Friday, 23 October 2015

Podcast 14 - Armin Navabi - Growing Up In Iran & New Book

What an insane week! I briefly considered a hiatus on blogging, but then I realized that I still mainly do it for fun! Sorry, people, I do it for fun. Come have fun with me!

Armin Navabi, founder of Atheist Republic, had a not so fun experience with religion in Iran when he was a kid. It nearly killed him. Why don't you listen to it on episode the fourteenth of this podcast I keep making?

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This is the third and last extract from a longer conversation I had with Armin Navabi, ex-Muslim who founded Atheist Republic. He is also author of ‘Why There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God’. In this discussion, we talk a little about Armin’s life growing up back in Iran and how his strong belief in religion nearly cost his life. Topics like gays, lesbians and sexuality in the Muslim world will be covered. We’ll also talk a little about his book, too.

Armin’s blog:
Armin’s book:

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