Monday, 16 June 2014

Pope Francis: Science & Religion? No problemo.

My I'm-no-artist-but-I-sort-of-try tribute to Andy Warhol. I wonder if this Pope would  likes
Warhol? Perhaps that question could go into the next softball interview. (source)

On June 9th, during the Downy softiest fuzziest of softie softball interviews, Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia asked the Pope about all this atheism business.
In the face of the advance of atheism, what is your opinion of people who believe that science and religion are mutually exclusive?

There was a rise in atheism in the most existential age, perhaps Sartrian. But after came a step toward spiritual pursuits, of encounter with God, in a thousand ways, not necessarily the traditional religions. The clash between science and faith peaked in the Enlightenment, but that is not so fashionable today, thank God, because we have all realized the closeness between one thing and the other. Pope Benedict XVI has a good teaching about the relation between science and faith. In general lines, the most recent is that the scientists are very respectful with the faith, and the agnostic or atheist scientist says, “I don’t dare to enter that field.”
It's just not cool to consider the existence of gods or spiritual matters as questions that could be addressed by science. Oh, unless you're Richard Dawkins and pretty much any 'New Atheist' these days. Did the Pope miss that or is he simply saying these words to somehow magically transform the world into some other reality not unlike the enchantments he mutters while transforming mere bread into bread they call 'Jesus?' I suspect if he's not aware of the atheism movement, he will be eventually - even if the Dawkinian and Hitchenian ages are by then completely past.

Well, okay. I can see where the average atheist scientist just wants to get their job done and -- because religion usually has nothing to do with their work days -- simply ignores the whole religion thing. But doesn't that just speak to just how irrelevant religion is to science and the real world?

To be honest, I don't care much more than a passing jot what the Pope thinks about atheism. It seems that both him and Benedict are both so impossibly aloof to the reality of the the movement and its actual nature -- supposing they actually care, themselves -- that it looks like nothing more than the Church attempting to dictate reality. This is something they have been unable to do in most places for centuries.

They seem to sit around consulting old books rather than look around to what's happening in the outside world.

You know, I was hoping to see some question and answer about the ongoing sexual abuse scandals and perhaps the nightmare that keeps getting worse over in Ireland with these homes for fallen women and dead babies in disused septic tanks. Not a peep. I suppose I'm just not papal fanboy enough to care which team he's rooting for in the World Cup either.

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