Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Construction Update from Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda

Masitaki Tresor the painter and employee ar KHPS

Here's the latest update on what's happening over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School over in Uganda.

Here's some sections of an email Bwambale Robert, school Director, sent me on May 25th.
I broadened the vocational workshop with an intention of connecting the units together in my attempts to form a perimeter wall around the school property. I am going to do this to curb trespassers and wrong elements who disguise as people going to River Nyamwamba to bath or collect water but instead having motives to spy around to look for anything handy to steal.

I will soon be stretching the wall from the just painted building to the school kitchen then in that regard I will have beefed up the eastern side of the property.
The school is also waiting for funds from Atheist Alliance International (AAI) and Humanist Canada to hopefully finish off the remaining partially built buildings. Please visit these to help this project out!
I know our followers might be asking themselves why am not putting the glasses (windows) on the already finished structures but the point is I will tackle this after I have sealed the units together however i plan to put first on our initial building soon.
Bwambale has also singled out one excellent employee at the school who has truly gone the extra mile to help this project become a success, Masitaki Tresor. You can also read some correspondence and more he's written to me in the past. THANK YOU Masitaki Tresor!
I am getting to you images of the School Hall and the 3 classrooms for the primary section which has just been painted and in this regard, I think Masitaki Tresor, the guy who looks after the KHPS poultry coop deserves a BIG THANK YOU! He has actively done a lot as far as KHPS classroom constructions and indeed I appreciate his service. He is the guy behind the painting works of the nursery block and now the School Hall plus the 3 units. I am attaching his photos showing him in action and I think the followers would be very happy reading about him.
Now here are some selected attached images.

Under coat painting in progress.

Masitaki Tresor applying paint.

Painting works in progress.

School Hall.

Mining sand along Nyamwamba River.

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