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Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Manic Mailbag: Depressing AIDS Cure Scam Spams

A few weeks ago, I posted about predatory pastors in Nigeria who are convincing HIV positive members of their churches to burn their medication and pray to be cured -- and give the pastors money, of course.

Days after the post, I got spam comments on my blog from someone claiming to have been cured  of AIDS by a traditional healer. Then another. Then another. Now they're coming in regularly. It's quite sad.

I thought I'd share some of these stories with you here. I've left the poor grammar and punctuation in and only blanked out the contact information of these quacks so as to in no way promote them.

One thing that struck me about them is how they sort of resemble personal stories from people who've found Jesus.
I was been suffering hardship from HIV/AIDS since 2yrs now, and i happen to have 2 kids for my husband, and now we cannot proceed to have another kids all because of my disease and now i have do all what a human like i and my husband can do just to get my disease healed, i have went to several places to seek for help not even one person could ever help, until i melt a comment on the daily news paper that was commented by Miss Marilyn about how this powerful traditional doctor help her get cured of the disease (HIV-AIDS) " my fellow beloved" i firstly taught having a help from a spiritual traditional healer was a wrong idea, but i think of these, will i continue to stress on these disease all day when i have someone to help me save my life?" so i gather all my faiths and put in all interest to contact him through his Email address at <deleted> so after i have mailed him of helping get my disease cured, i respond to me fast as possible that i should not be afraid, that he is a truthful and powerful doctor which i firstly claimed him to be. So after all set has been done, he promise me that i will be healed but on a condition that i provide him some items and obeyed all his oracle said. I did all by accepting his oracolous fact and only to see that the following week Dr Ehoho mail me on my mail box that my work is successfully done with his powers, i was first shocked and later arise to be the happiest woman on earth after i have concluded my final test on the hospital by my doctor that i am now HIV- Negative. My papers for check are with me and now i am happy and glad for his miraculous help and power. With these i must to everyone who might seek for any help, either for HIV cure or much more to contact him now at these following email now,Email: <deleted> " sir thank you so much for your immediate cure of my disease, i must say for curing my disease, i owe you in return. Thanks and be blessing sir. His Email address is: <deleted>
Note how the above comment only mentions faith in a traditional healer and doesn't reference any Christian pastors. Witch doctors are a common thing in Africa and it's apparent they cash in on superstitious beliefs. The mixture of 21st century Internet technology and ancient superstitious belief is sort of disheartening.
my name is julliana.Truthfully i was tested HIV + positive last 3 years. I keep on managing the drugs i usually purchase from the health care agency to keep me healthy and strengthen, i tried all i can too make this disease leave me alone, but unfortunately it keep on eating me up this is what i caused myself, for allowing my frank make sex to me insecurely without protection, although i never knew he is HIV positive. So last few 4 days i came in contact with a lively article on the internet on how this Powerful Herb Healer get her well and healed. So as a patient i knew this will took my life 1 day, and i need to live with other friends and relatives too. So i copied out the Dr UMORU BELLO the traditional healer’s via email:<deleted> and I mailed him immediately, in a little while he mail me back that i was welcome to his temple home were by all what i seek for are granted. I was please at that time. And i continue with him, he took some few details from me and told me that he shall get back to as soon as he is through with my work. I was very happy as heard that from him. So Yesterday, as i was just coming from my friends house, Dr UMORU called me to go for checkup in the hospital and see his marvelous work that it is now HIV negative, i was very glad to hear that from him, so i quickly rush down to the nearest hospital to found out, only to hear from my hospital doctor called CLARK PENA that i am now HIV NEGATIVE. I jump up at him with the test note, he ask me how does it happen and i recede to him all i went through with Dr UMORU BELLO I am now glad, so i am a gentle type of person that need to share this testimonies to everyone who seek for healing, because once you get calm and quiet, so the disease get to finish your life off. So i will advise you to contact him Today for your healing at the above details: Email ID: <deleted> CONTACT HIM NOW TO SAVE YOUR LIFE if you want ask any question my email:<deleted> i am so glad so to anwser any body in my formal statues. ones again thanks to DR UMORU BELLO for HE IS SO POWERFUL AND HELPFUL.
Again, traditional healer.
i will thank Mrs Prisca for letting the world knows the powerful man that help her from AIDS disease. This was what i have all my life been waiting for since i was infected by HIV last 10months. I always spend money for drugs always but still yet my weight becomes poorer and my joint always getting painful and inching all day. But when i met this comment last 5days, i quickly contacted Dr.olufalaye the Traditional helper. He is from the western part of Africa, i didn’t spend much as i spent for drugs each day, and i for the fact truly reason this because my life was already as take by this disease called AIDS. Truly, when it was 9:00 clock on Monday this week he called me that his gods urgently required some few life items to enable the disease wipe out successfully, then i was asked to send down 200 usd ($). Which i did. He truly bought the items and surprisingly, yesterday afternoon Dr.olufalaye called me that my work has been finally done and it work out well. I was glad and he told me to rush down to my hospital for checkup. Which i really did, my brothers and sisters i went down crying because no one has ever done this to a person in life. Dr.olufaye truly healed me. I was crying it was a dream to my eyes when the doctor said to me that I am HIV NEGATIVE. I am now a free born in life, am now like other people who now think things like human. For these days and forever, i will accept Dr.olufalaye as my father and my healer and helper. He is a great man. Thank you sir. I know i cant reward you. But my God in heaven can. Thank you sir once again.Regards.Email him now for your problem solve at:<deleted>
Apparently, his gods required $200.
Am from CANADA, am here to give my testimony about how i got my HIV disease and how I was flew from it quickly after having on trust on my spell doctor who cured me immediately. Since the year I married to the man I did love because my parents false me to marry him, I have not been enjoying my relationship and sex life with him, he do spend time on his work and don’t have time for me sometimes, he do sleep at his work and also do carry women’s because he has the money to spent but doesn’t spend it on me. So I was so jealous to the extent that I can’t even control my anger and I decided to start cheating on him with my ex-boyfriend, because my husband do not always be at home expect on weekends, I have sex with him without protection, after some months been in love with my ex-boyfriend I was so sick and I decided to go to test and I found that I was HIV positive I feel so sad and was ashamed because I did know how to open up to my husband I hate before, my ex-boyfriend denied me and when my husband found about what was going on he divorced me and I was ill for good 3years I went to many places for solutions but there was no solutions. So one day I was asking GOOGLE some questions on how I can get a cure and how I can get some medications which I will be taking to my own surprise they brought one email out named <deleted> <deleted phone> that this powerful man can cured HIV, I did believe about the cure before but I took the email and searched it on GOOGLE and I found many good testimonies about him, people have been giving more testimonies about him so i contacted him about my situation, he told me all the procedures which I will take, And I did before I knew what was happening he called me and told me to go for an HIV test which i did and when the result was out I was HIV negative. Thanks to DR.ABEGBE now as I am giving this testimony I am now fully settle down with my husband now and we both loved ourselves, I give this testimony for people around that was in my shoes so that they can also be cured like me, so if you also need a solution also you can email him at <deleted> <deleted phone>
Again, isn't it interesting how much these stories sound like Christians' testimonies when they witness? Just saying.

