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Update From Kasese Humanist Primary School

It's been awhile since I posted about how things are going at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. Here are some highlights from a recent email I got from Bwambale Robert, School Director. He also sent some pictures, which are below.

The school now has two campuses, the original Railroad Station campus and the new Rukoki campus which is still under construction but has at least one functional Nursery building on it. In total enrollment is at 356 pupils.

Recently, a representative from the Uganda Red Cross recently visited the school.
Recently at the school we hosted an official from the Uganda Red Cross who encouraged our students to join the Red Cross Society as members and our children were happy to learn that the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant was someone who had similar vision and way of thinking just like Humanists do. Several students at the school have joined the Red Cross and we are proposing to set up a Red Cross club at the school.
Bwambale also shared news about the Poultry Project, which readers of this blog helped build through a fundraiser. It seems the original chickens have gotten a little older and have gone through menopause!
There have been some new developments in regard to the poultry project where the original chickens housed in the coop became off layers and could not lay eggs anymore so we restocked the coop with 70 one month old chickens some weeks ago and these chicks are growing up steadily. KidsHeartKids is currently helping out in periodically sending in funds to aid in purchasing of the feeds. We have been facing a problem of fluctuating poultry feeds prices and this has been straining the school budget. A permanent chicken coop is to be constructed on the school property soon and building materials for this are already at the site.
Ongoing funds are required to maintain the coop and pay for feed. If anyone out there knows of some kind of Patreon type program that allows people to pledge some small amount per month I believe much of these expenses could be taken care of nicely.

The Kasese United Humanist Association (KUHA) owns land which has been transformed into a plantation.
The school plantation in Muhokya is now supporting some corn and cassava plants which are soon to be harvested. The food harvests are utilized at the school in feeding the school staff and a section of children. After milling the corn, the peels or shaves commonly known as brand is mixed with the layers feed to add value and volume on the foods at the disposal of the chickens. 
Bwambale also let me know that KUHA is interested in any possible partnerships with international organizations, private or public, to sustainably develop and utilize land. Obviously, such development would have to be a net positive to KUHA and the local economy.
It should be noted that the Muhokya land is among the big chunks of land owned by KUHA measuring 8 Acres, some other spaces are the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens (12 acres), the KHPS permanent home (9 acres) and another prime piece of land in Lyemibuza  (8 acres) overlooking the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake George. Kasese United Humanist Association feels great owning these parcels of land, as land is a vital factor of production. These lands are available to be utilized fully to create change in people’s lives and in this regard the organization welcomes either private or organizations interested in setting up joint viable projects on these lands.
Finally, construction continues at the new Rukoki campus at an excellent pace.
As for the classroom construction, work so far on site is promising as all the required 10 classrooms for a fully functional school as per Uganda standard is now reached. Some work on classroom finishing is ongoing.  The vocational workshop, school library/computer room plus an extra classroom still lack roofs and will be finalized upon funds' availability.

Some few weeks back, Atheist Alliance International (AAI) sent in some $2750 to aid in the constructions.  These funds aided us in adding an extra classroom onto the already 3 classrooms attached to the School Hall which also now connected to the school kitchen. The funds were also used for plastering works on the outer side of the school library and vocational workshop.

In an effort to curb trespassers on the KHPS Property, the buildings have been constructed in such a way as to form a perimeter-like fence. Right now, the northern side and the eastern side are sealed off and plans are underway to seal off the western side and put an entrance gate at the southern end.

Thereafter, general finishing work, painting and walkways will be embarked on. At some point all the classrooms will be fitted with electricity from our house one which is electrified. 
A giant school logo will be crafted on the wall beside the gate and Humanist Principles for a rational world will be written on the southern wall.
Exciting times! Remember, more funds are required for the school to be completed. Right now, the target move date from the old campus to the new one is January 2015. Once this is done, rent will no longer be paid at the old location and, with construction mostly complete, more funds will be available for day to day operations. Until then, you can help the construction by sharing the word and with the links below!

• Atheist Alliance International at

• Humanist Canada at

And here are some pictures Bwambale sent me of the work.

Back view of KHPS.

Brick perimeter wall to keep out vandals.

Eastern perimeter wall.

Eastern fence, outside.

Extra classroom.

Perimeter wall constructions.

Piles of sand at KHPS site.

Plaster photos.

Vocational building plastering.

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