Guest Blogger: David Ince

Here is David's bio in his own words:

I grew up in the beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean. I was raised as an Anglican, not the high church type, but Anglican nonetheless. The first crack in my faith armour came when I was six years old, when my Dad remarked, “How could the flood story be true?  How would Noah get hold of two mosquitoes to get them on the Ark?” 

From that day I realized that the thing called the Holy Bible did indeed have holes and was not the infallible book that most of my friends thought it was. Still I remained a strong believer in God, although I wasn’t quite sure how to define him.  My involvement in the church increased over the years by way of music. I ran the gamut as writer, arranger, chorale director and instrumentalist but through that time my questioning of the basic beliefs of my church continued and more faith cracks opened up.

In 2007 after a number of tragic deaths in Barbados, I asked myself why God would allow such, while hearing others give the tired explanation that it was simply a mystery. One day I said to myself, that these things are only mysteries if we believe that a God exists. For a week I decided to look at the world as though there was no God in it and see what it was like. I was astonished to realize that the world suddenly made a lot more sense. That was the beginning of the road to becoming an atheist. I now sit at that destination, happy and content. I have no regrets at all about taking the journey even as I have had some bumps in the road along the way.

I speak about many aspects of that journey on my blog No Religion, Know Reason where I post as ‘caribatheist.’ I am also as a cohost of the podcast Freethinking Island, which highlights stories of Caribbean non-believers and discusses the strong hold that religion has on our islands and the world. We seek ways in which we can allow ‘the prevailing winds of reason’ to reach out all over the globe.

I now live in Calgary Canada where I am completing a doctoral degree in Renewable energy, focusing on the Caribbean. I am as committed to helping the Caribbean developing new ways of using energy as I am to helping to encourage new ways of thinking. I believe that freeing the mind is the most critical part of becoming a truly progressive society.

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