that the infant was sick [that] they were advised to take him to hospital.”
It apparently took a long time in this case for the authorities to bring about charges against the couple.
Police say the investigation was a long and complicated process, which is why it took time to get the results.
No exact indication about why it was so long and complicated, but the other case seemed to be difficult as well, perhaps due to the religious angle.
“It’s an extremely sad case . . . she truly believed her husband was going to be resurrected from the dead, even after six months,” said assistant Crown attorney Janet Booy.
In the case of the adult victim, the children were left with the mother, even after she admitted that she still believed wholeheartedly in the power of prayer and in resurrection. Thankfully, in this case of the infant, the surviving children were removed at the onset of the investigation and are being cared for elsewhere. I fail to see how one is any less potentially dangerous than the other.

Conservative Government 'Cherry-Picking' Syrian Refugees Based on Religion

A cloudy day at the Canadian Parliament. By Monocletophat123 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
There's a controversy that's been brewing in Ottawa about the Conservative government's response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis, and it's not just their incredibly delayed response.

Conservatives’ Syria refugee response labelled as ‘discrimination’

It seems like our government declared that they favor refugees certain religious persuasions. I'll give you one guess which religion is not being discriminated against. Did you guess Christian?
Facing questions from the NDP in the House of Commons on Friday, the parliamentary secretary for the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration was unapologetic when he confirmed religious minorities, who have fled Syria’s brutal civil war and the spread of the militant group ISIS, will be the first priority when it comes to bringing Syrian refugees to Canada.
Remember, this is the government that brought us a special agency (ORF) just to stick up for the rights of religious people. So far, they've only muttered hollow promises about protecting anyone who is not religious. In fact, the minister of Foreign Affairs has even come out saying atheists do not deserve their human rights to be protected as much as religious people. Well, it appears that the wrong religion also is unworthy.

When it comes to Syria, statements like the above imply that the government will be biased against people of the majority Muslim religion.
Sunni Muslims account for nearly three-quarters of all Syrians, according to the CIA Factbook, while other Muslim groups such as Shias, Alawis and Ismailis represent another 16 per cent of the population. Christians and a small number of Jews represent the remaining 10 per cent.

“Obviously that continues to linger as the concern here,” said Amnesty International Canada secretary-general Alex Neve. “That this in some way, shape or form is about the fact that the majority of refugees fleeing Syria are Muslim.”
This goes to show just how divisive bringing religion into selection criteria for refugees can be! NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar -- to whom I've written about the ORF before -- pointed out the danger of bringing religion into this situation well.
“The barrel bombs that [Syrian President Bashar] Assad has been dropping do not discriminate whether you’re Sunni, Shia, Christian or another ethnic group,” NDP Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar said Friday. So the question is, why is this government discriminating when it comes to Syrian refugees?”
The UN has even echoed this sentiment. Religion should not be brought into this at all!
But the United Nations has resisted Canada’s request, as its policy is to help the most vulnerable, no matter their religious background. This includes families led by women, torture victims and those with serious medical conditions.
Truth be said, it's normal procedure for Canada to let the United Nations determine who is most at risk. So who is this government trying to please?
Normally, Canada would defer, broadly, to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to identify those it feels are most vulnerable and in need of protection.
This is disgusting and it's tarnishing our reputation internationally as well. It makes us look like a nation of petty religious bigots. Of course these minorities are at risk, but so are many others. Is one life worth more than another simply because of which metaphysics they believe?
Religious and ethnic minorities aren’t the only groups the UN deems to be at risk. Any Syrian, Sunnis included, can be at risk if he or she opposes the Damascus government, its armed foes or the Islamic State jihadists, depending on where the person lives. Anyone who opposes Sharia law in areas under extremist control is at risk. So are women, children, journalists, human rights activists and many others. It’s a long list.
You can add atheists to that list as well, I'm sure. You can bet your last dollar that this government and their Office of Religious Freedoms will not lift a finger to help.

Can we vote these people out, please?

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Catholic School Blocks Students' LGBT Rights Research Project, Then Forced to Retract. Now, Students to Form GSA.

Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton with Jeremy Dias, founder of Jer's Vision restaurant and LGBT rights activist (source).
Methinks that Ottawa's St. George Catholic School principal Ann Beauchamp should have just let students Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton just do their project about LGBT rights when they first asked, instead of forbidding them. Because, Quinn's mom went to the media and the school board it quickly backed down to try to save face.

I'm not sure if the principal, the Catholic School Board or the writers over at LifeSiteNews -- who seem to be getting hysterical about this -- all quite understand just how educational and instructive all of this really is. The girls got to experience censorship firsthand and now it looks like they'll get to experience what it's like to open a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) in their Catholic school.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mississauga Resident to Address City Council: End the Recitation of Lord's Prayer

Mississauga City Hall. By Mikerussell (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Last week, I got a tweet from Veronica Abbass, who writes over at the Canadian Atheist blog. She was watching the Mississauga inauguration ceremony streaming live on Rogers to see what sort of prayer they would have. I got my answer in real-time with this tweet.

The Elder sang a song to feed their spirit (at 13min mark) so they could go on and do their business in the upcoming year. I'm not sure if I would consider this a prayer or not, but it's definitely a religious invocation or blessing.

I suppose this was a sort of workaround? Previous councils under Mayor Hazel McCallion have insisted on reciting the Lord's Prayer illegally. In fact, you can see this happening at Hazel's very last council meeting on November 26th (2 minutes in):

You can see Hazel call the council to prayer in all previous council meetings over at their video archive. I've listened to some of the more recent sessions -- with the new council and mayor -- and I have yet to hear any prayer, but I'm not sure whether they've had a regular council meeting since the inauguration or if they've just put the prayer on ice until they figure out what they're going to do.

At any rate, to make sure this new council has really got the message, Mississauga resident Derek Gray will be addressing the council next week after filing a formal complaint (see the letter at Canadian Atheist). The Canadian Secular Alliance has released this statement:
Mississauga resident Derek Gray has filed a complaint with Mississauga City Council calling for an end to the recitation of the Lord's Prayer and will be called to address council on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 at 9:00AM.

He is supported by the Canadian Secular Alliance, which intervened in the October 14th Supreme Court of Canada case to argue against all public prayer in Canada.

"The City of Mississauga is breaking the law," said Justin Trottier, CSA Spokesperson. "The Ontario Court of Appeal has declared it unconstitutional to recite the Lord's Prayer at city meetings."

"Religious prayers may reflect tradition, but exclusionary behaviour does not reflect contemporary Canadian values," said Trottier. "Mississauga is not a Christian city, nor a theist city. Religious services belong in places of worship and not in government."
You can watch this live on the 17th over at the City Hall video portal.

Video From Homegrown ISIS Terrorist & Some Local Muslim Response

ISIS terrorist from Ottawa, John MaGuire. (source)
I'll admit that, as a Canadian, I'm really not used to having ISIS members threaten me with indiscriminate acts of terror with slight Ottawa Valley accents. It's completely bizarre.

In all seriousness though, this video threat by John MaGuire angers and disturbs me.

After informing us that we will be indiscriminately targeted -- the words of a thug -- MaGuire has a special message for all of us non-believers:
I warn you of punishment in this worldly life at the hands of the mujahideen and I would also like to warn you of a greater punishment, and that is the eternal punishment of hell fire promised for those who die not having submitted as Muslims to the one true god of all that exists.

Support Raif Badawi on International Human Rights Day

December 10th is International Human Rights Day
Today's International Human Rights Day and Amnesty International has a page with information about their Write for Rights campaign. It doesn't take long to write a letter in support of jailed activists like Raif Badawi or, more recently, Lujain Al-Hathloul and Maysaa Al-Amodi.

Visit the Write for Rights page to learn about who you can help. You can find step-by-step directions on how to write a letter in support of Raif Badawi.

Or if you're at the right place at the right time, there will be a protest happening in support of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi scheduled for this Friday at 12:30pm in front of Pavillion 2 at the Cégep de Sherbrooke.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Every Canadian Should See 'Silence of the Labs'

Something you don't see everyday, scientists in a political protest. (source)
Looking for a Tuesday pick me up? Well, don't watch the video below.

You know things have gotten really bad here in Canada when public sector scientists are being fired in the droves and are being forced into silence if their scientific findings (reality) do not match up with government ideology and corporate interests (in the case of the Harper governments, these two things appear to be the same).

