Friday, 13 November 2015

Podcast 17 - Comedian & Youtuber Linda Beatty

Hey all you humanoid computational device utilizers! I greet you from Skepticon 8 where I have attended at least 1.25 talks! My plague remains, and a coughing fit forced me to leave the workshop I was enjoying exactly ¼ of the way through. I have taken myself to my room - alone... like some sort of dying animal.

But cheer up! It gives me time to release this week's episode of My Secret Atheist Podcast, the seventeenth. 

Linda Beatty is an Australian atheist harp playing comedian - probably the only one on the planet! So listen to this awesome interview and then visit her website The Bible & Other Fairytales!

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Linda Beatty is an Australian musician, comedian and atheism activist who recently started producing the delightful Youtube series: The Bible and Other Fairytales.  I caught up with Linda and got to talk about her new series, her family life as a kid, the secular scene in Australia and the other Linda Beatty!

Intro Music: ‘As Colorful As Ever’ by Broke For Free (
Outro Music: ‘Behind The Seas’ by Possimiste (

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