Friday, 4 December 2015

Podcast 20 - Help Bangladeshi Blogger Tareq Rahim

Not much time this week! So I'm just going to set episode the twentieth down right here for you to listen to. This episode includes an interview with Monika Mistry, the wife of attacked Bangladeshi blogger Tareq Rahim. You can read about this tragic story of Islamic extremist terrorism right here and here.

I also catch up with CFI Canada National Director, Eric Adriaans, too.

Listen to the episode and look at the links below for tips on how you can help Monika and Tareq reunite safely in Montreal.

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Three months after the wedding, on Halloween day, Tareq was brutally attacked. Just hours after speaking to Tareq on the telephone, his wife Monika Mistry got the horrifying news that her husband was brutally cut down in the office of Shuddhashar publishing house, in capital city Dhaka. 

I caught up with Monika at a Montreal cafe last Friday and I’m pleased to bring you this short interview from November 28th.

This episode also includes a short talk with CFI Canada National Director Eric Adriaans.

How you can help:
Write letters:
Visit CFI Canada:
Voltaire Address:

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