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Beware: Anti-Choice Groups Could Leave Gruesome Pamphlets On Your Doorstep

Screencap from the website
Earlier this morning, I got an instant message from furious reader Derek Gray who lives in Mississauga. He is understandably upset because his eight-year-old daughter was exposed to gruesome anti-abortion material that was carelessly handed out door-to-door in his neighbourhood.
Sean have you seen this disgusting anti-abortion flyer? My daughter saw it first and was very disturbed. I'm furious. Was in our front door handle yesterday but was folded, i only saw Justin's face so i tossed it on inside without noticing and she came down in the morning and saw it. Didn't know until she saw me holding it and said to never show it to her, it's too scary. She asked if it was real and i lied and said no. She's a very sensitive girl, just turned 8. Even most Disney films are too much for her. I called the number and left a nasty message.
The pamphlet was distributed by the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform and was a graphic attack against Justin Trudeau and his bid to win the next federal election. It's a collaboration of two anti-abortion groups.
Campaign Life Coalition Youth and the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform have announced that a "#No2Trudeau Campaign" will kick off Friday at the University of Victoria, with a nationwide speaking tour to follow. The groups are protesting what they call the Liberal leader's "extremist position" on abortion.
Here are some pictures Gray sent me with the disemboweled fetuses pixelated out.

I found it unpleasant dealing with the images, so I can only imagine how Derek and his daughter felt. When I was a child, I found similar pamphlets in the basement of my house. My parents are traditional Roman Catholics and they're big on this stuff. These photos screwed me up real good.

The campaign's website, No2Trudeau asks you on its landing page whether you're pro-choice or pro-life. If you choose pro-choice, you'll get horrible graphic images to look at. If you're pro-life, you'll get a list of churches and other venues to listen to two speakers talk about the campaign.

As you might expect, the representatives from both groups come from very religious backgrounds. Campaign Life Coalition youth coordinator Alissa Golob grew up in a Catholic family, the eldest of nine children. Meanwhile, CCBR's Jonathon Van Maren was raised in a Reformed Christian home and currently attends the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of Norwich, Ontario.

They have some dandy ideas about abortion too: like, it should never be allowed -- even in rape.
“What about rape?”  Many people ask this question because they feel for the poor woman who was victimized in the worst possible way.  Sexual assault is a heinous crime.  The perpetrator should be hunted down, tried, and then thrown in a deep, dark cell for the rest of his life.

I would ask though, why should the innocent pre-born child get the death penalty that even the evil rapist would not receive?

One might imagine the morning after pill would resolve this issue for those who are anti-choice. However, Alissa made these bizarre comments in an interview with National Campus Life Network.
The CPS also defends the provision of emergency contraceptives to adolescents and pre-teens in a private and completely confidential manner. They even urge medical practitioners to begin discussing the availability of the drug to girls as young as twelve years old.

Alissa Golob from Campaign Life Coalition Youth called their approach “a recipe for enabling child rapists to continue sexually assaulting young girls behind their parents’ backs.

The approach of the CPS also gives these young boys and girls the false impression that they can continue having sexual intercourse without consequences and/or without their parent’s knowledge. 

Okay, so they're against abortions in any case at all and they're against the morning after pill. What about contraceptives?
Sex education that promotes contraception, inevitably promotes promiscuity and abortion. Former abortionist Carol Everett said in the documentary Blood Money, “We had a whole plan to sell abortions and it was called “sex education”. Break down their natural modesty, separate them from their parents and their values, and become the sex expert in their lives so they turn to us. We would give them a low dosage birth control pill they would get pregnant on, or a defective condom. Our goal was three to five abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 19.”
What the hell? No surprise for someone who grew up in a ginormous Catholic family.

Ultimately, Alissa and mostly likely this entire group, is against any form of science-based sex education, birth control or abortion -- no matter what.

Back to the Derek's daughter though. It's not like this group hasn't considered children like her -- no, they've considered them and have chosen to continue anyway. Collateral damage -- gotta save the zygote or embryo... or maybe fetus. Why won't they think of the actual children?

They offer up two responses, one on their site and one on their blog.
If parents with young children see the images, they can practice parental discretion and distract their children as they would if there were a dead deer on the side of the road. Or, they can seize it as a teaching opportunity.
The excuse is that children are not the target of their campaign but the only way that people who may get abortions in the future will see their gruesome photos is if they wave them about in public. I can guarantee them that their images are traumatizing to children -- I'm living proof of that.

Again, what about children? Putting these images on the web is acceptable to me, but leaving them on the front door? Really? How is this any different than leaving hardcore pornography at the front door? What sort of respect do these people have for children, for parents, for families?

Actually, I think these pamphlets are more harmful to children than if hardcore porn were left somewhere for them to find. Sex is nowhere near as traumatizing this.

The Mississauga mayor agrees that these pamphlets should not be distributed and left willy nilly all over the place.
"I'm appalled that these flyers are being delivered to Mississauga homes,” she said. “Regardless of your stance on the issue, I think we can all agree that such graphic and unsolicited flyers should not be carelessly distributed to the doorsteps of our residents where innocent children could see them."
We know this happened with Derek's daughter and it nearly happened to another resident.
Cooksville-area resident Mandi Doherty said she received the flyer in her mailbox last week and said she wanted to vomit.

“I was shocked when I got it, it was so graphic and so unexpected,” she said, adding she was glad her two school-aged children weren’t exposed to it. “But what happens if kids see it? They would have a lot of questions.”
I know! Why not focus on sound sex education, contraceptives and morning after pills? That would cut down on abortions dramatically along with sexually transmitted infections. No children need to be traumatized.
Better access to contraception, higher quality sex education and shifting social norms have contributed to a 36.9 per cent decline in Canada's teen birth and abortion rate between 1996 and 2006, according to a report released today by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada.
Wouldn't it be better for both sides of the debate to join forces and take logical and proven steps to reduce abortions?

Meanwhile, this group plans to continue placing these pamphlets right up to the election. They plan to hand out 1,000,000 of them. They refuse to put envelopes on these because they want to shock. I wonder how many thousands of children they will bring fear and trauma to? Provincial police have not commented yet.

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