Of course, unless these good doctors can actually demonstrate these magical powers, they're nothing but unsubstantiated frauds - parasites, even.

Anyway, this is really distressing because people wouldn't be doing this kind of thing unless it worked. Imagine how sick and desperate you must be to fall for these. And although they are most probably just stories, many of them were already allegedly on meds.

Friday, 6 December 2013

African Christian Pastors Urging HIV Positive People Off Drugs

AIDS orphans in Malawi (source).
I can tell today is going to be a day full of short rants. These will be mostly therapeutic for me, as they will act as an important release valve ensuring I don't go completely insane with rage.

Here's vent number one. It's about Nigerian pastors who want to supplement REPLACE medical HIV treatment with PRAYER. How could this possibly go wrong?

Pentecostal Pastors In Africa Dangerously Push Prayer, Not Drugs, For People With HIV
NAIROBI, Kenya (RNS) At prayer healing services in some Pentecostal churches, pastors invite people infected with HIV to come forward for a public healing, after which they burn the person’s anti-retroviral medications and declare the person cured. 
The “cure” is not free, and some people say they shell out their life savings to receive a miracle blessing and quit taking the drugs.

This is not pro-life, this is pro-death, not just for people with the disease, but also any children who may be born HIV positive because mother was convinced that praying was more effective than providing their child with critical medication to prevent contraction of the virus.

They're essentially murderers. I would think there would be some jail cells that would suit them just fine.

Edit 2013-12-06: Changed title to reflect that these are people who are HIV positive, not necessarily "AIDS Patients".

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