Friday, 2 October 2015

Podcast 11S - Armin Navabi - Discussing ‘3 Propositions for Atheists to Consider’

"They" attempted to infect me with alien virus using chemtrails and fluoridated water, but I survived - just barely! My sickness combined with the NSA (Illuminati tools) disrupting the Internet so as to make Skype almost unusable, nearly knocked this podcast out completely. So this episode is shorter than the others. "They" will not defeat me, oh brothers and sisters!

Give it a listen before "They" shut me down entirely! Yes, another My Secret Atheist Podcast ... podcast! You can also find mention of this in the Masonic symbols on the US dollar bill!

(Sub) Episode, the eleventh, features a short discussion with Armin Navabi from Atheist Republic!  Armin has written the fantastic short book Why There Is No God - Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God. It's been recently endorsed by Dubai Mistress JessBetter listen to the Mistress. Good enough for me!

We'll be discussing a short video with propositions for atheists to consider. Take a look at the notes below!

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

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This is the first of several short extracts from a longer conversation I had with Armin Navabi, ex-Muslim who founded Atheist Republic. He is also author of ‘Why There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God’. In this discussion, we react to a Muslim apologist’s video ‘3 Propositions for Atheists to Consider’ - propositions considered!

If apologetics is not your thing, stay tuned for the next episode with Armin!

Armin’s blog:
Armin’s book:

Tackling Atheism #1 | 3 Propositions for Atheists to Consider | Shaykh Asrar Rashid:

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