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I've been in an open marriage with Godless Poutine for over 10 years and us two imperfect but attractive people created an imperfect but very attractive little boy. My main purpose in life, I believe, is to help women and my child achieve their dreams and full potential.

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Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon was born into a fundamentalist Christian family. A crisis of faith lead him away from Christianity back in 2010 and around 2011 he began to consider himself Agnostic.

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Recovering Agnostic
I naively got involved in online discussions with atheists, not going out of my way to convert anyone, but frequently taking the bait when Christianity was ridiculed, and trying to argue the point. It was one of those debates that was responsible for the first breach in my previously impregnable certainty.

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David Ince
For a week I decided to look at the world as though there was no God in it and see what it was like. I was astonished to realize that the world suddenly made a lot more sense. That was the beginning of the road to becoming an atheist.

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