Saturday, 19 July 2014

#FBBCon14: More Substance Coming Soon! For Now, Moar Pictures!

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta and yours truly.
It would appear, by the way, that the rumours about Hemant Mehta are correct. He is friendly, a really nice guy actually. He was patient enough to let me try to take this picture about ten times because... I blame my phone. See, atheists can be friendly after all.

This morning's speakers started off with an intro from Foundation Beyond Belief Executive Director Dale McGowan. He started out with dispelling some of the common misconceptions about the core goal of the Foundation Beyond Belief -- what it's all about.

The primary goal is not to counter the image of atheists as being non-givers and penny pinchers. It's not all about proving that atheists actually do good without God and it's not something that exists to let us brag or feel great about ourselves.  It's a way for us to become better Humanists. 

Hemant was able to sum this up better in a tweet during the talk itself.
I would say, that service towards fellow humanity -- helping others to flourish -- builds better humans! I honestly think it builds more compassion which can then spread from us to those we help to the greater community. I know it sounds a bit corny, but I really think it's true.

I leave you with a photo of Mario Mouton at the amazing table complete with painting behind. I may be biased here, but I'm pretty sure it's the best table here. Mario Mouton manning the table and getting things done.

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