Leaders and People: Who are the Real Asset?

Leaders and People: Who are the Real Asset?

Politicians govern people. People contribute to the government through taxes. Among the two groups of people, who is the “asset”?

The differences are: first, their purposes, politicians are to serve the public, people on the other hand are to help the government through abiding  by the rules (including laws, taxes, ordinances); second, their status, most of the politicians are already well-off, some who are not becomes well-off during their service and after their term, people on the other hand same with the politicians, not all people are rich, most are actually in need; third, the intentions, politicians from the very start should have a genuine intention of serving their people, however, this seldom happen because of greed and corruption, people on the other hand, strive hard to follow, to heal whatever bad perceptions they have as long as they are being served right and consistent. The differences are not to condemn and criticize both groups but to actually assess who is the real government asset, in terms of the contributions and deeds?

Both groups has capabilities. Their actions will depend on what kind of person they are and what their plans really are. They both have good sides and bad sides. Both groups have their contributions to the society and at the same time both impact the society negatively.

Relationship between  the leaders and their people should be easy to establish. It is like the california factoring companies, the investment is asset-based, here, the building of camaraderie between the two groups is all about what one can do for the other one. Both are definitely assets to the society, though both can also be the rust that can destroy trust, organization, and governance. It is indeed very significant to maintain the nice intention towards a rising economy and healthy interactions.

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