Friday, 4 September 2015

Podcast #7 - LogosPilgrim - Atheist Tiki Podcast

Got nothing to do this Labour Day weekend? Don't lie! Of course you don't! Does anyone? All the stores are closed on Monday too, so it's basically the apocalypse. Why not celebrate by listening to yet another My Secret Atheist Podcast ... podcast - if that's your thing.

Episode, the seventh, features a discussion with author, public speaker and Professor Snape aficionado, Logospilgrim (!

Logospilgrim just got back from the Non Conference 2015 and she gives us all the low down on it. She also talks about her journey from religion to Secular Humanism, which happens to be what her book is about, so it ties in nicely. We'll also learn about her new upcoming book.

Deep dark secrets will also be divulged - like what the the hula girl means.

You can watch this episode over at Youtube or right here, below:

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Ep 7 : LogosPilgrim - Atheist Tiki Podcast(aka. The Quiet Professor)

After reading There’s a Hula Girl on my Dashboard: How I Left Faith Behind and Embraced Life, I had to get author and all-round cool person LogosPilgrim ( onto the show! She will share her positive experiences of the recent Non-Conference in Kitchener, Ontario and give us some background views on her recent book and upcoming book.

LogosPilgrim’s website:

Intro Music: ‘The Gods Have Thirst’ -  Les Sans Culottes ( 

Outro Music: ‘Cocktails In Space’ -  Dana Countryman (

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