Guest Blogger: Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is actually a pseudonym - an hommage to the character in the popular US sitcom Big Bang Theory.  So this is a real person using the name of a fictional television character to hide his real identity.

Sheldon was born into a fundamentalist Christian family.  He made his profession of faith at only five years old and went to a Southern Baptist College for a year where he worked on a Biblical Studies minor.

A nervous breakdown cut his studies short after one year and he still suffers from OCD and depression.

A crisis of faith lead him away from Christianity back in 2010 and around 2011 he began to consider himself Agnostic.

He is also a moderate libertarian politically, very anti-war, pro-civil-rights and pro-small-government but he seldom handles political issues on his blog.

Like me, Sheldon lives in a lower-middle class suburb.  But unlike me, he lives in a small suburb called Granite which is near St. Louis,  Illinois that's well-known for industry.

Sheldon posts on his blog, The Ramblings of Sheldon, whenever he's not busy putting in 40-64 hours a week at his job in the warehouse industry.

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  1. If you're saying you've really got OCD, you should put it CDO, in alphabetical ordrer. A fellow OCD sufferer!

    1. I've heard that joke before, but it's still funny :)

  2. What is this about how you have to continue to attend a church? I seem to have gotten a little lost among your blog posts and if you didn't say that, I apologize. If you did, could you explain why you still go to church? Thanks, Melody.
    P.S. I am not on Google Circle but on Facebook under Melody Hartwell.

    1. It's a long complicated mess. I ask myself why I still have to attend. Mostly it's because of problems with the family, and I'm not ready emotionally, or in other ways to cut ties with family (which I know I will have to once I come out, they're that intolerant).


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