Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Construction Continues at Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda

So much has been going on at the Kasese Humanist Primary School over in Uganda and it's been awhile since I've posted about it. They've resumed construction after a large private donation and School Director Bwambale Robert has been sending me pictures and updating his excellent school Facebook page.

Due to time constraints, this post will be light on narrative and rather picture heavy.

The most recent construction has been on the vocational center and the freethought library. The vocational center will be used to train people within the school and surrounding community with useful skills. It will have a workshop where transparent sheets will be used on the roof to allow extra sunlight to penetrate into the building. Both will be shuttered, ventilated and concrete flooring will be poured. Like the other buildings, strong metallic doors will be installed to keep vandals out.

Here are some pictures of the freethought library construction.

Inserting brick gables into roof of the new freethought library building. Wooden roof beams are treated against rot.

Newly roofed freethought library building. I believe that's the nursery nextdoor.

Windows and doors installed in front of freethought library building.

If I am not mistaken, this is the back of the freethought library building. Strong shutters are installed to keep vandals out as this wall faces the outer perimeter of the to be walled-in school complex.
Here are some pictures showing how the vocational center and workshop is coming along. Remember, this was added as an extension to the nursery building.

Vocational centre and workshop is an extension of the nursery building.
Interior of the vocational centre and workshop building. You can see the side of the nursery.

Roofing completed on the vocational center. Notice the plastic panels to allow light into the room.

Plastic corrugated roof panels provide nice light into the vocational center's interior. Support beam is temporary.

Shuttered vocational center with metal door.

Closeup of vocational center windows and door.
More finishing work  like coats of paint and floors to come. In the meantime, why not support the school by making a donation to Atheist Alliance International?

Also follow the school's excellent Facebook page which is managed by School Director Bwambale Robert himself.

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