Help The KHPS Purchase Land For Its New Permanent Location!

The current location of the Kasese Humanist Primary School is actually being rented from the local rail company.

Edit 2013-08-16: The land has been bought! We are now raising money to build classrooms! Please check out our fundraiser at:

(Last update: February 14th)
* I had to raise the goal a little on February 14th.
Please see the edit notes in this post or the bottom
of this post for an explanation.

About the School

Kasese Humanist Primary School is a secular school offering Nursery and Primary education to young people aged between 4 and 13 in the communities around Kasese Municipality. The education offered is free from dogma and indoctrination.

The school is the first of its kind in the district and in Uganda. It is based on Humanist values and ethics and offers basic subjects as stipulated by the Uganda Primary School Curriculum. In all subjects taught, emphasis is put on the application of a scientific approach and critical thinking. The school encourages pupils to be rational, innovative, creative, skilled, compassionate and tolerant.

About this Fundraiser

With over 200 students, the school's current facilities are reaching their limit to service the region. In addition, the land and building is being leased from the Uganda Railroad, which causes money to be diverted to pay rent and makes the construction of permanent structures more difficult and financially undesirable.

On January 28th, nine acres of prime land was secured by Bwambale Robert, the School Director.    At the time, half the required money was paid for the land.  The other half, some 18,000,000 UGX ($7,000 USD) is required by March 28th to finish the transaction.

(Edit February 14th, 2013 - I had to raise the goal to $7250 to cover overhead expenses from PayPal and the cost of the bank transfer.  You can find a fuller explanation at the bottom of this post.  My sincerest apologies for any confusion or dissatisfaction this may cause.)

Read about this here on my blog: Kasese Humanist Primary School to Buy Land For Permanent Home!

We have already successfully raised money to build a chicken coop for the school (which will be moved to the new land).  Now it's our chance to help the school get a permanent home and grow!

(Be sure to specify you are donating to KHPS on the AAI landing page.)

Tanya Smith at Atheist Alliance International has agreed to accept donations for this project and keep me updated about how much comes in so I can update the fundraiser thermometer above!

I will update my blog with progress reports as well!  You can follow the progress of this fundraiser directly using this label link:

Further Reading

Visit the school webpage at Kasese Humanist Primary School and read its news update on the KHPS School News blog.

Visit my blog's landing page for the school at the Kasese Humanist Primary School On My Secret Atheist Blog.  Or read more about the school and the associated botanical gardens on my blog at Kasese News.

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  1. I entirely thank all of you who are contributing to my school project and this is a good step to boost further the stability and service delivery of Kasese Humanist Primary School. As a point of concern to all friends and well wishers of KHPS who are in the diaspora and happens to land in Uganda, make it a must to visit the school and get chance to address my teachers and children.


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