Want to see just how bad things have gotten? Watch Silence of the Labs. Then spread the word.

And yes... it does affect you -- even if you're a climate change denier. They're cutting food inspection!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Catholic School Board Now "'Allowing'" Students to do Project on Gay Rights - Anti-Abortion Group Upset

Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton with Jeremy Dias, founder of Jer's Vision restaurant and LGBT rights activist (source).
Notice the ironic air-quotes around the word allowing in the headline above? There's a reason for those which I'll get to soon.

Last week, a story broke about two young students who attend an Ottawa publicly-funded Catholic school who were asked to do a project on social justice. When they chose LGBT equality -- an obvious choice! -- their principal shut them down and told them they couldn't do their project solely on this topic. So their mother took it to the press where they received broad support for their cause.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Port Hope's Got It Right

Port Hope Town Hall (source)
Sometimes, all the Ontario city and town halls who insist on illegally reciting the Lord's Prayer during their council meetings can overshadow places that have taken a turn for the better. Take, for instance, this story from Port Hope, Ontario.

Status quo already changed at Port Hope council

New mayor elect (by a comfortable marginBob Sanderson said that he would like to fix the 'little things first'. Well, tucked away in the middle of short article about the inauguration ceremony -- between the presence of the Bob's dog at the meeting and his new down to earth seating arrangement -- was this:
The agenda provided, not for the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer (which has been criticized in the past) but rather for a moment of “silent reflection,” and silent it was. A pin-drop would have been audible.
So far, nothing more has been said about this change. It's just fine and everyone seems to know it. Nice to see equality and common sense implemented by government officials who do not feel the need to prove their religiosity with public prayer.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Former Mayor Violated Human Rights Settlement & Just Doesn't Seem to Care

Former Lord Mayor David Eke looks on during Paul Henderson's talk during the 2014 Lord Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Photo by Penny Cole. (source)
There's a good piece by Grant Lafleche over at the Niagara Falls Review about the former Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord Mayor David Eke. Eke broke any semblance of government neutrality towards religion when he attended participated in the last Prayer Breakfast with all his mayoral bling on -- a breakfast that appeared to have gone out of its way to keep itself a purely Christian affair.

As Lafleche points out, It's just exhausting watching these politicians who just can't stop praying while in their capacity as public officials every chance they get during city council meetings or breakfasts. Then when you call them out for being non-inclusive or privileging their own religion over others they start flapping their hands about and protesting that it's not really a religious thing, per se, it's just tradition!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"Mommy Let Daddy Die & Rot For Six Months In Our House." -- Anyone Thinking About The Kids?

Russell Lee [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I'm sure you've probably all read about the Hamilton family that left the corpse of dad, Peter Wald, to rot in a sealed off room in the house for six months. If anyone could ever move a mountain with their faith in the Lord, it would be Peter and Kaling Wald.

Peter had diabetes and his foot got infected. Rather than go to a hospital, they prayed for a recovery and he went into a coma and died. Six months later, the police discovered his rotten corpse in a sealed off room of the house. It seems the family got it into their heads that he'd be resurrected, so they stuck a tuque on his head and taped up all the vents. The laws of Nature were not suspended and he didn't come back.

Climate Change Denial Billboard Appears In Downtown Montreal

Remember that insane climate change denial billboard posted in Calgary by the Friends of Science?

Well, take a look at what showed up in my Facebook feed today! The stupid has spread somehow to Montreal!

Climate change denial billboard in Montreal, November 30th. (source)

Winnipeg Bus Shelter Ads Go Up Against Publicly-Funded Catholic Schools

Ads feature a young student with a bright idea.
After being rejected by Pattison Outdoor, Ottawa area dentist, Richard Thain, was able to easily convince the company Outfront Media (formerly CBS Outdoor) to put up the very same signs with virtually no changes. You might remember that it was also CBS Outdoor that happily accepted CFI's Without God billboard campaign inside Vancouver area bus shelters after Pattison refused to post those.

