Friday, 30 October 2015

Podcast 15 - Aki Muthali - One: Reza Aslan, Sri Lanka, Head Coverings, Threats

Are all my weeks insane? Are things really picking up or am I just losing my ability to cope due to lack of sunlight? Well, I don't care either, because it's time to release another episode of My Secret Atheist Podcast.

Aki Muthali is a blogger over at The Nation (Pakistani one).  She has important things to say about Reza Aslan and many other things in episode the fifteenth of this podcast - which, thankfully, people keep accepting to appear on.

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This is the first extract of a two part interview with blogger and activist Aki Muthali. Aki was born in Sri Lanka but her family immigrated to Canada in the early nineties when their country fell into conflict and turmoil. Aki blogs at The Nation, an online news website in Pakistan. Her most popular works to date are three scathing critiques of Muslim apologist Reza Aslan, A Unicorn’s Legacy. Here she shares her plans for another article about the situation in Sri Lanka. Aki also shares her take on Muslim women wearing head coverings at citizenship ceremonies.  Finally, we’ll hear about how Aki has received threats online for her position on religion and women’s rights.

A Unicorn’s Legacy I:
A Unicorn’s Legacy II:
A Unicorn’s Legacy III:

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