Friday, 12 June 2015

Need to Get More 'Saudi Arabia' Human Rights Issues Out of My System

Okay, okay, I know. You're all tired of me raving on and on about Saudi Arabia. It's just that it's a perfect example of what happens when you mix the absolute power of monarchy with insane fundamentalist religion.

So rather than bore you anymore, I'm just going to dump a bunch of additional links I ran into while researching my previous posts this week. This is cathartic for me.

Saudi Arabia is to lift laws that ban women from travelling without a man's permission  -- Don't get too excited. It seems like they are lifting the age restrictions and are instead focusing on the reason for travel.
Major General Sulaiman al-Yahya said new regulations were being drafted that would also mean women no longer have to apply for permission prior to travel from various government ministries – bringing laws in line with those of “advanced countries”, he said.

Oh yes! What an advancement! The story also includes talk of chipping migrant workers (slaves) so they cannot escape from their employers. How forward thinking!

Saudi Arabia Bans Fashion Shows -- The vast majority of models affected by this are men. I'll give you 0.5 seconds to consider for yourself why that is (black burqas).

Saudi Arabia Shuts 90 Bridal Shops For Not Employing Women -- I guess this is good for women. I mean, I cannot even fathom buying from men. Apparently not a lot of women are really into selling lingerie and bridal gowns -- they prefer being teachers or administrators! Silly women! The government is apparently making this move to open up more appropriate jobs for women.

Reformation: Wild party duo ordered to dig graves -- Two men and two women were caught singing and dancing on the beach! Rather than sending them to jail, a Jeddah court decided to sentence the men to digging five graves each and the women to visiting 10 people in an intensive care unit. Laughing and dancing! They got off too easy!

Dancing nurses get salary cut in Saudi Arabia -- Some nurses danced and sang inside a hospital bathroom! For this terrible sin, they got their wages cut -- luckily no limbs went missing.
"We have decided to deduct five days from their salaries as a penalty for dancing inside the hospital. We do not tolerate such acts at our health establishments," 'Al Watan' daily said, quoting health department spokesman Saeed Al Nuqair.
Okay I feel better now. I'll be fine for the next few days.

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