Here are some of Thain's words from an email he sent me:
The ads were readily accepted by Outfront Media for posting as submitted, without requiring any modifications. These are four of the six ads I submitted to Pattison Outdoor which they did not accept. Pattison Outdoor has never told me which words or phrases they thought violated the Ad Council code.  
It is shocking that Pattison Outdoor arbitrarily denied my right to express my view on the one school system concept; a view that has been expressed numerous times in editorials and opinion pieces in newspapers across Ontario in recent months.
I've written about Pattison before. The head of the Pattison Group, Jim Pattison, is a known evangelical Christian who's notorious for only accepting signs which fit into his rather narrow socially conservative world view.

Here are the four ads have begun appearing on Winnipeg bus shelters in the past week in the vicinity of Winnipeg's new Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

One Woman's Fight to Put Secular Marriage Ceremonies On Equal Footing in Quebec

Geneviève Lemay (source)
There is an interesting story over at Journal de Quebec about Geneviève Lemay, celebrant and singer, who conducts rituals such as marriages, baptisms and funerals in Quebec. She is also an ordained minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Props to her on that one.

Lemay is speaking out about the privilege religious celebrants and organizations have in this province and is asking that non-religiously-affiliated officiants get the same ability to hold marriage ceremonies as religious ones.
«Au Québec, il est impossible de se marier selon sa foi individuelle», souligne la dame. Selon elle, il est plus facile de fonder une société religieuse et un organisme de bienfaisance afin de profiter des avantages fiscaux que de devenir un célébrant laïque.

"In Quebec, it is impossible to marry according to your own individual faith," points out the lady. According to her, it is easier to found a religious society and a charity in order to profit from fiscal advantages than to become a secular celebrant.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Kiryas Tash's Unlicensed Hasidic Schools & The Man Who's Suing Them

Girls' school in the Kiryas Tash community educating without a license and off the syllabus. (source)
Awhile back, I reported that I was generally okay with some concerns about a compromise made between the provincial government and an unlicensed Montreal Hasidic school. The school was not following the provincial curriculum -- it was teaching children religion pretty much all day at the expense of other subject. The agreed upon fix was that parents would now be responsible for homeschooling their children in the secular courses under the supervision of the English Montreal School Board, while children would continue getting their religious educations, along with Math and English, at the school.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

CBC Investigates Homeopaths Spreading Dangerous Misinformation About Vaccines

Still from Marketplace's episode Vaccines: Shot of Confusion demonstrating how homeopathic remedies are nothing more
than water.
Last night, CBC's Marketplace has an excellent and absolutely required viewing investigative report on the growing confusion surrounding vaccination in Canada. More specifically, they are exposing homeopaths who seem to be spreading a whole lot of dangerous misinformation about vaccines (particularly MMR) while offering water as an alternative! They're echoing all the same old debunked crap about MMR causing autism as well -- and they're getting away with mislabeling their remedies due to a loophole!

This report is under 20 minutes. It does a very good job at showing the consequences of misinformation when it comes to not vaccinating your children. I guarantee you that you'll be facepalming while watching it -- my wife and I were furious, really angry! Then, if you want to bang your head against the table, read some of the comments.

Anyway, at least the CBC is speaking out. There is also a nice supporting site with information as well.

In the program, one of the doctors sums it up well. Her own mother wouldn't ever dream of not vaccinating because she had friends who died of polio and other conditions. Vaccines have done such a good job, we have newer generations who don't seem to even understand what they're for! The sad thing is, vaccination rates are down to critically low levels -- especially in western provinces! All of this and more is in this episode.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Parent Consent Letter for Even the Non-Religious Bits of 'Christmas'

Today in my son's school bag we got this interesting consent form: 

The meat of the letter:
Dear parents,

We will be starting the month of December next week; this means that there are only 3 weeks before the holiday break. We will be doing academics however there will be many activities and holiday fun happening over the next couple of weeks. I would like to be informed if you do not want your child participating in Christmas type activities, none of the activities have religious connotations. However Santa Clause (sic), Christmas tree and similar elements of Christmas will be present during these weeks.
I'm fine with him getting the Santa Claus and Christmas trees -- we've got those here at the house. I'm guessing this is likely meant to protect the school from religious parents who cannot handle the secular elements of Christmas. My wife informs me that Jehovah's Witnesses also might have a problem with these very secular Christmas festivities.