Friday, 18 December 2015

Podcast 22 - (Solo) Dinosaurs, TV Witches & Human Rights

I wasn't able to get any guests on this week so I ranted and raved to myself! This isn't anything new, really. It's just that I did it in front of a microphone this time.

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My second solo episode is me ranting on about creationists, censoring of occult on TV in India and the situation with Raif Badawi.

‘Dino Pastor’ preaches in Wright Township about science behind creationism (

Televangelist: God put dinosaurs in the Bible as the ‘poster child for creationism’ (

Advisory to channels on superstitious content (

Intro Music: ‘Cocktails In Space’ by Dana Countryman (
Outro Music: ‘Interdimensional Lounge Music’ by The Polish Ambassador (

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