Tuesday, 7 July 2015

'An Arab Atheist Is Usually a Parasite' - Saudi Opinion Piece

There's a vile opinion piece over at the Saudi Gazette all about Arab atheists -- a group that's been growing in number and voice recently despite local government and mosque often working hard to suppress it.
An Arab atheist is usually a parasite — someone who claims to be knowledgeable but is not and will probably eventually commit suicide. Many Western atheists have been discoverers, inventors or prize-winning authors with goals to achieve in life.

An Arab atheist is usually a drunk, certainly a degenerate and has definitely nothing to offer. Though some people spend time with them for a laugh, the Arab atheist assumes they are admirers.

Arab atheists are usually contradictory, deluded and with complexes gathered in a worthless mind. These people often verbally insult all that is sacred and religious, and most of them do so just to attract attention and the curiosity of common people who laugh at the idiotic notions they hear.
Reads very much like some second world war anti-Semitic propaganda I've run into before. Lest I run the risk of getting accused of lifting this entire piece of filth, I'll summarize the next paragraph.

He goes on to cite atheists like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein as being industrious, while Arab atheists will never amount one jot and will all die from drug overdoses or traffic accidents. I'm uncertain how these two forms of death are in any way equivalent.

He asks whether any contemporary Arab atheists have invented anything useful, written any worthy literature or have done any Nobel Prize worthy acts.  He then concludes, bizarrely, that Arabs are unable to be proper atheists.

What a ridiculous assertion coming from someone living in a country where atheists are thrown in jail or even murdered by the state! Surely, he must be aware of this. And surely, he must be aware that Raif Badawi, one accused of being an atheist, was even nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Oh, I'm sure there are many undercover atheists who are doing excellent things, but they're too concerned about being killed to reveal their lack of faith. Being dead is a harsh career breaker and a huge impediment to scientific progress.
In comparison, a Western atheist is far better than an Arab atheist in terms of attempting to deal with and understand life and leave a deep scientific or intellectual heritage. Please do not take Arab atheists seriously. There is nothing to be taken seriously anyway.
To even have articles like this published in Saudi Arabia might signify certain religious and government groups may feel threatened. That's what I read from this.

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