Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick Insight On How A Humanist School Is Perceived In Uganda

Some KHPS students at a recent visit to Red Cross Offices in Kasese. (source)

While in a group email correspondence with Bwambale Robert, Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, my friend Meredith Doig asked how the school is perceived in the local community. I've been asked similar questions, most recently on the radio programme Ask an Atheist. I'm certain that this question comes up in the minds of quite a few donors given the very religious nature of Uganda and recent documentaries like God Loves Uganda.

So here's Bwambale's response.
The local authorities have no problem with my venture and our existence on the ground because the last four years has been a testing time to evaluate my activity. The perception people had of us when we began has changed from worse to the better as they (at first) thought maybe we posed a danger of derailing the children to immorality. What we have always done is to explain what we are and what we stand for and we have been found to be harmless. One police officer told me that the government was secretly making underground checks on the school but one thing they found with us was that we stood for evidence.  The police officer said that they couldn't close down our school after realizing that we are for science advancement and evidence. However our lack of faith still raises some eyebrows but still this is something they will continue to be gradually accustomed to over time.
I think it brings some insight on a nuanced local situation. The best way to gain acceptance is to come out (if possible) and show the world that you can be good without God.

Remember you can support the school's classroom construction project over at Atheist Alliance International.

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