Sunday, 2 November 2014

Uganda Humanist School New Site Nears Completion!

Kasese Humanist Primary School office block is just one of several buildings at its new permanent Rukoki campus.
Amazing progress is being made over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

My first involvement with the school was raising money for the construction of a small chicken coop at their current Kasese Railyard location. They are renting this location, but not for long! The Humanist and atheist community was able to help the school purchase new land in Rukoki and since then, new buildings have been going up for a new campus! The plan is to move the school to this new permanent land.

There is so much going on, that I really recommend you check out their excellent Facebook page maintained by School Director, Bwambale Robert. Here are just a few highlights from what's been going on just in the last month.

In my last update, I reported that work had begun on a new, much larger chicken coop at Rukoki campus. This structure is now complete and even contains chickens.
Some a month ago I embarked on finishing up the chicken coop at the school permanent home with funding generated from an anonymous donor who gave me funds to finish up the chicken house that had stood some months being un-roofed. I did the job swiftly and now I am happy to report that the house is now being used by the chickens.

There are some delays however from my poultry provider in processing out my order for a 100 one month old chicks which according to him will be collected from his poultry farm on 6th November 2014. I have however stocked 50 local breeds to keep warming the newly constructed coop as i wait for the 100 layer chicks. 

The school emblem is even being painted onto the administration block! Being someone who's witnessed the school go from a rundown abandoned rail station to its own campus, I can't help but get a little choked up with emotion.

Here's a smart sign being painted onto Building 1 which I believe is the blue-roofed building shown in this older satellite image (I'm regularly checking for updated satellite imagery showing the new campus). You can tell this is the first building because it has a power line feeding into it. As far as I know, it is the only building being fed with electricity on the campus at this moment, as a new line had to be run from the city grid.

There is also a sizable courtyard which School Director, Bwambale Robert, has been clearing for the children to safely roam about on and play organized sports. Quite recently, he has also acquired some worn out truck tires which will contribute to an excellent, safe and durable playground.
In my long journey of ensuring the children at the school get access to adequate playing materials, as a starting point, I have purchased a good number of worn out car tyres, these are gonna help me when we design out playing materials for the children, outdoor playing improves and refreshes the brain of a student. 
The school is also constructing a wall around its perimeter to keep small children in and vandals out. Because of the size of the new campus and the solid building materials (brick), this is taking awhile to complete, but progress is being made. One of the walls will be reinforced with a new administration office for the nursery. Separate administration staff is required for nurseries and primary schools by Uganda law.
The northern side is complete as in fencing and a sizeable office to house the Nursery section Office has been created. Its like hitting a bird with two stones, this house stabilizes the fence at the same time helps us in putting an office in place.
Construction begins on wall. (source)
Northern wall. (source)
Within the perimeter will be school gardens as well which ought to teach the children about agriculture and provide sustenance and crops to sell locally.
Owing to the size of the property, the other extreme portion on the western side will have a secured edible school gardens where children will learn skills in vegetable growing plus a standard size playing field. The outdoor playing materials will be housed in the fence, I salute my teachers at the school for all your efforts to educate the pupils and continuing to support my cause as you enlighten young Ugandans with an education system free from dogma and indoctrination.
If you would like to help in the effort, make a donation over at Atheist Alliance International!

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