Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Saudi King & Entourage Don't Want Female French Police Officers Near Them

There's a stretch of public beach in the south of France that the Saudi King and his entourage of over 1000 have more or less annexed.
French bathers have accused the Saudi royal family of commandeering a public Riviera beach — a favourite among nudists — for their own private use during a forthcoming visit.

Residents are threatening to sue the Saudis over an attempt to block an underpass leading to the public Mirandole beach at Vallauris — between Antibes and Cannes — with fencing.

They are also furious that workers have begun illegal construction work on a huge concrete slab that is apparently being built on the sand especially for the visit.
The dust and noise generated by the work - who knows if there is a permit - is greatly disturbing the locals. There is already a 140,000+ signature strong petition against this. In fact, yesterday there was a nude protest against him taking the beach for himself!
And yesterday, demonstrators - including nude swimmers - made their feelings known during a protest.
Apparently, the king bought the property around 20 years ago, but the beach is still considered public properly under the law. It really does appear to be spoiled brat syndrome. In the past, he's also been asked to remove his giant machine gun as well.
In 1995, King Fahd lost a legal battle to close a coastal path that ran close to his property and was ordered to remove a machine gun pointing out to sea. He was also blocked from building a parking bay for his yacht.
Thing is, his entitlement syndrome may be legitimate - western countries like France, Canada, US and the UK have been tripping all over themselves running to the money trough. The Saudis are bribing the world with billions of dollars worth of arms deals. This keeps socalled secular democracies from doing anything in protest of the Kingdom's horrendous human rights policies - especially against women, minority religions, and atheists and secularists.

Just take a look at the Saudi Arabia tag on this blog and I think you'll see what I mean. In particular, take a look at the situation with Raif Badawi.

Now, the French police are protesting that the Saudi king has made it clear that he doesn't want female officers anywhere near him.
Now the police are furious, suggesting the visitors from the repressive Middle Eastern state do not believe in equal rights.

‘We’re the victims of discrimination,’ said one police source.

‘One of our colleagues was asked to leave the area on Saturday night because the Saudis felt uncomfortable with her around. This kind of discrimination should not be going on in France.’ 

A second female officer was on Sunday also ordered away from Chateau de l’Horizon, the king’s £5million-plus holiday mansion which was once used by Winston Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Marilyn Monroe. 
These police officers are right. I'm rather convinced that Saudi government officials have no idea whatsoever what equal human rights means. It's the holy buck which is apparently bribing government officials into doing nothing whatsoever in response - except accept money.
Like Britain, France sells millions of pounds worth of arms to Saudi Arabia every year and considers the country one of its greatest allies, despite its human rights abuses.

This is why the Ministry of the Interior in Paris is now thought to have agreed to keep all women officers away from the Saudis. 
This is, of course, completely disgusting yet wholly unsurprising. This event is a sort of microcosm of what's happening on a much broader scale. The Saudis, with their amazing wealth, believe they can do anything - because they can do anything.

I wonder why they might have problems with female police officers - women in powerful authority positions of power?

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