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Recent Developments At Kasese Humanist Primary School

A preacher speaks to the students. At KHPS, students are exposed to as many points of view as possible.
Kasese Humanist Primary School Director, Bwambale Robert, sent me an update a few days ago about what's going on at the school. There are interesting things afoot, including a visit from a local pastor who tried to preach the Good News to the children.
Well, all seems to be moving on well at the school. This being a games and sporting season, as far as the Education Ministry, in regard to the Primary School Curriculum.

Our school has also participated in it and in order to keep our school team fit, we are seriously doing lots of training and engaging our children to host friendly matches with nearby schools. We have met Railway Primary School twice and Aisha Preparatory School once.
KHPS team training at the soccer pitch sporting newly donated jerseys from KidsHeartKids.
The competitions will be held in Nyakasanga Playgrounds on Friday 11th this month, the usual venue for such functions. We remain optimistic that our school netball and football teams perform better. A special thanks goes to KidsHeartKids for spicing up our team and donating balls and sporting jersey for both teams.  In the Friday’s events our school emerged as winners where in Soccer we scored 3 while Aisha Preparatory School scored 1 goal, in netball ours was 14 out of 6 shoot in’s.
Football is, of course, soccer. Netball is a very popular game I've heard of which seems to resemble North American basketball. It seems like a game has already been played last Friday. The school won which now qualifies them for today's game -- which will probably be done by the time I get to post this. Pictured below is likely past Friday's game with Aisha in red. (I cannot help but comment on the name of the school, Aisha, which does have some 'interesting' connotations for me.)

Netball match with Aisha Preparatory School over at old KHPS Railroad location.
Also on Friday was a debate with the topic Have Women or Men Spread HIV/AIDS the Most? Both sides were defended.
Such debates are common at the school as they expose the children to be free to communicate freely, express themselves in front of the audience and attain skills in critical thinking and oral communication. 
This sounds like a pretty heated debate, indeed.

Debate about HIV/AIDS transmission.
Aisha children in their yellow and red school uniforms at debate about HIV/AIDS transmission.
Teacher Joelyne facilitating debate.
Friday was a very busy day for the school, because in the morning hours, just before the Aisha children arrived, a Christian preacher offered to evangelize to the students (see first photo at top).
In the morning hours of Friday before arrival of our visitors, we also received a local pastor who came to the school with an intention to pass on to the children “Good News”.  Such people do come to the school and as it’s a school policy to tolerate people’s beliefs, we do give them a platform. Sometimes others come thinking that we will chase them away and they begin their drama but as free thinkers, we always reason beyond them and speculate what might happen.  We assembled all the children to listen to this young man who addressed them and picked several scripts from the bible. After he had addressed them our children started asking questions which of course were their right to know.
Apparently the questions were too much for the preacher and he left in a sudden.
Unfortunately, some questions were so hard to be answered by the Pastor and in general he failed to answer correctly all the questions. The meeting ended prematurely and as the Pastor was going away he did share some views with the teachers who also blamed the Pastor for his failure to give the children genuine answers that are not biased as we now live in the era of access to information. The Teachers told the Pastor that Kasese Humanist Primary School is one of the few schools that embraces science and believes in Evidence so next time the Pastor surfaces at the school again, he should be in position to back everything he says with evidence.
As for the classroom construction project, which is building a new permanent school for KHPS on land that it owns -- it currently rents -- it is at a standstill until further funds are raised. Three more classrooms are required for the school to meet the national requirements to be considered a valid nursery and primary school.
As with the classroom constructions, work is at a standstill as I wait for more support from my international connections. Work stopped after fencing off the Northern, Western and part of the Southern end. So far on the property, we are remaining with only 3 classrooms to accomplish all the 10 classrooms to cover the Nursery and Primary Section which of course we shall achieve before this year ends. A vocational center, Computer and Free thought  Library, an extra classroom plus the Permanent Poultry coop stand at wall plate and await to be roofed and finished while the school hall awaits for funds yet to come in from Humanist Canada.
You can help by making a donation to Atheist Alliance International. Be sure to select the correct section in the donation form.

If you're Canadian you can support via Humanist Canada. Agan, be sure to select the Ugandan Kasese School radio button on the form.

Student Singa Sharif with camera tripod.

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