Thursday, 29 January 2015

Some Region of Peel Residents Totally OFFENDED By Totally Inoffensive Thing!

I was in the midst of writing a story about Brampton when this story came across my radar and I had to STOP the presses! It seems like a pamphlet sporting the UNHOLY ATHEIST-LIBERAL trio of offensive things was distributed to the decent God-fearing folk of the Region of Peel! I'm talking about Yucky Naked Man Parts Environmentalism, Monkeys Wielding Bones! Bones! Monkeys Taking out the Garbage! EVILultion!

Take a look at this picture on the pamphlet and you'll see what I mean!

One resident voiced her concern!


Anyway, the Ward 9 City Councillor agreed, but later had to clarify that it had nothing to do with evolution, but rather the naked man!
Naked men sort of like THIS?



1972 Pioneer 10 plaque (source)
No wait, THOSE PERVERTS at the Vatican and in that state gallery in Florence, Italy are actually showing the man-bits while that recycling drawing is not!

And those atheist, evolutionist, environmentalist scientists with their nudie space plaque trying to corrupt space alien children with perverse thoughts! That godless Carl Sagan!
“Even though I have observed some monkeys in our neighbourhood, naked, delivering their waste to the curb, it is certainly not the normal accepted attire. The ad shows a man evolving from a monkey while walking to the curb. To me this is a moral outrage,” said Brampton resident Marriet Grootenboer in a letter to the editor.
One person pointed out that there would be an uproar if the person were a naked woman. I actually think the opposite is true. I think female nudity is so normalized in our culture that it's the naked man that's freaking people out.
“I understand what they are trying to say, but I can’t imagine the uproar this would have caused had this been a naked lady. I find this quite amusing as I’m sure you do as well.”
What about Biology Textbooks, for goodness sake? What about EVIL NAKED WOMAN SPACE PLAQUE!?!

Okay, I've been in Quebec too long. Is this, like, an English culture thing, or what? I mean this prudishness. Where are they? Deep South? Florida? Iran?

No really, what's wrong down there?

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