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Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization In The Political Field | My Secret at Heist Blog
Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization In The Political Field

Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalization In The Political Field

The issue of globalization is a vital topic at this point. This happens because globalization is taken into account capable of eliminating the culture or characteristics of a nation. Globalization seems to be ready to break down the distinctive walls between one nation and another. Countries don’t seem to be truly ready to control their own territories thanks to connectivity between countries.

Definition of Globalization
The notion of globalization may be viewed from various sides. In terms of language, globalization comes from English. Within the Oxford Advancer Learner Dictionary, globalization comes from the word global, worldwide; embracing the full of a group of things.

Hadron Wijoyo et al within their book entitled Marketing Management in the Age of Globalization (2020: 5) explain that globalization may be a process of worldwide integration that happens because of exchanges of world views, thoughts, products, and various other cultural aspects. That’s what makes globalization something controversial within the world of politics. However, globalization can not be completely bad. Tomlinson in Globalization and Culture (1999), says that globalization shortens the gap so humans can shorten the time in their activities. this implies that globalization makes everything more accessible.

History of Globalization
It is harsh to work out when the globalization process will begin. Some experts argue that this phenomenon began to develop within the twentieth century, precisely when the international economy began to rise. If we hold on to national economic events, globalization is probably going to own its roots since humans became conversant in trade between countries. Syamsulnani within the History of Globalization said that at that point, in 1000 and 1500 AD, the 2 countries had sailed within the ocean to trade. Europe itself started trading thanks to the necessity for spices that weren’t available in their country. This made their trade result in colonization in Asian and African countries, including Indonesia. Trade followed by colonialism is taken into account to be the start of globalization. This phenomenon then led to the acculturation of culture, the financial system, and various attempts to support trade activities.

Impact of Globalization on Politics
Conceptually, politics guides people to world order, specializing in making laws as a reference for solving problems, security, and order within the world system. This then leads people to try and do their politics and it’s disbursed on various scales, both small and enormous, even globalizing. Then, what are the positive impacts of globalization within the political field?

Increasing Recognition of Human Rights
Every creature born within the world has human rights. this can be considered a present and must be respected by all people in various countries. This implies that human rights are recognized globally, including political rights.

Establishment of a social group
The form of government is employed to attain the commonweal. this suggests that this technique is deliberately created to make common goals in various fields. Indonesia also has its own social group. In its formation, the Indonesian people have the correct to make the form of government that they apply.

Creating Diplomatic Relations Between Countries
This relationship was created to ascertain cooperation between countries, both within the fields of politics, economy, culture, and other aspects of the state. Increasing diplomatic relations are in the course of the high flow of globalization.

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