Monday, 18 August 2014

Egypt Vows To "Confront Atheism"

Representatives from the Orwellian sounding Ministries of Culture and Endowments meet to discuss their joint campaign against “religious extremism” (source)
So Saudi Arabia Egypt is moving forward with its special government program by the (Orwellian Sounding) Ministry of Endowments and Culture to rid the country of extremism... no wait, atheism.

Ministry of Endowments vows to confront extremism, atheism

Well, so much for minor little things like freedom of conscience. You know, the basic human right to belief or non-belief. They are pushing out some kind of hazy, ill-defined (in English media at least) protocol which will promote groupthink conformity religious purity consolidate "belonging to the country." That doesn't sound the slightest bit discriminatory or xenophobic. No not a smidgen.
The newly agreed protocol aims to “spread true Islam”, away from extremism or atheism, the endowment ministry said in a statement.
All of this is to
... communicate the tolerant values of Islam which extremists have tried to distort in recent years, especially to the youth, whether it is in schools, youth and culture centres, fields or factories.
It seems that, up to now, the government strategy to spread true Islam and communicate the tolerant values of Islam seems to have been arresting atheists.
Ishaq Ibrahim, a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, said “atheism is not a crime in the law”.

He added that openly atheist Egyptians have been arrested and tried for contempt of religion but said that this has no legal basis, asking: “Is it the role of the Ministry of Youth to fight atheism?”
Then there is this interesting English construction. See if you can parse it.
The two agreed on tackling national issues that are agreed upon and avoid disputed issues that the nation cannot “endure” at this difficult stage via lectures and seminars.
I think this means the government will be sheltering the people and the country from disputed issues that are just too hard for the nation to endure. You know, like atheism and those who question Islam too much.

All of this isn't a really big surprise. I referred to an article in Al Monitor which showed a distressed looking young man sitting on a fence with a fiery holocaust in the background with the title Egypt campaigns against atheism. This was all about the Ministry of Youth fighting atheism with ridiculous sounding government programmesSo I think we can all see a train coming down the tracks here. This doesn't make it any better though. Sort of makes it worse.

Let's not forget Alber Saber who managed to get the hell out of Egypt before they got him for good.

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