Friday, 27 November 2015

Podcast 19 - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Skepticon

This week I have a new guest on the show - it's me! Sean McGuire is a blogger and podcaster who went to Skepticon and had a few exciting adventures along the way.

Skepticon ruled and he enjoyed every second of it! He also loved Springfield because the people were super friendly and upbeat! He'll be back next year for sure! For now though, he'd like to share with you a few of of the bumps he encountered along the way because he's just a Canadian who never travels anywhere!

Don't blame him, he doesn't travel much!

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I had a wonderful time at this year’s Skepticon, which was the first I’ve ever attended. Still, things were a little bumpy on the way there from Montreal. In my first solo episode, I recount my cold-meds enhanced middle-of-the-night adventure to Springfield, Missouri! Please note that I really did enjoy everything about Skepticon! The conference is well worth the trip and I will be back! The people in Springfield are also amazingly friendly! This monologue is just a little side info about my eventful trip there!


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