Monday, 12 May 2014

Catholic Public Schools: Sending Their Students to Anti-Abortion Rallies On Taxpayers' Dime!

Hey, students! Want to go and protest against women's right to an accessible and safe abortion here in Canada? Don't have any money?

Well, no problem! Just ask your local publicly-funded Catholic School Board.  Quebec students need not apply though, since they went and secularized their public school system. So so sad for their Catholic schools.

Catholic school boards paid for students to attend anti-abortion rally

Apparently, quite a few Catholic schools are using their religious freedom to freely spend Ontario taxpayer money to bus their students to political rallies!

Yes, they're trucking their fervent young Catholic activists over to national anti-abortion rallies so they can - someday, with God's help - make it illegal for anyone - including themselves - to terminate those unplanned or medically dangerous pregnancies they may end up in later on it life.

I think another name for this is directly influencing public policy! Who says religion has lost its place in the public square? With a little indirect endorsement from the government, God can be given whatever leg-up he seems to require to strip women of their reproductive rights. contacted all 29 English Catholic school boards in Ontario to ask whether students were attending and who was footing the bill. In at least three cases, school boards fully or partly funded the cost of buses transporting students to the rally.
Apparently, the Dufferin-Peel board is providing some funding in order to mobilize anti-abortion protests and here's another.
The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board is also paying for “two or three buses” for 154 students and 13 staff members to get to Ottawa.
And another.
The Ottawa Catholic School Board confirmed that 100 students from among the 15 schools within the board attended the event and the board paid for bus transportation for schools that requested it.
I find it amusing that the article seems to try to temper every gross misuse of political funds with caveats about how each group is also contributing privately raised funds or funds from Catholic organisations. Some money came from the board, but the Knights of Columbus also chipped in some dough. 

I have two words: BIG DEAL. Please stop using public funds to further your personal religiously-motivated political goals. If you must spend Ontario taxpayer money, why not donate it to a nice secular charity instead?

So anyway, what are Ontario taxpayers paying for? Students are being sent to the March For Life, which is a rally organized by Campaign Life Organization:
The annual March For Life rally, organized by national pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition, is now in its 17th year. The group aims to defund abortion services in Canada and ultimately eliminate the practice. They also take issue with gay marriage, gay-straight alliances in schools, transgender identities, comprehensive sex education and stem-cell research. 
I find this infuriating and I'm not even an Ontarian.

Some people really cannot have nice things. Honestly, the level of entitlement and utter fearlessness of the Catholic School Board in Ontario reaks of the worst hubris. These schools need to be defunded as they obviously cannot be trusted to properly use public funds.

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