Saturday, 4 October 2014

KHPS Building New Chicken Coop

The new chicken coop is miles ahead of the original one.
Bwambale Robert, School Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, has been updating us on the progress of school construction at the new permanent site at the school's Facebook page. By all measures, this is a great success.

One measure is the chicken coop. Back in 2012, this blog along with help from other blogs sent the school enough money to build their own chicken shed. The structure is a smart wooden box -- two stories of chickens.

The original wooden chicken shed at the original leased railroad KHPS site.
Well, since then, with the help of donors, the school has managed to buy its own land for a permanent site and has constructed permanent brick structures for classrooms, latrines, kitchens and training centers. Well, now construction is progressing well on a new chicken coop -- a much bigger one that will allow the school to move towards self-sufficiency.

Bwambale's update:
KHPS coop construction update in photos. Floor slabbed, meshing exercise in progress. Two doors fixed, gable plastered, one front metallic door procured and to be fixed soon at the main entrance.
As for the old coop, it will not be wasted. The timbers from this older structure are still fairly new and will be recycled to build chairs and desks for the new classrooms at the new site.

Take a look at the whole picture set over at the Kasese Facebook page! There, you'll also find out about how a charity has recently sent a shipment of used shoes to the school which has already been distributed to those in need of them.

Remember you can support this effort over at the Atheist Alliance International donation page.

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