Saturday, 30 August 2014

Kasese Humanist Primary School Construction Update!

Open doors of the newly painted and floored Vocational Center.
It's been awhile so I thought I'd share this update on the construction of new classrooms over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. Here are some snippets from School Director Bwambale Robert's latest email to me.
Hi Sean,

It’s long since I updated you plus our readers on what is going on at Kasese Humanist Primary School. We are almost a week to the start of the third term which marks the end of the academic year.

In an effort to ensure we keep our candidates class brains strong, children in this class are having revision classes running as they are having very limited time towards sitting for their Primary Leaving Examinations which is a nationwide done examinations scheduled to take place in November this year.

As per the constructions, for the last two weeks I have been dedicating my time to complete up the vocational center and the school library which had been unroofed for some months. Am happy to inform our followers that the completion of these structures is almost done. I am passing over to you some images of the structures I have been working upon.
Below, is another photo of the newly painted Vocational Center.

Edit 2014-08-31: If you read an earlier version of this post, you'll know that there were two visitors working on a upcoming project for the school. Bwambale informed me just after the post went up that they would actually prefer to keep the project under wraps until it is nearer to completion.

I apologize. I had thought it would be alright to post this here as one of the visitors had posted some information about this on her Facebook so I got the wrong idea. I will talk to them and release news as soon as I can in the future!

The local community is also taking positive notice of the school and the good work and development it is providing for the community. There is already potential interest from families outside of Kasese region and the idea of putting up dormitories (hostels) is being floated hypothetically.
The locals are complimenting my works and are giving me a go ahead; some are even commenting that what am doing is what they would expect to be done from their local leaders like prominent politicians, Member of Parliaments or famous rich men of the area.

These guys are not doing much in the eyes of locals who expect much from them. Such comments comfort me and motivate me to go ahead with what I am doing and a section of people are advising me to put a hostel at the school site to accommodate children from far-away places that might get interest in joining the school. The question is .... where can I get money to put up a hostel facility? Is anyone out there ready to kick start the campaign to build up a hostel at the school.
However, for now the goal is to finish off enough classrooms (10) to be recognized as a full fledged school by the government. As there is also petty crime in the region, there is motivation to wall the school in for protection of goods.

If you want to see more photos and updates, check out the school's Facebook page.
As plans are still in the pipeline as I search for funds to finish up 3 more classrooms and fence up the western side. I appeal to our friends and partners of the school to join me and we fence up the school so that the only entrance to the school buildings is a gate. This is very important to keep safe school properties and children in one place. More works to be done are the walkways, roundabouts, playing materials for children and a talking compound.
Remember you can support this effort over at the Atheist Alliance International donation page.

Painting and shuttering outside facing wall of library building.

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