Freedom To Express Letter Writing Campaign

Here's a page describing this blog's letter writing campaign to help those who are being imprisoned or persecuted simply for exercising their right to free expression.  You can find a pretty good list of these people at the Center for Inquiry - Campaign For Free Expression.

Of particular interest to the Atheist/Agnostic community would be Alber SaberAlexander Aan and Sanal Edamaruku.  But I would encourage writing letter of support for everyone on the page - religious or non-religious.  The common thread here seems to be people who either criticized or were accused of doing some kind of insult to religion.

What You'll Do!

  1. Write a letter or letters of support.
  2. Take a picture of yourself mailing the letter(s) (or just your hand putting it in the box).
  3. Send me a link to the picture using the form below.
  4. (Optional but encouraged!)  Post the same picture to one of the Facebook sites listed in the form below.

What I'll Do!

Send me photos and I'll build a picture mosaic using them
of jailed or threatened Atheists mentioned in your letters.
  1. Post your picture on my blog.
  2. Promote (nearly) any blog, Facebook page, or webpage you have.
  3. Add your picture to a generated mosaic image of the detainee's face which will be constructed over time with all the images I collect and will be released  with every new batch of photos!

So!  Let the fun begin!

Step 1: Read About The Human Rights Violations!

Visit and choose some cases to write letters on behalf of.  I would recommend you write one letter per case so you can really focus in on the particulars.  I believe this will make the letter more poignant.  Remember to keep the letter as close to a single page as possible.

Step 2: Figure Out Who To Write!

I would strongly suggest writing to your own country's representatives.  Keeping things local this way means you're reaching people who should hopefully care about your opinion and how you'll vote.

Here's a list I've started.

If your country is not on this list, please let me know who you are writing to and I will construct a  fuller list as the campaign moves along.

Note: The Center for Inquiry has an excellent Take Action page that may have contact information for your country.

Step 3. Write Some Letters!

I would suggest keeping your letter short and to the point.  I would also suggest making one letter per detainee you are writing about - this ought to keep it poignant. 
Remember, your letter doesn't need to be perfect or long.  It just needs to get the point across!

Step 4. Take A Picture Of Yourself Mailing The Letters!

You may include your face or just your hands.  However you like it!  Let me know if you want me to obscure your address and I can do this as well.

Step 5. Fill Out The Submission Form!

Fill out the form below.  If you cannot give me a link to your picture then fill out the form and e-mail me the photo at

Then wait for a response.  I should get back to you within a day or two and a post should go up around the same time.  When it is posted, you can share with your friends on Facebook!

While you're waiting, why not also post your picture to Facebook pages in support of the detainees!


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